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Scheduled Waste Storage Inspection Guide

For month of:

Week: 1st Week 2nd Week 3rd Week 4th Week
Date: Time of inspection:
Inspected by:
No. Accumulation Area *Implementation Deficient/Recommendation
1. Storage area is clean and tidy Yes No NA
Impervious floor surface and bund is
2. Yes No NA
free from crack, gap, etc.
Container stored less than 180 days or
3. Yes No NA
4. Incompatible waste stored separately Yes No NA
Container stored in a way that would
5. Yes No NA
not cause spill or leak
6. Drums on pallet and no over stacking Yes No NA
7. Sump is always empty and dry Yes No NA
Adequate aisle space
of at least 50cm between drum Yes No NA
8. for forklift movement Yes No NA
for emergency firefighting Yes No NA
for emergency escape route Yes No NA
9. Roofing in good condition Yes No NA
10. Good ventilation Yes No NA
Container Management
11. No leaking container Yes No NA
No significant rust, bulging, dents etc.
12. Yes No NA
on any container
Container is closed except when
13. Yes No NA
adding or removing waste
Container is labeled as per DOE
14. Yes No NA
Preparedness & Prevention
15. Spill kit is adequate and in place Yes No NA
Fire extinguisher is in place and not
16. Yes No NA
Emergency contact number is clearly
17. Yes No NA
SDS of the related waste component is
18. Yes No NA
in place
Awareness/hazard signage clearly
19. Yes No NA
Note: * Please circle for the implementation status

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