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Jonathan M. Andres
Ms. Sibson
English 110C
Cold Fusion Reactors:
Finally, a topic people of all different political views and perspectives can deliberate and

enjoy. If the term cold fusion means little to you, allow me to enlighten you. Cold fusion is a

form of nuclear energy that produces more energy than nuclear fission, and produces less waste.

This means that any person, if said person believe in global warming or the energy crisis, a

cheaper more powerful way of obtaining power for our cities and nations is near. One that

produces much less nuclear waste. To many this may sound too good to be true, and to a point it

is. Cold Fusion was deemed to be to advanced and difficult to achieve with current knowledge in

science and resources, But the company in charge of the project is known to be a head of its

time. Lockheed Martin a very popular and successful government contracting agency has

publicly announced their progress on this topic, which for many is strange because Lockheed

Martin is very known to keep their advances in technology almost entirely in the dark. They have

stated that within five years, from 2014, they plan on building a prototype of this cold fusion

reactor and put it to the test. Readers may ponder why I am interested in this topic at all. I am

interested in many reasons, not only for the energy solution proposed above but also: how this

will apply to foreign affairs in the middle east as well as other nuclear treaties and development.

Could there be a possibility of nuclear war never ever being considered by human kind? How

could this affect the development of second and third world countries? And more personally,

how will it affect the United States Navy Nuclear program (A program I am highly considering).
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So, what did this article disclose? The fact that Skunkworks has shown progress on their

fusion reactor. Through many pictures and milestones laid out by Tom McGuire, many see hope

that this will work. Many others, reasonably, believe its too soon, and estimate that cold fusion

is too far away. However, this author holds to a strong belief in the project manager. If Tom

McGuire meets his own milestones in time and provides evidence as to these advances, whats

not to believe. The greatest minds of our time are working together to try and achieve this.

The process of cold fusion is quite simple to explain. The Two rarer forms of hydrogen.

These nuclei are combined under immense heat and pressure to produce helium, and a neutron

carrying a lot of kinetic energy. The more difficult part of cold fusion is finding a reasonable way

to develop the heat and pressure necessary. The design given plans to heat the elements in the

nuclear reaction to a plasma using uncharged lasers. The Plasma is centered in the device, device

is shaped like a sphere, using the magnetic fields created by semi-conductors. The plasma must

be held for a significant period of time for maximum production or energy, because of the higher

level or highly kinetic neutrons.


Unfortunately, although this article is very interesting, I still feel for the strength and

importance of the topic greatly outweighs what is presented before the readers. There are so

many more questions I have about the fusion reactor, that this article simply doesnt have the

answers to. Frankly theres not a lot this article can deliberate on, Skunkworks usually doesnt

publicize their important information, and Nuclear fusion can only be explained so well in

Laymens terms. So, although I feel the article is hollower than I would like. It does a great job
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of presenting what it can. With the dumbed down physics, and limited information. It also does a

great job of increasing the awareness and pursuit of information regarding nuclear fusion. So in

that sense I think it is the perfect tool for informing the common public of where we stand on

nuclear fusion.


To the surprise of many nuclear fusion may be closer than we think, or maybe it isnt. the

point of this article is that Lockheed Martins skunkworks is working on a project, that could

revolutionize the world. Energy issues as we know them to be now can merely cease to exist. So

I highly recommend this article to those who want to learn a little more about nuclear fusion.