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Hannan Vitug
Baliuag University
College of Environmental Design and Engineering


This research is to show how the Military Recruiters use their tactics to encourage
youth to military. It includes the aspects explored techniques that commonly practice
by the recruiters to get the interests of the youth. However, it is also focuses on the role
of the armies to give a faultless information about the mission and vision of the Armed
Forces in order to advertise how the military services and practices to the youths
population. It shows a brief overview about how the strategies and tactics of military
affect the level of youth interests to military.

The reason why the researcher came up to this topic is because the population
of the Armed Forces now is being declined. Most of the juvenile does not want to enter
military or worst the present soldier at their time quitting their obligations without second
thought or any hesitations. The reason why the researcher chose this topic is to discuss
more specifically the strategies to endorse military in youths. To elaborate that there is
something more in being a peace and unity defender not just only the benefits they
receive but the gratitude and braveness they have despite of the undesirable
lamented in their organization. The researcher also aims to understand by the readers
the correlation of Aristotles Ethos, Pathos and Logos in the study to encourage youth to
military and to know the different ways of the military recruiters to brighten up the
youths interest in military service and also the effects of the military services to most of
the juvenile.

In terms of Aristotles Ethos, Pathos and Logos correlation in this study the Ethos
may come up about the ethics on how they convince the youth to military. The
strategies play a vital role to define the ethics provided in the study. For example, in the
other countries entering and practicing the obligations of a soldier is a must and that is
the ethics behind their Republic Laws. The Pathos shows the emotion in this research by
practicing the mission and vision of the Armed Forces on how they take a lot of
courage and determination to be brave and fulfil their obligations. They discuss about
the traits of a soldier should have. And in terms of Logos, the soldier must know the
answer in the question why am I here? to reason out to prove that the people need a
lot of soldiers to grapple the peace in their beloved country.

The population of the soldiers are being declined in most of the country. On the
recent war of the soldiers against the Muslim Military which happened last Tuesday May
23, 2017 in Marawi City, hundreds of civilians and most of the Philippines soldier have
been lamented. The death toll from the clashes still consuming Marawi City already
reached more than 400 on Wednesday night as security forces continue to battle
Islamist militants still confined in a small pocket of the city. ( It
is one example of the hundreds occurrence were the several soldiers died
unintentionally between the battles and why the populace are being declined. This is
the reason why the researcher elaborated the study to define and explain that the
military can do something more to encourage youth in military and to increase the
population of the countrys soldiers.
An understanding and application of Aristotles Ethos, Pathos and Logos relating
to tactics of military recruiters to encourage youth to military is being discussed in this
study. The purpose of this research is just spinning between the 2 main purpose only are:
a.) to brighten up the mind of the youths interest in military and; b.) for the youth to
know the different tactics that the military recruiters uses.
This elaborates the specific strategies that the recruiters may use. They may use
tactics like discussing their mission and vision first such as improving their preparedness
by planning, resourcing and implementing educational programs to catch the interests
of the youths, and to provide services for training and programs that may help the
youth to practice and train their selves about the military services. One of the strategies
is informing the youth what is the effect of military services to them, it discusses what
may be developed inside the training and program. It may help the youth to boost their
confidence and to open other opportunities not just for themselves but also for their
family. And the recruiter may also discuss that being a peace and unity defender is also
being a servant their own country.
The researcher elaborated the study using some of the standards techniques
that the readers may apply in doing their own study. It only uses ___ formulas to do the
research explicit and orderly.
First thing is choosing a topic that might catch the interests of the readers
specially the juvenile; the researcher must choose a topic that is relevant to the present
events in order to get the readers attention. Second is planning and prioritizing. In every
doings planning is the most essential formula in order to manage time; it will keep the
researcher productive. Third is focus; it will keep the researcher on the goals and
objectives; the researcher must know what is the aim in finishing the study. Fourth is
scanning different references like newspapers and sites that the researcher may use in
terms of information needed. Fifth is elaborate the topic direct and straight from
shoulder; most of the readers does not want topic that is beating around the bush in
other term the readers want a topic that is direct to the point. But the most and the
must step to follow is do the research at a given and exact time.