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The Biggest Drop Ever

An overview of stirring revelations
made on the Internet in the fall of 2017
Version #7, December 3, 2017


he reason for making this book is to present a chronological account of what
is either the biggest intelligence drop from the U.S. government to the Amer-
ican public ever, or the longest lasting LARP (Live Action Role Playing,
aka prank) on the 4chan message board, ever.
As all of this evolves, it is clear that whoever this Q character dropping this info
may be, his statements, questions and insinuations paint a compelling picture: a
world about to be released from the grip of a global cabal that includes corrupt poli-
ticians, CIA, banker families and royal dynasties.
If this is all fiction, it still makes an incredibly gripping spy story - definitely worth
a read. If true, however, then the whole world is at a giant crossroads.
It was my intention to compile screenshots all of Qs posts so people would not
have to spend hours wading through the overwhelming flood of information,
spam and (sometimes obviously intentional) disinformation on the 4chan board.

Ive edited this in a print-friendly manner and laced Qs messages with a selection of
tweets and headlines of relevant real-time events.
When reading this file, pay attention to the timestamps of the messages. Qs mes-
sages are screenshots, and the timestamps are the local time on the computer the
screenshot was taken on. Some user comments included are from across the ocean,
so time (and even date) may appear not to match, but they do.
A legend of abbreviations used by Q can be found on the last page.
Enjoy the read!

Copyright WDG 2017


Q uick Rundown

n October 28, someone who named him/herself Q and who appeared to be a high level government in-
sider began posting a series of intriguing messages on Internet message board 4chan in a thread called
CBTS (Calm Before The Storm). Q claimed POTUS was being protected by the Military because the
CIA, FBI, and Secret Service are all corrupted. Q began posting series of questions, where each question is often
either a hint to the next question or an answer to the previous.

The intelligent and systematic way in which Q posed his questions, caught the attention of many /pol/ users. Espe-
cially when some of the things Q hinted at or even predicted, became true...

1.) Friday and Saturday will deliver on MAGA promise, Q says on Oct. 31, mentions cleaning house
(govt). On Nov. 3 he askes Why did JK travel to SA recently? What is SA known for? Where do the big-
gest donations come from? That weekend the Saudi Arabia purge happens.
The arrested Saudi Princes are the people who fund Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and own Citi-
group (who basically picked Obamas cabinet). Saudi assets were frozen.

2.) Oct. 31: Q said billionaire George Soros is targeted. Nov 3: Howard Rubin, fundmanager for Soros, is
arrested for human trafficking and violent rape.

3.) Unverifiable claim: Tony Podesta indicted Nov. 3, Huma Abedin 6th. They werent arrested, but indict-
ment does not necessarily equal arrest. About a week later, however, newspapers reported that the Podesta
Group was shutting down. Tony goes missing.

4.) Q said on Oct. 31: Any person stating they wont run for re-election, has been put in submission. Ten
days later FOX News announced 40 politicians not running.

5.) Q said there could be social media blackouts, but dont worry. Later, Trump twitter goes offline for a
while. The 4chan thread has also been under attack, has been flooded with spammers. The thread even went
missing (error 404) at some point, was back up the next morning. Q said that the thread was being protected,
though attacks would continue, and they have.

6.) Over 840 sealed indictments were issued in the 12 days after Qs first announcement. Indictments are
publicly announced on government websites. The normal procedure is to name the cases in the format plain-
tiff vs. defendant (e.g. Waldorf vs. Stattler). Sealed indictments are numbered but nameless, and are usually
issued when criminal networks are being rounded up.
Total number of sealed indictments has since risen to over 4,000.

7.) Q sent two photos taken from an airplane, one from a city and one from some islands in the sea. Anons
(anonymous users of 4chan) identify the locations on the photos and their time stamps and they seem to match
Air Force 1s trajectory, meaning the photos were taken from inside AF1 during POTUS Asia trip: Q is on board.
(/pol/ is notorious for their simply impressive capture the flag operations targeting Shia LeBoeufs Anti-
Trump flag - suffice it to say they know a thing or two about identifying locations!).

Historic Setting
During the presidential campaign of 2016 it became blatantly obvious that the MSM (mainstream media)
had abandoned any semblance of neutrality and basically functions as a mouthpiece to the Democrat Party.
After the election, the same media ran a non-stop campaign against the 45th president with its Russian col-
lusion hysteria that has been going on for over a year now, while being unable to produce any significant
evidence. That 1500 human trafficking/pedophile ring arrests were made in the period shortly before/after
Trumps inauguration somehow escaped their attention completely.

2016 was also the year of the pizzagate scandal: allegations that Comet Pizza Ping Pong in Washington D.C.,
run by James Alefantis, was a cover for a pedo-ring. Pizzagate was promptly dismissed worldwide in the
MSM. Even the major European newsoutlets ran extensive stories announcing that all of it was fake news,
period. Five minutes of online research however, will quickly reveal images snatched off of Alefantis (pre-
viously public) Instagram account. And these are disconcerting to say the least, if not downright alarming:
a photo of a naked guy writhing on the floor covered in what I assume is fake blood, pornographic images
with slices of pizza, various pictures of babies and toddlers with comments like #Hotard, I want one and
#Chickenlovers posted next to them, photos of a killroom, someone showing off a home-made metal
coffin the size of a small child, etc.

Yet none of these troubling things got any mention in the mainstream media. They ran to dismiss the story
right off the bat - all of them. Except for Ben Swann of CBS46 in Atlanta. After reporting on the potential
scandal on live TV, his Facebook account of 428,000 followers was wiped clean (!), his website taken down,
and he didnt appear on the air for a week.

But it doesnt end there. Tony Podesta, brother of Hillarys campaign manager John Podesta, seems to be
good friends with Alefantis. Alefantis catered several pizza-parties at Tonys house. Tony, art collector,
seems really into artists who work around child molestation (such as Biljana Djurdjevic and Patricia Picci-
nini , some disturbing stuff there). Then there is this heavy accusation in a 2011 tweet by (now dead) Andrew
Breitbart: How prog-guru John Podesta isnt household name as world class underage sex slave op cover-
upperer defending unspeakable dregs escapes me. Heavy accusations indeed.

Put one and two together and you may not have proof, but enough to raise some serious suspicion.

One more thing about Alefantis: how does running a kid friendly pizza joint get you listed as one of the
top 50 most powerful people in Washington according to GQ magazine? Isnt Washington full of powerful
people? Dont let me drag you into a conspiracy theory, Ill let you make up your own mind.

Source: the Urban Dictionary

Note: Person in picture may simply be a random customer at the pizzeria, what is disturbing is Alefantis comment.

First Q Posts
Real life: Antifa has announced mass protests on Nov. 4th.

Source: the New York Times


Calm Before The Storm

From here on, all of Qs messages were posted in a thread named CBTS

A for math.

Source: Wall Street Journal


- Daughter of Saleha Mahmood Abedin, a pro-Sharia
sociologist with ties to numerous Islamist organizations
including the Muslim Brotherhood.
- Longtime assistant to Hillary Clinton.
- Wife of former congressman Anthony Weiner
(who was convicted for sexting an underage girl)
- Longtime former employee of the Institute of Muslim
Minority Affairs, which shares the Muslim Brotherhood's goal
of establishing Islamic supremacy and Sharia Law worldwide.


Source: New York Times


Source: BBC

Note: Saturday (nov. 4th.) night would be saturday morning in U.S.

Source: Washington Post

On Oct. 15, Hillary Rodham Clinton appeared on the BBCs

Graham Norton show wearing a surgical boot but on the
show, she said she actually broke her toe. A few days earlier,
Nick Merrill, spokesman for Hillary, said Clinton had caught her
heel on steps and twisted her ankle.
She cancelled her Europeanbook tour one day before the
Uranium One story would break, questioning her sale of 20% of
U.S. uranium to Russia during her term as Secretary of State.

Source: National Review


Source: Newsweek



Source: Wikipedia


Source: The Guardian



Coordinates refer to a Japanese

restaurant in the Philippines.

Uncharacteristic tweet of Obama


Source: Huffington Post


Massive internet/comms outages

reported in U.S. on Nov. 6

Source: The Epoch Times



Why the exceptional, unprecedented honor?

City on Qs photo identified as Hong Kong; timestamp matches Air Force

Ones trajectory, flying over Hong Kong that day as it leaves China.

Who doesnt like a game?

If you connect the dots with
the hands of Team 45, you
get a big, fat, beautiful Q,
just how we like it!
Also, check the images
filename below.

[Between Brackets]
CIA is here. Pray.

(Between brackets)
Sinful one.

Source: the


Source: The Intercept

[Between Brackets]
US risk this week.
God & Country

(Between brackets)
New public hack-

Indeed the CBTS thread on /

pol/ was flooded by shills and
bots that day, spamming the
board, the thread went offline,
giving 404 errors. The next
day, thread was back up.
Intense shilling has cointinued
ever since.

Source: NY Times

[Between Brackets]

Lynn de Rothschild?

Too farfetched? Not consistent with earlier messages exactly...


Potus tweets a short video summary of his Asia trip,

a few frames show a view from AF1. Some anons
identify the landscape as North Korea, although
frankly, the image overlaps seem a bit of a stretch
to me, so the comparison is omitted here.






Source: BBC

Source: The Telegraph


Source: Hal Turner Radio Show

At this point, rumors began spreading that Marines Military and CIA insofar that elements within the
had stormed CIA headquarters in Langley on Satur- CIA are still INTENTIONALLY carrying out the failed
day 18 November. One of the first to report on this, policies of the Obama regime, including supplying
was the Hal Turner Radio Show on November 19. weapons and logistic support to freedom fighters
inside Syria who are fighting U.S. troops.
According to persons who reside near Langley, a
large contingent of Marines arrived at CIA Headquar- Apparently the CIA had negated the order to stop
ters in tilt-rotor aircraft (photo) and when the Ma- the funding. The military showdown was to send a
rines deplaned, they were armed and moved quickly clear message from the military to the (rogue frac-
into CIA Headquarters! (I did not personally witness tions within) CIA.
this and am relying solely on what witnesses are tell-
ing me). It was done over a weekend apparently because
most of the big shots in the Pentagon are at home,
The news went viral quickly on the Internet, and was and by the time they heard something was going on,
quickly embellished and aggrandized. it was pretty much over ....

An update was made the next day on Monday No- Benjamin Fulford, former Asia-Pacific Bureau Chief
vember 20: I have now spoken to almost ALL of for Forbes Magazine, spoke of a Huge actionable in-
my former colleagues in the Intelligence Community telligence haul from Marine raid on CIA HQ on Nov.
and heres what took place: Yes, a group of military 27. His sources claim computers and documents
aircraft approached and circled the CIA Headquarters were seized and as a result, some 400 drug facilities
in Virginia for upwards of 30 minutes on Saturday. were located and the U.S. military began bombing
They did NOT land and did NOT enter CIA HQ forcibly them in Afghanistan on November 19th.
- or otherwise.
They added that the bombed locations were labelled
Alledgedly theres an ongoing problem between the as the Talibans in order to be politically correct.

Source: Washington Post



As Q began posting, the CBTS thread was overrun by spammers and people trying to
derail the thread. The thread was also split, at one point there were 2 CBTS threads running
simultaneously. One of them was infected by a bot, software that automatically generated
message posts at breakneck speed, making the thread unuseable.
After Q sent this last message, this ended.

Q posted this message earlier in the bot-infected thread that

eventually got deleted.
He reposted some of his last messages in the remaining thread.

Check the first letter of each line in this last message.

Spamming has again intensified on the CBTS thread.

Capt. Mike Green Saavan Mundae

Source: BBC

Photo: On 12/12/72 Marie-Hlne de Rothschild held

a Surrealist Ball at Chteau de Ferrires, one of the
familys gigantic mansions.

Photo: Arial snapshot of Capitol Hill and its

surrounding gardens shaped like an owl.

Source: The Telegraph


Photo: Paul VI Audience Hall at the Vaitcan, picture taken from the back of the room. The round windows
in the side walls and the triangular pillars create the optical illusion of a snakes head. The pope sits on a
throne inside the snakes mouth. There are no Christian symbols anywhere in the hall. Below left: popes
throne inside the snakes mouth. Right: even from the outside, it looks like a snakes head.

Above: The pyramid with 13 steps as depic-

ted on U.S. Federal Reserve currency. Below:
Pyramid shaped Hyangsan Hotel in North Ko-
rea, 13 floors lead to the top of the pyramid.

Twitter CEO Ali Rowghani (2nd left), Prince Alwaleed (center), and Mr. Suhail Rizvi (right).

Rizvi Traverse Capitals other major investments include a controlling interest in Playboy and music
rights organization Sesac, as well as stakes in news app Flipboard and Jack Dorseys digital payments company,
Square. Sources told CNBC that Rizvi invested $100 million in Facebook before its IPO and sold its shares earlier
this year. It also has sold its equity stake in talent agency ICM, and in Twilight producer Summit Entertainment,
which sold to Lionsgate.
Rizvis biggest individual client is Prince Waleed Bin Talal of Saudi Arabia who invested $300 million pre-IPO in Twit-
ter through Rizvi Traverse. Rizvi also invested JP Morgan Chases $400 million pre-IPO in Twitter. Rizvi is reported to
have used personal connections in Silicon Valley to purchase these stakes from Twitter employees.


Source: Washington Examiner


Q is gaining traction, both on Twitter, with youtubers and here in Pravdareport.

Meanwhile, Senator John

McCain tweeted a picture of
himself in his garden, with his
surgical boot on the other leg.
The buttons on his shirt and
vest prove that the photos
werent mirrored.
People noticed, and McCain
answered later: Thank you
for your support & best
wishes. My left leg was doing
extra work to compensate for
the boot, so Im giving it
a break.

Two Internet memes found on 4chan. Conspiracy theorists never sleep... One person in this photo
of the Rothschild family bears a striking resemblance to James Alefantis, owner of Comet pizza in DC.
This sort of thing only generates more questions... Now I dont know what to think!

Source: The Intercept

Source: The Independent


Source: Wikileaks, Podesta emails



Amidst a flood of shilling (useless posts),

this is how things are slowly being puzzled out
by dedicated anons, whose contributions vary.

Source: BBC

Q posts above message, and some anon(s) turn to POTUS Twitter

account, as this is how they interpret Qs coded message goTWIT_P

A little while later, President Trump tweets about small business and
changes his twitter header to this picture ...

Some anon checked President Trumps twitter account at 13:57

(1:57pm), 16 mins earlier POTUS tweeted #shopsmall, that would have
been at 13:41. Six minutes before that tweet, at 13:35, Q posted the
code: goTWIT_P_act-small#. Draw your own conclusions.

At this point the CBTS thread was again flooded with so-called bots and shills, people pos-
ting irrelevant nonsense, trying to start discussions about other (non) issues. One person
was posting horrible picture after horrible picture of decomposing corpses, dismembe-
red limbs and disfigured bodies. The result was once again that one would have to scroll
through endless amounts of rubbish in order to read a post from some anon genuinely
trying to answer Qs questions.
Amazing that so many would spend so much effort trying to derail and discourage a thread
if it was only a prank?

POTUS tweets a link

to a site that is covering the brewing
political storm adn within minutes the site
does down and its database disappears.

People wonder why the Obamas are wearing the

exact same outfits as last spring in their 2017
thanksgiving tweets?
This political commentator wonders out loud who
really is handling Hillarys tweets?

...and asks about

the whereabouts
of one Tony

Yes, the sheer volume of the amount of shilling and nonsense on CBTS makes you think
someone is being paid to be disruptive...

thors do a lot of research on their subjects and this

movie isnt about Depp going down the rabbit hole or
making chocolate in a make believe factory.

This is much closer to real life than people would like

to admit. Adrenochrome is a chemical produced by

the human body when adrenaline (or epinephrine)
drenochrome is mentioned in the movie Fear oxidizes or hits the air. Its produced when the body
and Loathing in Las Vegas starring Johnny is traumatized in some way such as through torture or
Depp and if you watch this quick clip to the extreme terror.
end, it talks about this drug. Take a look.
When a stimulus which should produce extreme fear
CLIP DESTRIPTION: The two protagonists are trip- is introduced to a human, especially when someone is
ping on LSD in their hotel room. Duke (Johnny Depp) very young, the adrenaline produced is more potent
is ingesting some kind of liquid drug from a dropper, than the average adult. Because of its psychoactive
and asks his partner from whom he got the drug. properties Adrenochrome has been linked to mind
- Dr. Gonzo:Satanism freak. control drug. Think MK Ultra.
- Duke: I think theres only one source of this stuff.
The adrenalin gland from a living, human body. The extraction process is done by killing the person
- Dr. Gonzo: I know... The guy didnt have any cash and harvesting the adrenochrome from the base of the
to pay me. He offered me human blood - said it would neck and spinal column with a needle.
take me higher than Ive ever been in my life. I thought
he was kidding, so I told him Id just as soon have an In its pure form, black market dealers can make ex-
ounce or so of pure adrenochrome - or maybe just a treme amounts of money when they sell it. This con-
fresh adrenaline gland to chew on. nection between the child sex trafficking, torture and
Yessir, they nailed this guy for child molesting. He murder of children around the world and the links be-
swore he didnt do it. Why should I fuck with chil- tween MS-13, high profile pedopushers like Podesta
dren? he says. Theyre too small. Christ, were- and Alefantis and all the ties between these non-profit
wolf is entitled to legal counsel. I didnt dare turn the organizations pretending to provide assistance to
creep down. He might have picked up a letter opener victims of various disasters around the world makes
and gone after my pineal gland! sense when you think about this type of drug traffick-
In this clip, its interesting to note the discussion
between Depp and the dealer hes talking to. If you What better way to collect children than from war
didnt realize it, theyre talking about how its har- torn or natural disaster ripped areas? Parents are gone,
vested in a roundabout way. families are separated. Its too easy to get these kid
in and out of the country. They slap a few faces of
Yes, Im well aware this is supposed to be fiction, children on their posters and then no one ever really
however most fiction is based on real life events. Au- tracks the kids after a certain point.
Reprinted with kind permission from

the mainstream media keeps
doing what it does best.
Source: the Weekly Standard

Journalists what they do best...

...And politicians what they do best.


News item is dated march 10, 2017. Mara Salvatrucha is otherwise know as MS13.

#Qanon and #FollowTheWhiteRabbit

have been gaining traction on Twitter.

Ahh, Internet memes... theyre supposed to be a bit

naughty, arent they? One visual framed with a
couple of words can really be an eye-opener.
This is what people call red-pilling.

Aaaand... were done counting. Number of sealed indictments issued

between October 30th and November 26th: 4,289.

There was personal blowback. Personal blowback to me, to my family, to my office, former Intelligence
Community Inspector General Charles McCullough III said.

As one of the few people who viewed the 22 top secret Clinton emails deemed too classified to release
under any circumstances, the former IG said, There was a very good reason to withhold those emails ...
there would have been harm to national security. McCullough went further, telling Fox News that sour-
ces and methods, lives and operations could be put at risk.

Some of those email exchanges contained Special Access Program (SAP) information characterized
by intel experts as above top secret.

Sadly, this is old news, it was known during the election, yet she was still allowed to run.
Source: Huffington Post

It seems Barry is off touring the world again...

Q suddenly appears on, 4chans sister board, and continues to post from there.
Q inquires about Barack Hussein Obamas whereabouts as he posts a picture of Shanghai.

Source: CNN

Note: I omitted some of Qs lastest posts on, where he focuses on specific organizations. Unless
circumstances demand otherwise, I will no longer update this file. I think that at this point the big picture
should be clear to everyone. Whatever truth there is to it, will eventually come to light. We already see
how dishonest some mainstream media outlets have become, having moved past the point of merely
being biased. If Qs claims are true, when it all comes out, complicit media outlets are sure to be disrup-
tive. That is why I leave this document at your disposal, and also, to help lighten the shock.

On Satanism

Some people foolishly call Satan Lucifer (Bringer of Light). That is in-
correct, Bringer of Light was merely his job title before he got fired. He
couldnt handle the honor of being the bringer of Light to all sentient be-
ings and he began to think highly of himself. It is of course a total insult
and abomination to all but the worst creatures to have the Light being
brought to you by an arrogant one, and so his title was revoked.

By this time he had crippled his own heart to the extent that his reaction
was that of a petulant child. Failing to look for any fault with himself,
he turned against God for taking away that most noble function that he
himself had amply soiled and disgraced.

If even Gods best angel would fall into arrogance at the honor of being the
bringer of Light, God created humans and allowed them to seek and find
the Light themselves in the most difficult environment. Only those who
could manage to find the Light under such trying circumstances, would
understand its preciousness and know to cherish it accordingly.

Nauseous with jealousy, Satan - unable to strike at God directly - decided

to take his revenge on Gods dearest creatures: mankind, and attempt to
corrupt them. He went as far as to lure the most stupid ones among them
(sometimes even talented people) to become his disciples, and have them
commit every kind of sin, cruelty and evil in his name. In turn, he would
prop them up with demons, so they would feel all mighty and powerful -
other humans would feel it too.

The more these people praised their lord of darkness, the more he would
despise them in his heart as their willingness to follow he who had set
out to destroy them, only proved their inferiority. He would then smile
and embolden them to commit even more sins and carry out even more
sinister plans. But he would never tell them of the cosmic law, that what
is owed, must be repaid. They would have to repay, with interest, all of the
mayhem and suffering that they caused, be it in this life or the next.

As the song goes: You can check out anytime you like, but you can never

There are no rewards in hell.


The Responsibility of Rulers

1 So then, you kings, you rulers the world over,

listen to what I say, and learn from it.
2 You govern many lands and are proud that so many
people are under your rule,
3 but this authority has been given to you by the Lord
Most High. He will examine what you have done and
what you plan to do.
4 You rule on behalf of God and his kingdom, and if
you do not govern justly, if you do not uphold the law,
if you do not live according to God's will,
5 you will suffer sudden and terrible punishment.
Judgment is especially severe on those in power.
6 Common people may be mercifully forgiven for their
wrongs, but those in power will face a severe judgment.
7 The Lord of all is not afraid of anyone, no matter how
great they are. He himself made everyone, great and
common alike, and he provides for all equally,
8 but he will judge the conduct of rulers more strictly.
9 It is for you, mighty kings, that I write these words,
so that you may know how to act wisely and avoid
10 These are holy matters, and if you treat them in a
holy manner, you yourselves will be considered holy.
If you have learned this lesson, you will be able to
defend yourselves at the Judgment.
11 So then, make my teaching your treasure and joy,
and you will be well instructed.

- Wisom 6:1-11, Holy Bible, Good News Translation.


Adm R Admiral Michael S. Rogers IRS Internal Revenue Agency
Director of the NSA ISIS Israeli Secret Intelligence Service
AF1 Air Force 1 - POTUS plane JA Julian Assange
AG Attourny General JFK John Fitzgerald Kennedy
Anon Anonymous JK "John Kerry, Jared Kushner"
ANTIFA Anti-Fascists movement, received KKK Klu Klux Klan - started by D's
funds from George Soros KSA Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
BIS Bank for International Settlements LV Las Vegas
BO Barak Obama MB Muslim Brotherhood
BOD Board of Directors MI Military Intelligence
BP Border Patrol ML Marshal Law
CF Clinton Foundation MM Media Matters
CIA Central Intelligence Agency MS-13 Latino Drug Cartel
CS Civil Service MSM Mainstream Media
CTR Correct The Record NG National Guard
DC District of Columbia NK "North Korea, also NORK, NOK"
DJT President Donald John Trump NP Non-Profit
DNC Democratic National Committee NSA National Security Agency
DOE Department Of Energy OP Original Poster
DOJ Department Of Justice PG Pizzagate/Pedogate
D's Democrats PM Prime Minister
EMS Emergency Medical Services POTUS President of the United States
EU European Union RNC Republican Naitonal Committee
F&F Fast and Furious - Feinstein's failed RR Rod Rosenstein
gun sale attempt R's Republicans
f2f Face to Face SA Saudi Arabia
FB Facebook SAP Special Access Programs
FBI Federal Beureau of Investigation SC Supreme Court
FED Federal Reserve SK South Korea
FOIA Freedom Of Information Act SS Secret Service
HI Hawaii ST Seal Team (eg. Seal Team 6)
HRC Hillary Rodham Clinton U1 Uranium 1
HS Homeland Security US United States
HUMA Harvard University Mulsim Almumni USSS United States Secret Service
H-wood Hollywood VJ Valerie Jarret
IC Intelligence Community WH White House
ID Identification