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SPR-08 Data Sheet


Dimensional Drawing Schematic Rendering

All Dimensions in mm


Weight: 3.2Kg Cv Value: 3.5

SPR-08 Pnuematic Spool Valve - Max 10 Bar Working Pressure Model Code
06 3/8" Ports
P1 Pilot Primary Operator
52 5 Port - 2 Position Configuration
XX 5/2 Only Configuration
P1 Pilot Secondary Operator
V Viton -20C to +100C Seals
NPT Ports Thread Form
Block Before Bleed Flow Characteristics

SPR-08 -06 -P1 -52 -XX -P1 -V Model Number

This is a bespoke datasheet. For further details on the complete range, please refer to catalogue:
SPR and PPV Models

BFDD33/0 August 2017 Bifold 2016