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University of Idaho Lesson Plan

Name Date
Bradley Peterson 11/28/17
Subject Topic
Accounting Asset management
The big idea(s) or essential question(s)
Accounting of assets

State of Idaho and/or common core standards addressed:

Performance Standard 2.7: LongTerm Assets

2.7.1 Record the purchase of different types of assets.
2.7.2 Determine the book value of a long-term asset.
2.7.3 Prepare depreciation schedules using various methods.

* Determine how to record purchase of assets in ledger and transferring it through the rest of the
* Determine life expectancy of assets and depreciate accordingly.
* Know how to remove old assess from accounts that hold no more value.

Diversity goals:
- Developing multiple historical perspectives
- Developing cultural consciousness
- Increasing intercultural competence
- Combatting racism, prejudice, and discrimination
- Developing awareness of the state of the planet and awareness of global dynamics
- Developing social action skills

TSWBAT Record assets into business records after initial purchases

Evaluate and determine the book value of a long-term assets given life
Prepare depreciation schedules using each of the following methods: straight
line, declining balance, and sum-of-years digit.
TSWBAT Record the disposition of assets after they have lost value, removed, or sold
Materials and/or technology
- Internet
- Computer/Tablet
- Elmo
- Projector
- Microsoft Office
- Accounting Depreciation workbook

Intro 10 Mins
Workbook 50 Mins
Speed Jeopardy-20 Mins

Use practical tools students may use such as binders to illustrate both bad and well-organized

Class activities: (what you/students will do) Class activities: (why you will do them)
- Intro - watch YouTube video What is - During the introduction of this lesson it is
Depreciation? (4:18) crucial that students understand what
- Workbook depreciation is and how it relates to a
o Watch YouTube video: Straight business. Specifically focusing on the
Line Depreciation Method (8:17) needs to account for them in ones
o Watch YouTube video: Double records. This will be accomplished
Declining Balance Depreciation through completion of
Method (13:51) - Following this introduction students will
o Watch YouTube video: Sum of begin working through the workbook for
the Years' Digits Depreciation depreciation. The videos in this lesson
(9:59) provide students with the steps needed to
- Speed Jeopardy (could use Kahoot!) work through each depreciation method.
These videos will be used alongside the
workbook and should be watch prior
coming to class. These videos should be
used as a reference when working
through the lesson in class.
- Speed jeopardy will be used to evaluate
groups understanding of the concepts
introduced in this lesson. It will allow
them to be identify the different types of
asset, cognitively consider the different
methods of depreciation and determine
the best method given a variety of
different scenarios. Additionally, this
activity will be used.

* Self-evaluation of each students workbook will be used to evaluate students overall
comprehension and understanding of each concept introduced in this chapter. The evaluation of the
workbooks will use the following rubric.
Workbook Rubric Student:
Workbook not
Pages in the workbook All assigned At least 50% of
complete or
complete are completed pages in assigned pages
turned in
workbook complete in (0 Points)
completed workbook
(5 Points) (2 Point)
80% of assets Over 50% of Less then 50% of
Students identified assets correctly assets correctly assets identified
correctly identified identified correctly
(5 Points) (2 Point) (0 Points)
All assets
accounted for in Assets accounted
Assets correctly recorded in appropriate for and are m the No assets
appropriate accounts and account and correct forms accounted for
books. recorded in the (2 Points) (0 Points)
correct forms.
(5 Points)
All 3 methods At least one No methods used
Depreciation methods used used to depreciate method used to depreciate
correctly for each asset assets accurately assets
(3 Points) (2 Points) (0 Points)
Removal of assets
Removal of assets
done correctly and Asset not
Disposition of assets done done but not from
removed from all removed and still
correctly all accounts
accounts on accounts
(2 Points)
(5 Points)
Total Points /23

* Speed Jeopardy will be used to assess overall students understand and application abilities. It will
be an informal assess method geared around assessing the class to determine areas that may need to
be covered in the next class.


* Work closely with students who seem to not be fully understanding concepts and
expectations to ensure that communication is clear and applicable to their needs.
* Provide students with alternative areas to organize if binder is not usable