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[4] Now Im going to talk about the background information of the author, Shelly and the literally period

of the author belongs to.

[5] Here is the background information of Mary Shelly. She was an English novelist, best known for her
work Frankenstein: which is first published in 1816. It is written in late romantic age and best known as
the gothic novel. She also edited and promoted the works of her husband, also the Romantic poet and
philosopher Percy Shelley.

[6] -Frankenstein is written in romantic age, / romanticism emphasizes the individuals and are concerned
with nature, human feelings, compassion for mankind, freedom of the individual and Romantic hero.
- Romantics generally rejected absolute systems, whether of philosophy or religion, in favor of the idea
that each person must create the system by which to live.

-Mary Shelley used some characteristics associated with Late Romanticism in her novel Frankenstein.
The monster in Frankenstein is a Romantic hero because of the rejection that he must bear from normal
society. Wherever he goes, the monster is chased away because of his terrifying appearance and his
huge size.

- Shelley is attempting to show the readers that in conventional society, a large amount of people rejects
the people who are <less than average and on the borders of our society>

[7] Frankenstein is one of the most famous Gothic novel. Gothic novel is genre of literature that
combines fiction and horror ()and death and at times romance. It is also called as Gothic Horror-this
fiction has some prevailing atmosphere of mystery and terror. It is originated in the second half of 18 th
century ad had much success in 19th century.

- The name Gothic is from Gothic architecture that is represented structure of Medieval castles and it
inspired the literary imagination of novelists so such novels commonly used such settings as castles or

- It is one of the important feature of Gothic novel. It contains some supernatural motifs of raising the
dead. Frankenstein abused electricity to artificially and miraculously bringing the dead body to life. From
that point, this novel is known as one of first the science-fictions in English Literature

[8] Through this video, we can briefly see the plot of this novel. Here is the official trailer of the movie
Frankenstein released in 1931.

[13] 1. In last paragraph of the page 41 When we see what the monster mentioned here, we can notice
about the monsters sincere mind and inner conflicts

2. but on the middle of the first paragraph in p.42 soon after the creature threatens the doctor

3. In the middle of p.42 -> We can see that Frankenstein is agitated over what the monster says but keep
hesitate to accept his demand
[14] 1. In the last sentence of fifth paragraph, the doctor finally agreed on the monsters conquest

2. but soon after he felt fear of the new monster as you can see in p.44 ,at the middle of first paragraph-
> he anticipated that the female monster will be much cruel than existing one.

3. So he end up making it -> as we can see what the Frankenstein says in the last paragraph of p.44


- There is no one who is born to a monster

- We can be anyone according to who we met and where we live

[16] Here is a related video from the movie A.i(Arificial Intelligence)

-> I will briefly explain it->

As you see in this video, the robot feels and looks for the love of the creator, human.

[17] This is the end of our presentation thank you for listening.