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Student Name: Simran Bhangal Date:

Placement: Mini Skool Bramalea

Purpose: There is a mouth toy bin in the classroom, where toys are put
in the bin to wash if they are put in a childs mouth or if they
Reason for completing the just need to be cleaned in general. The toys are usually washed
task. This could be based on during sleep time
an observation you made, a
conversation between you
and your site supervisor, etc

Task: Task:

What are you planning in Wash/Sanitize Toys

response to your purpose?
- Label your task (e.g.
Bulletin board focused on Wash and clean the toys to ensure that children do not
the importance of play- pass bacteria through the spit that is on the toys.
based learning). Ensure the toys are safe for the kids to play with.
- What are your 3 objectives (Make sure there are not any small broken toys)
for this experience? (i.e.
Why are creating a bulletin Keep track of what toys the classroom has for future
board on the importance of reference. (In the future if the teacher wants to add
play-based learning? What more toys in the room, we will know what kind of toys
message are you sending?) we already have)

Describe the experience:

- List the materials and
resources you will use Toys that need to be cleaned
- Describe the completion of Bleach /Water solution spray
the task, with a step by Towel to dry the toys on
step description

1. First I will take the toys and place them in the sink.
2. Then I will spray the toys with the Bleach/Water
solution spray, let them sit for a few minutes.
3. Next, I will rinse the toys and lay them on the towel to


- What went well? Provide

examples for how you
know it went well.
- What didnt go well?
Provide examples for how
you know it didnt go
- What did you learn?
- What might you do
differently next time you
implement this same task
and why?
- Did you have to make any
adaptations or
modifications? If so, what
were they?
- What type of experience
might you plan to extend
on this one?
Field Supervisor Feedback: