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Personal Well Being Self-Assessment

Iesha Cora De Jesus

Arizona State University

PPE 310: Healthy Learning Communities

Prior to doing a google search on health, fitness and wellness assessment, I will say that I

recently visited the doctor and she prescribed or suggested that I followed the KETO diet. The

Keto Diet is essentially eating a diet that is mainly fats, proteins and extremely low-carb.

Initially, it was a hard diet to convert to because of the amount of carbs that I realized I was

eating once I cut them cold turkey.

It was going to the doctor that made me much more aware of my dilemma on why I could

never lose weight and the doctor was able to tell me plain and simple just by looking at me that I

was suffering my insulin resistance. On doing research for this assignment, I found that insulin

resistance could be easily reversed if I tried to change my diet completely like cutting out sugars,

processed foods and things like dairy to make better choices for myself. Some of the other

changes I can make is by making more of an effort to do some exercise daily. I do live a

sedentary lifestyle because of my current job and current dilemma of doing online school. I saw

some areas of improvement I could do also by meal prepping my meals. It would save me time

and effort when it came to eating my meals.

Some of my strengths that I was successful would have to be control over what Im

eating. Despite having a sugar addiction and insulin resistance, when I was told by the doctor

that I needed to change my diet, I made an effort to change it THAT day. I went shopping, tossed

out all my junk food and made dates for when I could treat myself. It was upon doing that that I

learned that I didnt like the foods I was putting in my body and the only reason that I did was

because I was initially addicted to it.

Using this information, I do believe that I can create a better lifestyle for myself and undo

some of the damage that I did onto my body by mistreating it. Its okay to occasionally go out

and eat processed foods, but the intention of making a lifestyle change and committing to it is to
be consistent and strict with yourself to form good habits and choices. Below, I included the

assessment I created and I based it on the questions Ive often been asked when I would inquire

about weight loss. By using this information, I could better understand how I can help those in

my place of work, giving them information or additional resources to the benefits of a healthy

lifestyle and why it is important to build healthy habits in the long run.
1. How often do you exercise?

2. How many times do you often eat out?

3. What is your current lifestyle? (Ex: Sedentary, Active)

4. How often do you exercise or do a physical activity outside of your home?

5. Have you tried multiple diets?

6. Have you seen a doctor about weight loss?

7. Does your family have any history concerning obesity or diabetes?

8. Do you eat when youre emotional?