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Muslim Society in subcontinent

Evolution of Muslim society in the subcontinent from 1206-1526 A.D. (2000, 2001,2002 )
Downfall of Muslim rule in subcontinent in 18th century. (1988,1995,1999,2004,2005)
Role and efforts of Muslim religious leaders for the establishment of Muslim society in the
Muslims preserving their faith ,culture & separate entity since they set their foot in the sub-
War of Independence 1857 and its effects. (1993)
Impact of Muslim rule on social conditions in subcontinent. (1995)
Describe the most notable feature of Muslims in India in the light of their monothestic religion
and egalitarian social structure. (2006)

Ideology of Pakistan

Beside ideology which factors were responsible for the creation of Pakistan. (1988,1990)
Causes of Muslim separatism. (1991,1996)
Ideological foundations of "Two-Nations Theory". (2002,2003)
Elucidate Ideology of Pakistan. What are the reasons which contributed for the development of
two-nation-theory? Is two-nation-theory relevant after the fall of Dacca? (2007)
Muslims Nationalism in subcontinent evolved gradually. (1988)

Movements in British India

Shahwalliullah's efforts for the revival of Muslim rule in India. (1989, 1994,1997,1999 ,2001)
Impact of the movements of reform__ Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi, Shahwlliullah,Aligarh
,Deoband ,Nadwa __ on muslims of subcontinent. (1991 ,1994 ,2009)
Ulemas of Nadwa attempted to make a synthesis of Westernism /Modernism of Aligarh and
Conservation of Deoband. (1998,2002)
Aligarh Movement brought about a renaissance amongst the Indian Muslims . (1995,1999
Political objectives of Aligarh Movement . (2001)
Khilafat Movement. (1989,1996,2004)
Contribution of fraizi movement in the life of Muslims in the sub continent. (2005)
The Deoband School stood for "definite religio- political goals with limited sphere of
Influence of Shaikh Ahmad Sirhindi has left on the history of Muslims of India. (2008)

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan

Sir Syed Ahmed Khan's endeavoures to make Muslims psychologically adjusted to the new
environment. (1990,1992)
Steps initiated by Sir Syed Ahmed Khan which later on became the agenda points of the
movement for Pakistan? (2009)
Contribution of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan towards the growth of Muslim Nationalism. (1989)
Sir Syed Ahmed Khan had forseen two nations ,Muslims & Hindus. (1993)
Why Sir Syed advanced to the Indian Muslims to eschew politics. (2002)


Evaluate Quaid-e-Azam's 14 points. (1996 ,1997)

Compare & contrast the Nehru report & Quaid-e-Azam's 14 points. (1996, 2001)
Importance of Quaid e Azam's leadership in achieving a separate homeland OR achievements
of Quaid. (1998,1999)
Assess the account for the problems which Quaid-e-Azam had to face as Governer General
of Pakistan. (2006)
What type of political system the Quaid had visualised for Pakistan. (1990)
Political sagacity of Quaid-e-Azam. (1991)
Constitutionalism ,elementary part of Quaid-e-Azam's political character. (1992)
Illustrate the role of Quaid-e-Azam for protecting the constitutional rights of Muslims of the
subcontinent from 1916-1933? (2009)

Political Developments in British India

Minto-Morely Reforms . Discuss it with special reference to the demands of Simla

Deputation......(1988 , 2007)
Salient Features of Lukhnow Pact of 1916. (1989,2008)
Define Muslim "Nationalism" and trace its ideological development from the Simla
Deputation, to the Lahore Resolution. (1995)
Emergence & Importance of All India Muslim League . (2004)
Importance of separate electorate in the history of Muslims' political strugglein subcontinent.

Pakistan Movement

Allama iqbals concept of Muslim Nationalism in the light of allahabad address 1930. ( 1989 ,
Political developments between Allama iqbals allahabad address & Lahore Resolution. (1991)
Nehru Report . (1993,1996)
Lahore Resolution. (1989,2000)
Rad Cliffe Award . (1990 ,1995,1997,1998)
Cripps Mission 1942. (1999,2000)
The proposals of Cabinet Mission (1946) . (2008)
Discuss the role of Muslim Majority provinces in the establishment of Pakistan. (2006)
Political developments in British India between 1930-1947. (1994)
Provisions of 1935 Act & their impact on constitution making in Pakistan. (1994)
Round Table Conference. (1998)

Constitution of Pakistan

Objective Resolution of Pakistan. (1992 ,1994,1998,2004)

Federalism is facing serious problems in Pakistan / Federalism a cause of political tension /
Discuss it keeping in view the Strengths and wekness of Federation of Pakistan.
Salient features of Constitution of 1956. (2000)
The Constitution of Pakistan (1973) is the mouth piece of Islam. (2008)
Constitutional crisis during the Governor general Ghulam Muhammad. (2000)

Politics in Pakistan

Mujeebur Rehman's six points and its role in national disintegration. (1995,2004)
How far is the political instability in Pakistan due to its unstable political parties? (1993, 1994)
Debacle of East Pakistan. (2000)
Characteristics of Political culture in Pakistan. (1991)
Failure of national integration in Pakistan. (1990,1993)

Martial law regimes in Pakistan introduced structural changes by demolishing the existing
political structure. (1996)
Referring to the evolution of Political System, identify the commonalities in among the martial
law administrators of Pakistan?(2009)

Revival of democracy after interrengnum of 1999-2002. (2002)

Local government system under the "Devolution of Power Plan 2001" has miserably failed in
delivering service to the masses. (2007)
Judicial Activism.Has it brought Pak-Judiciary in the state of morality in the recent past? (2008)
Compare and contrast the dynamics of recent civil society Movement with other movements in
the history of Pakistan? (2009)

Islamization in Pakistan

Role played by Ulemas and religious parties in the promulgation of Islamic system in Pakistan
OR Efforts for promulgation of Islamic System in Pakistan. (1988, 1997,2001,2004)
Problems of implementation of Islamic Ideology under contemporary environment. (1991)

Geographical position of Pakistan

Pakistan's Geopolitical Importance . (1997,2002,2003,2005)

Political map of Pakistan is the outcome of its geo-strategic location. Give a reasoned account
for the statement. (2006)
Geographical features & natural resources of Pakistan. (1993)
Impact of Pakistan's geography on its socio-economic patterns. (1996)

Social Issues

Unemployment in Pakistan. (2000)

Corruption in Pakistan. (2000)
Population growth as a factor conditioning our social & economic development /Effects of
population growth. (1992 ,2001)
Low literacy rates in Pakistan. (1995,1999)
Implications of privatised education in Pakistan. (1996)
Critically examine Education system of pakistan. (1999)
Problems of Educational System in Pakistan. (2003)

Society of Pakistan

Highlight the various characteristics of Pakistani culture. bring out the importance of customs
and traditions in the society. (2006)
Characteristics of tribal, rural,and urban societies in Pakistan.(1989)
Sources of ethnic discontent in Pakistan. (1994)

Natural Resources

Use of natural resources , agriculture, industrial manpower, and export & import to turn
Pakistan in a rich country. (1988)
Main sources of energy in Pakistan..their use in development. (1990 , 1997)
Main obstacles in the way of developing our energy resources. Solutions? (1992)
What do you know about water crisis in Pakistan.solution? (2004)
Indus Water treaty. (1997)
The development of water resources in the Indus Basin. (2005)
The government measures to improve the agricultural productivity in the light of introducing
new irrigation projects. (2006)
Inspite of strong research base, rich lands, reasonable water resources and various land reforms
why agriculture remained less developed in Pakistan.? (2009)


Account for the initial concentration of agro based industry in the manufacturing belt of
What are the problems of industrialization in Pakistan? (2002,2008)
Describe the distribution of Iron and Steel industry of Pakistan. Evaluate its role in the
industrial development of the country.(2006)

Kashmir Issue. (1999,2001,2002,2003)

Pakistan's role in the war against terrorism. (2004,2009)
Pakistan is not a poor country ,is poorly managed. (1998,2003)
Write a note on Balochistan; its area, population, economy, education and the problems of the
people. (2000)
Various programmes for Rural development.Their outcome? (1990)
Foreign aid ,a raid on our resources. (1995)
Kalabagh Dam . (2001)
Why ONE-UNIT was created and subsequently abolished? (2002)
The refugee problem in West Punjab in 1947, and how did the Policy-makers of Pakistan
respond to it? (2003)
The Quaid-e-Azam was against the performance of a surgical operation on the provinces
.discuss the division of the Punjab and Bengal. (2002)

(Write short Notes)

Chaudhry Rehmat Ali. (1997, 2001)
Allama Iqbal . (2001)
Assasination of Liaquat Ali khan. (2000)