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QC Quick Coin Count

Consumer, self-service coin deposit solution

A quick and simple coin deposit solution without the need
for pre-sorting

QC from Glory represents a new concept for retailers and financial

institutions providing the opportunity to attract more customers
to your store or branch. QC is a fully-automated, self-service coin
deposit solution. With QC installed, your customers can quickly and
easily deposit their coin inventory without the need to pre-sort or
wait in a queue. Children can have fun converting their coin savings
into active cash.
Reducing the need to deposit coins over the counter will help reduce
queue waiting times, improving productivity and your customers
branch or store experience.

Glory Global Solutions is a World Expert in cash Across the world, Glory Global Solutions is trusted by
management, delivering technology and solutions thousands of organisations to ensure their cash is managed
that provide security, productivity and innovation to securely and efficiently whilst delivering the ultimate in
our customers. These solutions are supported by the productivity. 2,500 professionals, including over 1,300
technical expertise of GLORY Group of Japan, the pioneer service and support staff and 350 business partners cover
in development and manufacture of money handling over 128 countries delivering these solutions wherever
machines across the financial, retail, vending machine, money moves.
amusement and gaming industries for nearly 100 years.
QC is convenient and quick. A specially designed auto-feed system
allows safe and continuous processing, whilst its two-button operation QC Technical Information
means its intuitive and easy to use. Coins can be poured straight into
the coin hopper, while hands are kept well away from moving parts. Speed 2500 mixed coins per minute
Rogue objects, foreign currency and counterfeits will be automatically Coin diameter range 15.5 to 32.4 mm
separated from the coin mix and rejected. Coin thickness range 1.0 to 3.0 mm
To assist branch personnel with machine management, QC includes Coin authentication Equipped with patented WAVE technology
easily viewed status lights located on either side of the front faade. Capacity 2 bins, up to 35,000 coins each bin
Colour coded status lights alert branch staff to QC fill levels providing diameterdependant
ample time to empty coin from QC ensuring the solution is always
Display 12" colour graphic LCD user screen
available for customer use.
Cabinet options Mixed coin with Front (BF) or Rear (BR) bin removal
All processed coins are collected into dual high capacity transportable
Door faade options Light or dark silver
coin bins. Each bin can hold up to 35,000 mixed coin for a total of
70,000 maximum capacity. Patented technology ensures bins are easy Connectivity Custom integration capability
to manoeuvre, by teller or CIT, when full. Power supply QC: 100 - 240V AC, 50/60 Hz + 1%
Banner: 115 - 240V AC, 50/60 Hz + 1%
Coin bins are ideal for banks with high customer foot traffic who
would like their CIT company to come and collect the mixed coin Power consumption 840W
quickly and simply. Bins are constructed from high impact polyethylene Dimensions (H x W x D) QC only: 1620* x 637 x 1047 (BF)/1139 (BR) mm
resin providing an extremely rugged solution designed to withstand the *height increases to 2006 mm with banner
rigors of transport and cash centre processing. Optional banner: 386 x 637 x 337 mm
Weight QC only: 168.7 kg
Key features summary: With banner: 180 kg
Banner only: 11.25 kg
QC utilises Glorys proven Mach sorting technology and high
Manufacturing standards CE, ISO9001, CUL
performance coin authentication and approvals

Auto-feed automatically and safely advances coin into QC without

customer intervention

QC offers simple two-button operation, dual language capability,

Glory Technology
and large display making QC easy to use for children and adults Unique patented technology sets new industry standards

QC bin variant is available in either front or rear cabinet access

WAVE Provides highest accuracy coin counting
for bin removal
and authentication technology
Door faade insert and optional overhead backlit banner
offer custom branding opportunities




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1047 (BF) mm
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