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SCHOOL PLACEMENT 1 2017/18 Name: Shaun McGee Class Observed: 3 r d and 4th Date: 13/10/17

Name: Shaun McGee

Class Observed: 3 rd and 4th

Date: 13/10/17

Topic: Professionalism in Teaching



In this placement professionalism in teaching was observed. I kept a close eye on the greeting we received from the principal.

When we were greeted by the principal she gave us each a handshake, smiled, maintained eye contact and introduced herself. It was evident that she had great communication and interpersonal skills. This greeting made me feel welcome and eased any nerves I had as it was my first placement. As I watched the principal greet the students as they arrived I believe that this welcome had the same effect on them as it did on me, it made them feel welcome and comfortable. This would undoubtedly improve their learning.

After this greeting we were given a tour of the school, showing us each classroom and explaining briefly the methods of teaching used in each class. I was impressed at the principal’s vast knowledge of each class and its teacher’s methods. This was a great example of professionalism. This knowledge helps the principal to be respected by students, parents and teachers alike, which in return improves the learning environment for the students.

I also observed the teachers interactions with the students in the classroom.

When I was assigned to my class I kept a close eye on the teachers ‘professionalism’ throughout the class. The teacher interacted well with myself and the students during the class. I observed her teaching methods and I noticed that she used a variety of different methods in different situations and subjects. This vast knowledge of teaching methods showed me that she was experienced. This knowledge, experience, and teaching skills would help her to be respected by the students and parents.




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