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Lesson Plan PDII

Subject/Grade Level: Language Arts, Kindergarten

TEKS: K.17 (C) Oral and written conventions/handwriting, capitalization, and punctuation.

Students write legibly and use appropriate capitalization and punctuation conventions in their

compositions. The students are expected to use punctuation at the end of a sentence.

Objective: The student will compose three sentences on paper using each punctuation marks at

100 percent accuracy.

Exclamation Mark by Amy Krouse Rosenthal and Tom Lichtenheld.
Poster with sentences
Stickers with punctuation marks on them
Punctuation practice worksheet

Activity Procedures
Focus The sentence song video. Before the song starts, the
teacher will tell the students
the objective. Students can
dance and sing along to the

Check for understanding:

Ask the students what

makes a sentence.
Ask the students what
they noticed about the
change in tone.

Instructional Delivery Read aloud Exclamation While reading, teacher will

Mark by Amy Krouse ask:
Rosenthal and Tom What do these
Lichtenheld. characters represent?
Who can tell me what
this sign is?
What did my voice do
when the question
mark spoke?
What did the
exclamation mark
What did my voice
sound like?
How did my voice
sound when the
periods speak?

Guided practice Punctuation Sticker Activity Students will volunteer to

place a sticker that has a
exclamation mark, question
mark, or a period to place on
the poster by the correct

Checking for understanding

Ask students how the
punctuation mark
changes the tone of
the sentence
Ask students to read
the sentences out loud

Punctuation Practice Teacher will explain the

Worksheet activity that is to be done
during independent practice.
The teacher will demonstrate
the brainstorming, and
writing, of sentences.

Checking for understanding

Teacher will ask for
volunteers to pose a
sentence using the
correct punctuation
Teacher will ask
students to read the
sentence with her
Independent practice Punctuation Practice Students will work
Worksheet independently at their tables
to write three sentences using
each punctuation mark.

Checking for understanding

Teacher will walk
around to monitor
student progress and
answer questions

Closure Think-pair-share Teacher will ask students to

share their favorite sentence
with their friend by using the
appropriate voice/inflection.

Students will come back to

the rug, and will engage in a
discussion about what was
learned. Teacher will ask:
How does your voice
sound when you ask a
What are the three
punctuation marks we
learned today?

Relate it to 1st grade!