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ADWC MCT/MST Lesson Observation: Feedback to Student Teacher

Student Teachers Name: Sumaya Abdulla Grade Level: 3rd

Unit/Lesson: Doubling and Halves Date: 26-10-17

Competency Area E G S M US
Please tick the boxes using the OVERALL ASSESSMENT LEVEL
DESCRIPTORS attached at end of document

Professionalism: Understanding Professional Growth

Planning for Learning x

Planning activities and lesson aims
Implementing and Managing Learning x
Language and delivery
Classroom Management

Communication Skills

Monitoring and Assessment

Critical Reflection

Strengths of the lesson:

Presented vocabulary by asking students to five definition. Counting

on was a concept that was used.
Gave purpose for reviewing concept.
Students participated when called on.
Gave students white boards to solve problems (On-going assessment)
By circling the tables, it was noticed that the girls were implementing
the concept.
Mixed ability groups were homogenously grouped for the activity.
Groups used Math journals.
Used great manipulatives to explain activities. (boxes, counters,
plastic containers)
Student used Think Pair Share to review the lesson and tell what they
Areas for development:

Specify if the whiteboard activity is a warm up or lesson.

Make sure directions are clear so students will stay focused.
Use more objects to increase interest level.
Even while sitting with the low ability group, walk around to the other
groups to make sure thy understand. This will aid the LAB to use
some thinking strategies.