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I. Read the sentences carefully and identify if it is SIMPLE 28. Where does the woman work?


and COMPOUND-COMPLEX SENTENCE. c. beauty shop d. shes unemployed
1. Kenny has a new baby brother, and Katie has an older 29. How much money did Mrs. Jones give Roger for his
sister. new shoes?
2. Sam always told the truth, so his teacher had great a. $20 b. $100
trust for him. c. $10 d. $5
3. My sister ate my sandwich, so I kicked her. 30. What did Roger say to Mrs. Jones when he left?
4. The kitten was warm and soft. a. Thank you, Maam b. Thank you
5. Ron is a great writer, but his spelling is terrible. c. Thanks a lot d. He didnt say anything
6. Be sure to turn off the lights when you leave the room.
7. I had to read a short story, and I had to write a (Poem: IF by Langston Hughes)
paragraph for homework last night. 31. What is the theme of this poem?
8. If I dont read carefully, I often make mistakes on my a. becoming a grown-up takes confidence, determination,
work. and virtue
9. I find doing my work on my laptop to be quite b. most people handle failure better than they handle
enjoyable. success
10. Before he knew it, the winter was over, and tin buds c. talking about your problems is the first step toward
began to sprout on the trees. solving them
11. May and Sal are making the best commercial in class. d. people should spend more time in crowds and less
12. Although there are many stories about the unicorn, it time around royalty
is only an imaginary animal. 32. What does the author think of Triumph and Disaster?
13. Long-ago explorers had no binoculars or cameras. a. neither matters b. both can be ruinous
14. Stories spread about the unicorn, and we can still c. you cant have one without the other
read them today. d. they are the same
15. I like playing chess, but sometimes I dont do it too 33. This poem is offering guidance. To whom is this
well. guidance directed?
16. When I play chess I have to remain focused. a. the mans brother b. students
17. I really enjoy playing chess. c. the mans son d. the earth
18. Whenever it rained, Ken thought of her home in 34. Who does the author believe you must count in life?
Nasipit, and she worried about her mother. a. friends b. your family
19. Although it was sunny, the woods were dark, and Sue c. yourself d. your wife
stumbled down the hill. 35. If people hate you, what does the author you should
20. The sun is shining through the clouds, so I think that do?
we can go swimming. a. pretend you dont hear them
b. ignore them
II. Reading comprehension. (Thank You, Maam) c. not hate them back
21. Why did the boy try to steal the womans purse? d. hate them too
a. he likes to steal b. he wants new shoes 36. What does the speaker have to say about hearts,
c. he is wealthy but seeks to increase his wealth nerves, and sinews?
d. he has a distaste for the woman a. they should serve the listener
22. What does the woman do after the boy attempts to b. they should desert him
rob her? c. they should be sinuous
a. she feeds the boy and gives him money for new shoes d. they should be removed
b. she calls the police
c. she attacks the boy III. Select the correct spelling.
d. she runs away 37. Febuary February Frebruary
23. Why did the woman most likely treat the boy so well? 38. vacuum vaccuume vacumee
a. she is delusional 39. liaison leeason liasohn
b. she forgets what the boy has done 40. deductible dedactible deductiable
c. she seeks to poison the body 41. haras harass harras
d. she realizes it is better to help people than punish
them IV. Give the correct answer. Explain if need be.
24. By the end of the story, how does the boy most likely 1. How will you describe the man with the hoe?
feel about the woman? 2. What is the image of the man with the hoe by Edwin
a. thankful b. annoyed Markham?
c. offended d. indifferent
25. What is the name of the boy in the story?
a. Rodney b. Randy
c. Roger d. was not mentioned
26. What is the name of the woman in the story?
a. Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones
b. Mrs. Lola Barnes Jones
c. Mrs. Bella Bates Washington
d. Was not mentioned
27. What can you tell about Mrs. Jones after what she did
to Roger?
a. Shes a mean-spirited individual
b. Shes very kind person who cares for him
c. Shes loyal and wants company from someone
d. she is friendly but doesnt care much about him
27. Hughes felt that those in need should be.
a. incarcerated b. cast out
c. supported d. ignored

1. The poem begins by describing conditions the ends by

describing consequences. In which line does it shift from
describing conditions to describing consequences?
a. line 8 b. line 14
c. line 26 c. line 31
2. Based on lines 5 and 6, what can you conclude about
the speakers values?
a. the speaker values curiosity and creativity
b. the speaker values patience and honesty
c. the speaker values good looks and political debates
d. the speaker values the opinions of other people
3. In the last stanza, what is the speaker probably urging
the addressee to do in lines 29 and 30?
a. to pay more attention to kings than too common
b. to exercise more often
c. to make the most of his time
d. to relax and enjoy the moment

10. What does the speaker suggest the listener keep?

a. nothing b. his money
c. the earth and everything in it
d. his head

Mga bahagi ng liham.

Pamuhatan Bating Panimula
Katawan ng Liham Bating Pangwakas
Lagda Liham
Talambuhay T. na Pansarili
T. na Pang-iba T. na Karaniwan
T. na Di-karaniwan Salawikain
1. Nakasaad ditto ang pangalan ng sumulat
2. ditto makikita ang relasyon ng sumulat sa kanyang
3. pinakamahalagang bahagi ng liham
4. nagsasaad kung kanino nakalaan ang liham
5. bahaging nagsasaad ng petsa kung kalian sinulat ang
liham at tirahan ng manunulat
6. isang paglalahad sa buhay ng taong siya mismo ang
7. binibigyang-pansin ang mga layunin, adhikain,
simulain, paninindigan ng isang tao, at ang pag-ugnay ng
tagumpay o kabiguan
8. paglalahad sa buhay ng isang tao na detalyado mula
pagsilang hanggang pagkamatay
9. nagsasaad ng kasaysayan ng buhay ng isang taong
maaaring buhay pa o patay na
10. mabisang paraan ng pakikipagtalastasan. Naipaaabot
ang mga bagay-bagay sa taong hindi makausap ng

Uri ng Liham Pangkaibigan 1-6

Bigyan ng paliwanag ang mga sumusunod na Salawikain

1. Nasa tao ang gawa, nasa Diyos ang awa.
2. Ang tunay na kaibigan, karamay kailanman.
3. Anak na di paluhain, magulang ang patatangisin.