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The Cool Breeze

If you are a seeker of truth and you feel a Recently, we traveled to a Hindu monastery
Cool Breeze emanating from your hands or on the island of Kauai. Mother stated once
your Sahasrara chakra at the crown of your that a hurricane in 1992 veered drastically
head, it means that you have found the as it approached the state of Hawaii and
truth, for the Cool Breeze is truth. You have slammed directly in the island of Kauai
been illuminated by the light of God. For instead of hitting the island of Oahu where
the Cool Breeze is the expression of the it had been heading and where I was living.
Holy Ghost, the Kundalini, as it passes Mother said it slammed into Kauai because
through your chakras and through your some people there were making a lot of Online Meditation
every Tuesday 9 - 10 p.m.
subtle energy system, providing money wrongfully from the Shiva
enlightenment. Swayambhu. Swayambhu means „self-
manifested‟ or „that which is created by its
As one becomes internally cleaner and own accord.‟ Such lingams of Shiva exist at Page 1
more balanced and refined, one‟s Hindu temples as sacred, naturally
experience and expression of the Cool occurring mounds or rocks.
Breeze increases. The Cool Breeze is what
you have been seeking for countless We traveled to Kauai in August 2010 to see
lifetimes and now you have found it. You the Swayambhu. When we arrived at the
finally are becoming the truth, because you Hindu monastery, we met our guide, the
now experience truth. Truth is no longer a editor of Hinduism Today magazine. He
mental projection but is now experienced escorted us to a Hindu temple on the
in your central nervous system as a Cool property where a puja was in process. As I
Breeze. stood outside the temple‟s open door and
listened to the chanting voice of the priest, mechanism used by yogis worldwide. One
I felt a very hot breeze coming out the top may use the Cool Breeze by asking Mother
of my head. Later, as we moved a couple of simple questions. A „yes‟ will be expressed
hundred meters away, close to the as a Cool Breeze, whereas a „no‟ might be
Swayambhu (which is a rock), we each no breeze or a warm breeze.
began to feel a Cool Breeze. What explains
these divergent hot and cool experiences? Also, one may spontaneously feel the Cool
Breeze in a given situation, such as meeting
A Cool Breeze on the central nervous a person, picking up an object, smelling an
system is the power of Kundalini, the Holy aroma, or attending a puja at Cabella. It is
Ghost, the power of truth and light. determined by the vibrations inherent in an
event. Just keep your attention at the
A hot breeze can indicate the power of evil, Sahasrara and enjoy!
lies, deception and darkness. A warm
breeze may also indicate that one‟s subtle One develops the power of the Cool breeze
system is perhaps cleaning out or through Sahaja Yoga meditation. Having
expressing some negativity within, or that initially felt the Cool Breeze during Self
one‟s subtle system has impurities or Realization does not guarantee that one
imbalance. There may be other reasons that can keep it, as it can fade away if one does
one experiences a warm breeze. If it feels not cultivate this tender young plant to
like warm pins and needles on the top of maturity, where the plant produces a
the head, it may indicate that one is fragrant blossom. And this is the Blossom
possessed. And, the warm breeze of left- Time, where each of us has the opportunity
versus right-channeled possessions may be to produce a beautifully flowering Cool
experienced differently. Also a very cold Breeze.
“ice breeze” can occur, and can indicate left
-sided negativity. Please do not confuse an
icy cold breeze with the Cool Breeze.

Please remember that possession by bhoots "One has to

or experiencing a feeling of a warm breeze
know what is
are not things to fear, they simply should
the ultimate
be given to Mother and cleaned out. I, for
example, feel warm breezes sometimes at goal of our life.
the top of my head. I do not know where The ultimate
they come from, I just ask Mother to take goal of our
them away. A salty foot soak or a prayer evolution is to become the Spirit, which is the
can help to remove the warmth.
reflection of God Almighty in our heart. That is
self identity and also self knowledge. Also, one
A mixed breeze that is simultaneously
warm and cool may indicate that certain becomes one with the all pervading Divine power
dangers or difficulties or poorly clarified of love. Our awareness is enlightened by the
phenomena exist in a situation, especially if Spirit and Divine vibrations start flowing Page 2
one is attached to ego or material aspects, through our central nervous system enlightening
rather than to Spirit.
our being. We also feel the cool breeze of the
Therefore, one can usually know when one
Holy Ghost, which is the all pervading power of
is in the presence of truth and light by the Divine love, coming out of our fontanelle bone
experience of cool sensations in the hands area as well as flowing through our finger tips
or the head. One knows what is the best and our hands."
thing to do. Similarly, one can know when Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi
one is in the presence of lies and darkness
by the experience of warm sensations in
hands or head. This is an important testing