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Marketing Plan

for a
New Android App
App Logo

Executive summary Situational

Implementation Tactics Strategy

The number of smartphone
users is increasing year by
According to researchers at BBDO and AOL, Smartphone
users most common activity is me time
At the same time, increasing number of these users are
becoming music and information-hungry by each passing day
Introducing, SongScore- a one of a kind integrated music, Playlists
and entertainment platform comprising of International playlists ,
DJ playlists, Schedule of upcoming Concerts, Entertainment news,
covering a vast range of music.
Offering a unique value proposition to its users, it provides
them with an opportunity to contribute to the app too by
sharing their personal playlists with others.
It aims to deliver an enjoyable as well as an informative
music experience to its users
Core competencies
Diverse content, reliable sources and an impressive
number of sharing options
Excellent Customer Relationship Management practices
Tie up with reputed entertainment channels and editors.
Latest DJ and international playlists
The expected large user-base
In-app advertisements, thatll generate revenue
In-app purchases, in keeping with the Premium model
Communication partners
Songs covered : EDM , Vintage , Latest Arrival, DJ ,International.
Information covered : Upcoming Schedule of concerts , News related to
entertainment industry
SongScore will be positioned as the favoured destination for college
students and young professionals in the age group of 14-30, who are
looking for good quality music and/or information about entertainment
industry on their Smartphones. Aim is not to compete with existing
music apps but to fill the market gap created by them. The app hopes
to garner a respectable market share in the highly competitive online
music industry.
12 2

College Students
56 Young professionals
App Analysis
Parameter Saavn Gaana Hungama
Rating 4.2 4.3 4.2

Downloads 70,000,000 30,000,000 25,000,000

Website Analysis
Parameter Saavn Gaana Hungama
Country rank 197 143 2,773
Total visits 11.21 million 14.96 million 1.38 million
Average visit duration 00:03:30 00:03:31 00:01:47
Pages per visit 2.99 2.78 2.09
Thus target customers that
emerge are college students and
young professionals in the age
group of 14-30
(1 year)
At least 0.5 million
app downloads in first
Valuation of a
minimum of $50000
Target Market
Customer Needs
Staying updated with
latest Music
A necessary dose of
news and entertainment
amidst the banality of
day-to-day routine
Communication Partners
Social media sites like Facebook,
Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn,
Whatsapp via which the app will be
Brands/companies wholl promote
our app through their channels
Goals of Communication Partners
To target as large and diverse a consumer
base as possible
To attract new customers toward their
Build brand image, strengthen brand
awareness and drive brand equity
Companys Strategic Business Unit
1. App Development team: Coders, developers,
software engineers
2. Business Development team: Growth hackers,
strategists, negotiators, networkers, planners
3. Marketing team: Promotions, communications and
distribution team
4. Data Analysis team: Analysts, statisticians, online
trends trackers
5. Finance and Accountancy team
6. Public Relations team: Employee relations and
Investor relations team
7. Customer team: Customer care department, CRM
The Apps Points-of-Parity
High quality music,
A specified price for
premium version,
A defined time for
free version.
The Apps Points-of-Difference
Ad-free music for first 30 days, followed
by 15 days of with ad music in the free
DJ playlist
News related to entertainment
Providing a schedule of upcoming concerts
of singers.
Sharing of PLAYLISTS is allowed through
this app.
Technological Context
There are 195 million Smartphone
users and 360 million Internet
subscribers as of 2016

By 2018, India will have more than

300 million Smartphones

Inexpensive Smartphones and rollout

of 4G and 5G broadband infrastructure
are rapidly coming together to
democratise online access
Economic Context
Digital content industry growing at a
fast pace; expected to reach INR 20
billion by 2020 with digital ad spend
expected to grow at 23-28%

The Internet related contribution to

GDP at present is an encouraging
To Customers To Collaborators To Company

Listen to latest music and A well-managed, rapidly To employees:-Positive

contribute yours too growing app with new work environment, good pay,
The app will leave you more downloads everyday growth potential,
knowledgeable than before, Successfully competing with opportunity to pursue
at the same time refreshing other major players in the interests, job security
your mind industry To investors:- Regular filing
of returns, future growth
potential, financial stability,
clean image, profitable and
loyal user-base, high ROI
Ad free music for first 30 days, followed by 15
days of with ad music in the free Version
Access to limited DJ playlist and international
A slight high quality of music.
No access to news related to entertainment..
Premium features of SongScore
High quality ad free music every time.
Access to all DJ playlist and International playlists.
Availability of news from the entertainment sector
Songs can be downloaded instantaneously.
Playlists can be shared with People.
Following Steps are followed in Setting a Pricing Policy-:

Selecting the pricing objective

Determining Demand

Estimating Costs

Analyzing Competitors Costs,

Prices, and Offers
Selecting a pricing method and
setting the final price
Premium pricing strategy will be adopted, in which the app itself will be
free, but with in-app purchase opportunities/upgrades.
The premium version of the app will be priced at $5.99 per month.
Reason behind this being, the additional features will benefit the users
immensely as they'll stand a chance to Download songs, Share playlists,
have a flavour of entertainment news which, genuinely requires a
sufficient expenditure of resources.
Also, even if some users become reluctant to upgrade due to the price, it
won't affect the app's popularity or its customer base as it'll still get the
same number of visits. So, customer retention won't be affected.
Initial Promotional Steps assuming Zero Budget

1. Word-of-mouth marketing to family members, friends, neighbours and

2. Launching of Facebook page and Twitter handle to capitalise on the
influential social community
3. Subtly featuring the app in all e-mails, messages and posts to
indirectly increase its online presence
4. Uploading of a promo video on YouTube which will cogently and visually
explain the functionality and benefits of the app
5. Joining developers/entrepreneurs groups on LinkedIn
6. Coming up with an Announcement Blog for the app , followed by a
Summary Guide, Press Release, Design Collateral and App Screenshots
Tapping App Stores across all categories
such as non-Apple platforms, independent app
stores, carrier app stores, device app stores,
tablet app stores and more

Tapping App Recommendation Sites such as

Appoke- a new combo Android App Store and
social network, a forthcoming
semantic search engine for apps
Task Lead Time
Market Research 1.5 months
Analysis of Consumer and Business 1 months
Crafting Market Positioning 2 weeks
Setting up Strategic Business Unit 2 months

Setting Product Strategy 2.5 weeks

Developing Pricing Strategies 2 weeks

Designing Integrated Marketing 2 weeks

Designing Integrated 2 weeks
Communication Channels
Scanning the Marketing Environment, Forecasting Demand, and Conducting Marketing Research

Analysing Consumer Markets

Analysing Business Markets

Defining the Android Apps mission: Identifying core competencies and choosing value

Identifying Market segments and targets and crafting the Market Positioning

Setting up Strategic Business Unit

Setting Product Strategy

Developing Pricing Strategies and Programs

Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Channels

Designing and Managing Integrated Marketing Communications

Managing a holistic Marketing Organisation for the long run

Image credits :
Thank You
Created by Ashish Kapoor, IIT Bombay, during a marketing
internship by Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow