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Pablo Escobar Wife, Maria Victoria Henao,

Pablo Escobar Family Today

Now the time to discuss the life of Pablo Escobar wife. There are people in less
quantity who know about Pablo Escobar wife. Who was she, who she spent her
life? Pablo Escobarwas the most wanted cocaine smuggler from U.S.A. And the
name of his wife is Maria Victoria Henao. Maria Victoria Henao and the late Pablo
Escobar never left their hands in the business of Escobars drugs records and
sexual affairs with many prostitutes.

After the death of Escobar, Maria faced too many difficulties. As in the life of
Escobar, she enjoys her life with Escobar too much. For example, Maria has lived
that kind of Luxurious life that you can just imagine. But unfortunately, these all
circumstances dramatically changed after the murder of her husband in 1993 by
Colombian law in force meant agencies.

Escobar and Maria Henao got married in 1976 before Escobar became the lord of
the Cocaine business.
This couple lived and enjoyed 17 years of marriage together. Their marriage
relation had ended with Escobars death in 1993. After the death of Escobar,
what happened to the family of Escobar? To know this stay with me in this articl e
and scroll down. But first of all, we will discuss that how both of them Maria
Victoria Henao and Pablo Escobar got married.

The Marriage of Escobar and Maria:

They met when Pablo was 25 and Maria was 13, and they started dating each
other after their first meeting. When they met their offense business was on the
low scale. And Marias brother name Mario was working with Escobar on these

Marias family was not happy to see both of them in a relationship because of
Escobars drug business. As they assumed Escobar socially humble.

Maria Victoria Henaos Wiki:

Even though not many peoples know more about Maria Victoria Henaos
personal life before wedded Pablo Escobar. It has known that Maria gets together
the Cocaine King at the age of just 13. Maria Victoria Henaos brother name is
Mario. Mario worked with Pablo Escobar in low-level criminal activities, and it
was likely via him that the two met together. In spite of the 11 -year age hole, they
started dating and decided to get wedded.

Maria Victoria Henaos family disagreed of the relation with Pablo Escobar. As
Escobar was publicly lesser to Maria Victoria family. But the pair did not care
about them at all and eloped. Pablo Escobar wedded a 15-year-old Maria Victoria
Henao in March 1976, when Pablo Escobar was 26 years old.

Pablo Escobar and Pablo Escobars Wife Relationship:

The drug lord from Columbia, and also a narco-terrorist, name Pablo Escobar,
and Maria Victoria Henao tied the knot of their relationship in March 1976. The
pair had met first time before two years of their marriage. Maria Henao was only
13 years old at the time of marriage. Pablo Escobar first time reach and met with
Maria Hanao through her brother.

As I first describe that the family of Maria did not accept the relation of M aria with
Pablo, but even in that situation they continue dating with each other. At last, they
got married in 1976. The age of Maria was just 15, and Pablo Escobar was 26
years old at the time of marriage.

This couple has two children. One is the baby boy and the second is the baby girl.
Pablos son has known with the name of Sebastin Marroqun. The first baby was
born in 1977. After seven years of Sebastin Marroquns birth, they have blessed
with a little girl. They give her with the name of Manuela, in 1984. Cocaine lord
was in various affairs although he was still married to Henao. Even, Pablos wife
stayed together with him as she knows all about his relationships with other

Pablo Cheats Maria Henao:

Henao didnt try to leave her husband for just one time even she knows that her
husband cheats her many times. She stayed with him for the sake of her love with
Escobar and also for the children until the end of his life.

She enjoyed too much the success of Escobar even the prime-point in his career
of cocaine. At that time Pablo has the Net worth of $30.0 billion. She also faced
too much difficulty because of some spies that are in the hunt for Escobars
family. So, she also changes their living place from one country to another. But
unfortunately, they all are captured by the Police.

Maria Victoria Henao after the Death of Pablo Escobar:

In December 1993, Escobar had killed by the police forces of Colombia, and after
the death of Pablo, his family faces a lot of difficulties. Escobars family lost all of
his assets since he had occupied by the authorities of Colombia.

Maria Victoria Henao leaves Colombia in 1994 along with her two children. They
face too many hurdles, even passed by the worse situation. Many of the countries
refused to accept them. So, only one position on them is to live as refugees in
any country. They live in many countries as a refuge.

So when they are in Argentina, Maria Hanao lived their secretly in an apartment in
Buenos Aires with her two children and also she used a fake identity to live at
theirs. She changed named off three of them. The new names are to Maria Isab el
Santos Caballero, daughters name to Juana Manuela Marroqun and changed
her sons name to Santos Sebastian Marroquin.

The identity of Pablo Escobar Wife:

Their originality couldnt remain secret in any case for a long time and in 1999
Argentinas government came to know the real truth behind the main thing of this
total criterion. In 2000, Henao had charged with money laundering case along
with her son. And both them had in imprisoned for near about 15 months. Thus
they were released after the prosecution in the court and due to the lake of
relevant evidence.

She does not own her husband reputation and any criminal record. Now a days
she is living a quiet life. Maybe she is living and stay too far from the boundary of
Colombia, keeping them too low profile. The Netflixs series Narcos wants
Escobars family to again participate in the business of Cocaine once again.
Brazilian actor Wagner Moura make o movie on the complete story of Pablo
Escobars, and he wins millions of heart through his story.

After her trial statement in 2000, Maria Henao hasnt come out in the media.

Pablo Escobar Son and Daughter:

Pablo Escobar wife has one son and one daughter. Once time that Juan Pablo
and Manuela Escobar paid a large amount of money because they have caught
when they have much amount of guns in 1993. They were rapidly required exist a
doubtful life because they have not drug lord defense and cannot have financial
security. When they hear that they have not a security and safety so they decided
to leave this country and gone from another country.
Who is the biggest drug lord in the world?

Joaquin El Chapo Guzman, the worlds most sought-after drug lord, was
imprisoned on January 8 in his home condition of Sinaloa, known as the crib of
Mexican drug trafficking because of the big number of infamous narcos born

Love of Father for her Daughter

We knew more about her as a girl before the death of her father. She came to
Escobars life in 1984. Manuelas life was interrupted by her father.
In the early years of life, Manuela told about her wish to her father. She wanted
the unicorn. First of all, Escobar felt shocked, but then he promised to her that, he
would get it for you.
Escobar bought a horse, attached the cone on his head and wings on the back.
An artificial unicorn would be ready for her daughter.

Why was Manuela Disappeared From Interviews?

Manuela, daughter of Pablo Escobar, has remained a more mysterious figure of

her brother and mother. While the other two interviewed and produced a
documentary, Manuela disappeared from the audience.

Thanks to Escobars choices, he was one of the most sought-after in the world
when he died in 1993. Later, Mara Victoria and her two sons tried to avoid
reprisals from their enemies.

In 1995, the family fled to Colombia for a new life abroad after searching for the
countries that gave them asylum. According to the BBC, Juan Pablo Escobar has
also asked the Vatican to help find a place to live.

Fact Why Maria Victoria Henao and her Daughter and Son Changed their Name?

Mara Victoria Henao has changed her name to Mara Isabel Santos Caballero,
and her daughter has changed her name from Manuela to Juana Manuela
Marroquin Santos. Juan Escobar has also changed his name, as we have already
The three members of the family lived for five years in the silence of a bourgeois
life. They existed in an apartment in Buenos Aires, home to several homemakers.
But while the word spread to their original identities, something has happened.

According to the BBC, Henao and his son were arrested for being suspected of
money laundering. The arrest had ordered shortly after a local TV show revealed
its presence in the country. Apparently, it was a configuration, so they were not
charged when they appeared before a judge.

What happened to Maria Victoria Henao after the death of Pablo Escobar?

Escobar had killed by Colombian police in December 1993, and after his death,
the Escobar family suffered a lot. His family has lost all of Escobars money since
it had abducted by Colombian authorities.
Maria Victoria Henao and her two children fled Colombia in 1994. She got worse
because many countries have refused and had to live as refugees in many

While living in Argentina, Henao secretly lived in an apartment in Buenos Aires

with his two sons with a false identity. He changed his name to Maria Isabel
Santos Caballero, his sons name to Sebastin Marroquin and changed his
daughters name to Juana Manuela Marroqun Santos.

In the year 2000, Maria and his son had arrested in Argentina. While they are
living in Argentina with the fake identity. Argentines Police has charged them with
money laundering charges. Police statement against them was that: Maria and
his son received money from Colombian drug lords illegally in Uruguay. Both of
them had thrown to the jail for 15 months (interestingly, Pablo has never faced
the penitentiary to for that kind of extended period). Whenever Pablo had caught,
always he had released due to incomplete and insufficient proof against him.

A group of Colombian lawyers tried too much to make charges of drug trafficking
on both of them, but they have failed on that. Escobar widow said that: I am a
captive in Argentina for being Colombian. Argentina police agencies tried a lot
drug trafficking charges on them to show that they are too much in action to stop
drug trafficking.
Who killed Pablo es?

With establishment closing in, a firefight with Escobar and his bodyguard, Alvaro
de Jesus Agudelo, ensure the two fugitives attempted to escape by running
crossways the roofs of adjoining residence to reach a back street, but together
were shot and slaughter by Colombian National Police.

What happened to Pablo Escobar Money?

Son Of Pablo Escobar told, her aunt Alba Marina Escobar Stole Her Father
hidden Pablo Escobar money left the from this cash where Pablo Escobar went
the money. His uncle cheated this family and told Pablo Escobar family his father
money is arrest DEA. But his uncle and wife both no ways to Pablo Escobar
where the cash but uncle and the wife eat this father money.

Maria Victoria Net Worth

Maria Victoria Henao is total net worth is husband net worth, and anyone does not
know Maria Victoria Henao real net worth. In 1990 Husband Pablo Escobar Net
worth is $30Billion.Her Husband Is the Notorious Criminal.

Able De Jesus Escobar Echeverri

Pablo Escobar Father Name is Able De Jesus Escobar Echeverri. Date of birth is
1910 and after death date is 2001.The birthplace name is Medellin, Antioquia,
Colombia. This man has 4 sons and 3 daughters.

Pablo Escobar Sibling

Pablo Escobar Have six siblings you should know about this.First Sibling Brother
Name Is Roberto Escobar. Second Sibling Brother Name is Luis Fernando
Escobar.Third Sibling Brother Name Is Argemiro Escobar. First Sister Name is
Alba Marina Escobar.second sister name is Luz Marina Escobar.Third sister name
is Gloria Ines Escobar.

Who is the Richest Drug Lord in the World?

Any mention of Colombia and Cocaine brings in the minds of many people Pablo
Escobar.This guy was not only wealthy but also very influential. Pablo, born in a
poor Colombian city, must naturally denounce poverty and position himself as one
of the wealthiest men in the world. So he got a top position on this list of time.

The King Is Muerto

After his escape, the Colombian government, supported by US officials and rival
drug dealers, has unleashed massive persecution. On December 2, 1993,
Escobar celebrated his 44th birthday, presumably with sweets, wine, and
marijuana. The next day, his hiding place had discovered in Medellin.

While the Colombian forces stormed the building, Escobar and a bodyguard
managed to reach the roof. There was a hunt and shot, and he shot at Escobar.
However, some have speculated that Escobar has taken his own life . The drug
dealer, who was facing extradition to the United States. If he had arrested, he
would have said: I would rather have a grave in Colombia than a cell in the
United States.

Finding Escobars Millions

It believed that Pablo Escobar, the famous leader of the drug cartel, who turned
his cocaine into a multi-million dollar company, saved millions of property before
being killed on December 2, 1993, during a shoot-out with Colombian forces. He
has arrived.

Now two former CIA field agents are on a mission to uncover the truth of hidden
money as they travel through Colombia and talk to some of the most trusted
partners in the discovery series: Finding Escobars Millions Read More pablo
escobar wife/