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This book contains rules that allow you to play out the Dee Rinne ue a Escher and Goliath gangs, focusing on ‘Zone Mortals’ style games using the contents of the Necromunda: Ue ee ee Fee A eeu eet See at ee enc) battlefields of the manufactory zones above. THE RULES ol = > | Many of the rules that follow will be familiar to . See eae ee oat eet) re of the same core mechanics. But beware, certain s Cen guest em a cy Ree eee aC uy tactical and narrative character of deadly battles fought in the dark tunnels between rival gangs. GANGS AND FIGHTERS In Necromunda, each player controls a ‘gang’, which is made up of a number of miniatures. Each of these models is referred to as a ‘fighter’. Each might have their own rank — Leader, Ganger, Juve and so forth = but ‘fighter’ cavers them all CHARACTERISTICS PROFILES Each fighter has a characteristics profile, which describes their capabilities in battle. For example, here is the profile for a Goliath Ganger: M__ws 8s a ae Ae MOVE (M) This is the distance, in inches, that the fighter can. usually move WEAPON SKILL (WS) This shows the fighter’s proficiency with melee weapons. BALLISTIC SKILL (BS) This shows the fighter’ proficiency with ranged weapons STRENGTH (S) The higher a fighters Strength, the more likely they are to inflict damage on an opponent when they are in close combat, TOUGHNESS (7) The higher a fighter’s Toughness, the less likely they are to be wounded by an attack WOUNDS (W) ‘Afighter’s Wounds characteristic is a measure of their ability to survive hits which injure ther, and keep on fighting. INITIATIVE (0) Initiative measures a fighter’s dexterity and reflexes, ATTACKS (A) ‘When a fighter is engaged in close combat, their ‘Attacks characteristic determines how many dice are rolled when they attack in close combat. td cl wil_int e St On, oe LEADERSHIP (LD) This is a measure of the fighter ability to issue commands and lead their gang mates, cool (cL) A fighter’s Coo! represents their capacity for keeping calm under fire WILLPOWER (WIL) Willpower is a measure of a fighter’s mental fortitude and resilience INTELLIGENCE (INT) Intelligence represents a fighters mental acuity and ability to apply knowledge. MODIFYING CHARACTERISTICS Sometimes, the rules will modify a characteristic. If the characteristic is Given as a numerical value, Detar oe eae : Te Se rate rece ag eres ere nae Crees ect ey would score a 4) eal SKILLS as their characteristi ighters may have access to one or more Skill, which will be listed on their Fighter card. Each skill gives the fighter an advantage in certain Tee al rule, The skills for our Peon Pees ete ee before your fights Pea as MINIATURES AND FIGHTER CARDS Each player's gang is made up of a number of fighters, each of which is represented by @ plastic miniature and a Fighter card. Necromunda: Underhive contains two sets of Fighter cards representing the Ironlords Goliath gang and the Carrion Queens Escher gang, as well as a number of blank Fighter cards. We recommend that new players use the Ironlords or the Cartion Queens to start with, but experienced players might wish to generate their own gang (as detailed on page 81), for which they will need to use the blank Fighter cards, Before playing their frst game, each player will need to assemble their fighters (and ideally paint them!), so that each one is carrying the appropriate equipment. The assembly guide included in the box shows how to assemble each fighter so they match up with one of the Ironlords or Carrion Queens Fighter cards, Each Fighter card is split into several areas: 1. The fighters name. ff they are a Leader or Champion, it will also be shown here. 2. The fighter’s value, in credits. This is only used in the advanced rules. 3. The fighter’s characteristics. The last four (Ld, Cl, Wil, Int) are shaded as a reminder that checks against those characteristics are made on 2D6 (see page 43). 4. The weapons the fighter is carying 5. Any skills the fighter may have. 6, Any equipment (including armour) carried by the fighter. i Siu iws es s +t wa [eo et Wit ive Sgt st so 3 2 2+ 3s |S 06hUsh eam mg me Weapon S™'L | SL |str Ap) D | Am| Traits ‘Combi-botter | Boltgun. Zt 1224") +1 - | 4 | -1| 2 |6+ | Combi, Rapid Fire (t) Needle rifle {9 18") 41 - | 4 | -1) = | + | Combi, Scarce, Toxin Shock whip £3)- -|4)-| 1] - |Shocaversatle SKILL: Rallying Shout = > ; WARGEAR: Flak armour (6+), chem-synth (=) bf WEAPON PROFILES Each weapon has a characteristics profile, in the same way as a fighter, describing how it attacks, the damage it deals and so forth, For example, here is the profile for a lasur: Rng Acc ‘Weapon S L$ L Str AP D Ammo Traits Lasgun sana 58 = Plentifall ‘A weapon's characteristics are defined as follows: ARMOUR PENETRATION (AP) This shows how good the weapon is at punching RANGE (RNG) through a target's armour. Each weapon has two ranges: Short (S) and Long (W. As long as the target is within Long range, the DAMAGE (D) 4 ‘weapon can make attacks against them, but there _The higher a weapon's Damage, the more chance are often benefits to being within Short range (most there is of it injuring the target or taking them Qut « commonly an Accuracy bonus, as explained below). of Action. z Some weapon ranges show a letter rather than a number. fa weapon's range is lsted as an E, it an AMMO (AM) only be used against targets that are Engaged with Weapons with a low Ammo value have a plentiful the wielder. If a weapon's range is, it uses the Flame supply of ammunition, of are quick and easy to template - see page 59. Weapons with range E orT reload. Weapons with a high value are more specialist, rormally only have a Long range, not a Short range. _and clearing a weapons jam or loading fresh ammo, might take considerable skil AGGURAGY (ACC) This shows the modifiers that are applied to the hit TRAITS roll when attacking with the weapon. The ‘S' modifier Most weapons have one or more traits, each of whieh, applies if the weapon is attacking at Short range, and gives the weapon a unique bonus or changes the way, the ‘modifier apples if the weapon is attacking at _it attacks. These are covered on page 78. Long range. STRENGTH (STA) Pea a Cel an This is the weapon’ Strength, which is used when Reems et ru ken making wound rolls against the target. Ifthe Strength is listed as a modifier, this is applied to the wielders Strength,