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[The episodes begins on another

beautiful day at the Krusty Krab. Mr.
Krabs once again foils another one of
Plankton's attempts to steal the secret
Krabby Patty formula and carries him
outside through the front doors.]
Gospodin Kraba: Nikad nee saznati tajni Mr. Krabs: You'll never get me secret
recept moje pljeskavice, Planktonu. Adios Krabby Patty formula, Plankton! Adios!
[Mr. Krabs kicks Plankton out and
sends him flying through the air, over
some of the Bikini Bottomites, and
lands on the ground. Plankton's landing
makes him slide face down and hits
Sandy's boot.]
Sendi: Planktonu, izgleda kao salata koja je Sandy: Hmm? [sees Plankton near her
spala sa sendvia.Kladim se da si opet hteo boot]Plankton, you look like the cheese
da ukrade recept. that fell off the cracker. I bet you tried
to get that formula again.
Plankton: Ne kapira, mozak Krabe je manji Plankton: [spits out sand from his
od mine olovke, ali me svaki put nadmudri. mouth] I don't get it. A crab's brain is
smaller than the point of a pencil, but
he keeps outsmarting me!
[Patrick rides past Sandy and Plankton
with his skateboard facing upside
Sendi: Kada bi ti predao taj recept Keba Sandy: You should give up that
Kraba bi bio glup kao Patrik. formula. Mr. Krabs would have to be as
Plankton: Da, bio bi glup kao Patrik! dumb as Patrick.
Hahahahahah...Buahaha (smeh) Plankton: [thinks for a
second] Yes. [gets an idea] Yes he
would! As dumb as Patrick! [laughs]
[The scene changes to Plankton riding
on a stream of water on a canoe. The
stream turned out to be droll of Patrick
who is fast asleep under his rock.
Plankton canoes into Patrick's mouth.
Plankton then puts his helmet on turns
on the light.]
Mali bris unutranjosti obraza bie dovoljan. Plankton: One swab from the inside of
his cheek should do it.
[Plankton takes a cotton swab and
dabs on Patrick's cheek to abstract
some saliva. Suddenly, a vibration
shakes inside Patrick's mouth and his
tongue shakes Plankton off.]
Aaa, blagi Neptune! ibe!Grozni jezie, Plankton: Nagging Neptune! [Plankton
nee da me lie! Aaaaa! whacks the tongue with his swab] Back
you twisted tongue! You will not lick
[Patrick's tongue turns Plankton around
and licks his butt. Plankton shrieks as
he finds this gross. Plankton whacks
the tongue again with his swab and the
tongue falls. Just then, Patrick
unexpectedly burps out gases.]
Sto mu nervnih gasova! Aaaa! Plankton: Sweet gashes molasses!
KOFA S POMIJAMA [The gases sends Plankton and his
canoe flying. Plankton changes the
canoe into a plane and flies out of
Patrick's mouth. Later, Plankton is seen
at the Chum Bucket cooking some
sauce on the stove. Karen comes in.]
Karen: O, uasno, kakav je to smrad? Nije Karen: Oh, pee-yew! What's that awful
valjda da opet kuva svoje gae, eldone? stench? You're not boiling your
underpants again, are you?
[Laughter is heard.]
Plankton: Rekao sam ti da iskljui taj Plankton: I told you to turn off that
snimljeni smeh.Ako ba mora da zna, laugh track. And if you must know, I
napravio sam sos. Ali kad dodam Patrikov made sauce. [holds out his swab with
DNK, postae salsa imbecilikus, Patrick's saliva on it] But when I add
Patrick's DNA to it, it'll become Salsa
[An image of Patrick forms on the
idiotski sos. Usluiu njime Kebu i postae Plankton: Idiot sauce! [laughs] I'll
tako glup da e mi odati tajni recept! serve it to Krabs and it'll make him so
dumb, he'll just give me the secret
formula! Huh? Huh?
Karen: Vie su mi se sviale kuvane gae. Karen: I think I'd prefer the boiling
Daj to meni, uvek napravi nered. underpants. [turns on the laugh
track] Let me do it. You always make a
Plankton: Sjai malo, eno! Plankton: Leave me be woman!
Karen: Nemoj da... (Plankton pritisne MUTE) Karen: Don't tell me... [Plankton turns
her off]
[Karen angrily leaves the kitchen.
Plankton laughs evilly as he dips the
swab with Patrick's saliva into the
sauce. However, the sauce boils a big
bubble. Plankton accidentally pops the
bubble with the swab and sauce gets
Plankton: hehehehe (popije sluajno sos) splattered onto him.]
Plankton: Oh no.
[Plankton drops the swab into the
sauce and he tries to shake the sauce
off of himself. However, the sauce
caused Plankton's body to become like
Patrick's body and Plankton began to
act dumb. Plankton plays with his lips
as the steam from the sauce goes up
the chimney and get absorbed into a
cloud. The cloud goes over Bikini
Bottom and rains the sauce over the
town. Soon, everyone ended up acting
as dumb as Patrick. The next day,
Sandy comes out of her treedome and
notices the townsfolk is acting very
strangely and appeared to be dumb as
Patrick. She goes to Squidward's
house and sees it has a clown wig and
a clown nose on it. Squidward is
outside his house acting very dumb.]
Lignjoslav: hahahah, najukusniji sam u Squidward: I've got the best taste in
celom gradu! town! Duh! [runs goofily into his house]
Sendi: Nikada nisam mislila da je narod ove Sandy: I never thought that folks
naroito bistar, ali od jutros su svi glupi kao around here were particularly bright.
saobraajne kupe. But this morning everyone seems as
ta ti se to desilo sa glavom Suner Bobe? dumb as traffic cones.
[Dave runs around laughing with a
cone on his head. He jumps and
continues running. The scene changes
to the Krusty Krab and SpongeBob is
on the ground flipping dirt with his
spatula. Then he somewhat makes a
patty out of the dirt.]
Sandy: What happened to your head,
Suner Bob: Ja praviti Kebine pljeske. SpongeBob: Uh, me make Krabby
Sendi: To je blato. Sandy: Uh, that's mud.
[SpongeBob shoves the dirt into his
holes and squeezes them out. He
laughs and runs off to a crowd of
people surrounding a stop sign. Patrick
comes with a yellow balloon and is still
riding the skateboard upside down.]
Sendi: ej, Patrie, jesi li primetio da se svi Sandy: Hey, Patrick. Have you noticed
ponaaju slino tebi? that everyone's acting a lot like you
[Patrick eats the balloon and it pops
inside his mouth which deflates his
head. Patrick lifts his head up.]
Patrik: Ne razumem pitanje! Patrick: I don't understand the
[Patrick leaves and continues riding the
skateboard upside down. Sandy sees
Mr. Krabs laughing and throwing
money everywhere. Mr. Krabs pulls out
the bottle containing the secret formula,
opens it and eats it. He burps out the
formula into dozens of pieces.]
Sendi: Hiljadu mu roda! Ej, nemojte! Red za Sandy: What in Sam Hill?
Kofu s pomijama? E sad sam sigurna da svi [Sandy sees Mrs. Puff being pushed on
imaju rupetinu u glavi. Ovo je totalna nula od her boat upside down by Billy and
mesta Nula je ukupan zajedniki IQ. pretends to drive her boat. Tom is seen
wearing the shower curtain and his
brushing his back with the scrub brush.
Nat Peterson is seen riding his bike
sideways on the round while hitting his
head against a rock. The several
people are chasing a jellyfish who
stings them when they touch it.]
Sandy: Hey, don't do that!
[Sandy goes after them until they
stopped at the end of a line at the
Chum Bucket.]
Sandy: Lining up for the Chum
Bucket? Now, I know everyone's got a
hole in their screen door. This place is
ground zero for zero.
[Sandals knocks on Sandy's helmet
and puts his mouth on top.]
Sandy: [grossed out] Zero as being
everyone's collected by goo.
[The scene changes to Plankton biting
his antenna and rolling on the floor in
the kitchen of the Chum Bucket. Sandy
is seen talking to Karen as she is
explaining what's going on.]
Karen: I tako se idiotski sos rairio Karen: And that's how the idiot sauce
Koralovom. Pretpostavljam da nisi zaraena spread throughout Bikini Bottom. I
jer nosi taj svoj skafander. guess you weren't affected because
Sendi: A ti nisi zato to si kompjuter. Na you were protected by your treedome.
nama je da naemo lek za idiotizam ovog Sandy: And you weren't affected
grada. because you're a computer. Looks like
it's up to us to find a cure for the town's
[Plankton is banging his head against
the mirror.]
Plankton: au, au! Ti nisi Plankton, ja Plankton: You not Plankton! Me
Plankton! Plankton! [bangs his head against the
Karen: Moramo da ga trgnemo iz ovog Karen: We need to snap him out of
mraka. ta je suprotno od tame? this. What's the opposite of dim?
Sendi: Svetlo? Sandy: Bright.
[Karen and Sandy turn on a lamp to try
to snap Plankton out of his stupidity but
nothing works.]
Karen: Nije uspelo, moda da mu damo neku Karen: It's not working! Maybe we can
hranu dobru za vijuge. Ajde ti si pametna, ta feed him something for brain food.
ti jede? You're smart. What do you eat?
[Plankton gets to close to the light bulb
and burns his eye.]
Sandy: Nuts?
Sendi: ir! O, izgleda da ni ovo ne uspeva. Ti [The scene changes to Sandy stuffing
ga zna, kako utie na njega? Plankton's mouth with acorns, but
nothing's working.]
Sandy: Oh, it doesn't seem to be
working. You know him. How do you
get him to change?
Karen: Obino samo vikanjem. Opameti se Karen: I usually just yell at him. Get
tupane! smart, dummy!
Sendi: Misli! Sandy: Wise up!
Karen: Budi mudar, idiote! Karen: Be clever, idiot!
Sendi: Obrazuj se! Sandy: No things!
[Nothing is working as Plankton laughs
Karen: O, nema svrhe, opameivanje nije and claps like a seal.]
jednostavno. Karen: [sighs] It's no use. Being smart
takes work.
Sendi: To mi dade ideju! Sandy: [thinks a second] That gives
Doite, doite svi na Koralovski Gigatrend. me an idea.
Jeftino obrazovanje za sve! Nemate vie [The scene changes to Sandy and
opravdanja za glupost! Izvolite, moroni! Karen standing at the front doors of a
asovi upravo poinju! Ne moe ovako. school called Bikini Bottom University.]
Sandy: Come one, come all to Bikini
Bottom University! A free education for
all! There's no more excuse for being a
dope! Step right up all you morons!
Classes are now beginning!
[But the Bikini Bottomites were so
dumb, they didn't listen and continued
to walk around stupidly.]
Sandy: Aww! This isn't working!
Karen: Bolje zveckaj kljuevima. Karen: Try jiggling the keys!
[Sandy pulls the rope and jiggles the
keys. The Bikini Bottomites see the
keys and goes in. Later, Karen and
Sandy are in a classroom.]
Sendi: Dobro jutro, studenti! Boe, kola Sandy: Good mornin', students.
puna Patrika? Imaemo izgleda pune ruke [The students continue to act stupid
posla. when they are in their desks.]
Sandy: A whole school full of Patricks?
Looks like we've got our work cut out
for us.
[The scene changes to Sandy teaching
Jimmy Gus how to put on pants. She
gives him a demonstration. Jimmy
chews on the pants, but realizes it's not
something to eat. Jimmy puts his pants
on backwards, but Sandy gives him a
thumbs-up. In doing so, the point on
Jimmy's head gets smaller. Karen is in
the other classroom teaching the
students how to eat. She demonstrates
on how to eat with a spoon. Frank flips
some food at Tom with the spoon and
Debbie Rechid dips her head in the
food. Nat Peterson seems to get it and
ate the food with the spoon. The point
on Nat's head gets smaller. In another
classroom called Home EC, Mr. Krabs
is attempting to make a Krabby Patty.
He makes it, but it has the carton of
milk in the middle and the patty is on
top of the bun. Mr. Krabs eats the patty
along with the milk carton and the
plate. Karen seemed unsure if that was
ok, but gives Mr. Krabs a thumbs up.]
Narator: Jedan semestar kasnije. French Narrator: One semester later...
[All of the Bikini Bottomites, who have
now returned to their normal selves
after a long semester, leave the
Sendi: I ne zaboravite va domai zadatak. Sandy: And don't forget your last
Karen: Sendi, izgleda da smo uspele da homework assignment!
obrazujemo ceo grad za jedan semestar. Karen: Looks like we were able to
educate the whole town in one
Sendi: Da, i prekosutra e diplomirati. I svi su Sandy: Yep! Day after tomorrow is
odlino uili. graduation! And everybody learned so
Karen: Svi osim jednog. Karen: Everybody but one.
Plankton: Hehehe, eto! [Plankton is still acting stupid and is
writing on the locker doors with a pen.]
Plankton: [laughs] Yeah!
Gospodin Kraba: kol je glupa? Sve si Mr. Krabs: School is dumb? You've
pogreno napisao! misspelled every word.
Plankton: Umukni , Kebo! Kuvari,a? Neto Plankton: Shut up, dweeb!
krije od mene Kebo? [Mr. Krabs freaks out and drops his
Plankton: Cook books, eh? You holdin'
out on me, Krabs?
[Mr. Krabs picks up his books.]
Gospodin Kraba: Uopte ne znam o emu Mr. Krabs: I don't know what you're
pria, Planktonu, ostavi me na miru! talkin' about, Plankton! Leave me
[Mr. Krabs runs off crying.]
Plankton: Znam da kuva neto posebno Plankton: I know you're cookin' up
kod kue, Evgenije! Hou taj recept! something special in Home EC,
Suner Bob: Planktonu, je l mogu sada da Eugene! I want that formula!
izaem? SpongeBob: Um, Plankton, can I
Plankton: Jesi li mi zavrio domai, come out now?
treberu? Plankton: Did you finish my homework
Suner Bob: Da! for me, nerd?
SpongeBob: Yeah.
[SpongeBob pushes Plankton's
homework out from the holes of the
locker door. Plankton opens on the
door and SpongeBob comes out.]
Zna da u stvari treba sam da radi domai, SpongeBob: You know, you really
samo tako e nauiti! ought to do your own homework. It's
the only way you'll learn.
Plankton: Neu nauiti! Aaaa, ne opet! Plankton: I'll never learn!
[Patrick, who is working as janitor,
sweeps the skateboard across the floor
and accidentally crushes Plankton.]
Plankton: Not again!
Narator: Dan dodele diploma... French Narrator: Ahh. Graduation
[All of the Bikini Bottomites are in their
cap and gown and is having a
graduation ceremony for attending the
Sendi: Ovo je divan dan za sve nas u Sandy: This is a proud day for
Koralovu. I u ast svih, Lignjoslav e svirati everyone in Bikini Bottom! And as a
Diplomski mar na klarinetu. treat, Squidward will play Pomp and
Circumstance on the clarinet.
[Squidward begins playing Pomp and
Circumstance, but ends up playing the
wrong notes which aggravates the
crowd. Meanwhile, in Home EC, Mr.
Krabs is busy making a Krabby Patty.]
Suner Bob: Pourite, gospodine Krabo, ve SpongeBob: Hurry up, Mr. Krabs.
dele diplome! They're handing out the diplomas.
Gospodin Kraba: Samo sekund! Izgleda da Mr. Krabs: Just a minute. I think I've
sam usavrio recept za pljeskavicu. Da, to je perfected the Krabby Patty
to! formula! [takes a bite of the patty and it
tastes good] Yes! That's it!
Suner Bob: Super! Pa, vidimo se tamo! SpongeBob: Great! Well, see ya out
[SpongeBob leaves and Plankton
enters the classroom.]
Plankton: Neto fino mirie! Plankton: Somethin' smells good!
[Mr. Krabs finishes writing the formula
but when he sees Plankton, he hides it
in his graduation gown.]
Gospodin Kraba: Ppplanktonu, ta ti radi Mr. Krabs: Oh! P...P...Plankton? What
ovde? are you doin' here?
Plankton: Poslednji dan kole, mili! Neemo Plankton: It's the last day of school,
formalnosti! Zovi me eldon! Neptune blagi, baby. No need to be formal. Call me
to je savrenstvo. Oho, s ovim receptom biu Sheldon. [takes a bite of the
vlasnik najpopularnijeg restorana u Koralovu! patty] Great Neptune! That's perfection!
Keba: Ne, molim te, samo ne to! Well, with this recipe, I could own the
most popular fast food restaurant in
Bikini Bottom!
Mr. Krabs: [frightened] No, please! Not
that! Anything but that!
Plankton: Predaj der mi taj tajni recept, Plankton: Hand over that secret
Kebo! formula, Krabs!
Ribe: Jeeee, doktorirao! [Meanwhile at the graduation
ceremony, all of the Bikini Bottomites
throw their caps in the air and have
become graduates of the Bikini Bottom
Karen: estitam, Suner Bobe, sad si Karen: Congratulations, SpongeBob!
pametnica! udno je to se gospodin Kraba You're smart now! It's funny that Mr.
nije pojavio da primi diplomu. Krabs never showed up to get his
Suner Bob:Da, dvojica koji se nisu pojavili SpongeBob: Yeah. The only two
su Keba Kraba i Plankton. Dajte mi tu people who didn't show up are Mr.
diplomu! Krabs and Plankton. [gasps] Let me
have that diploma!
[SpongeBob grabs the diploma, takes
of his cap and gown and runs across
the hallway.]
Patrik: Ej, nema tranja po hodniku! Patrick: Uh, hey. No running in the
[SpongeBob runs slowly. Meanwhile,
Mr. Krabs is cornered by Plankton and
he reluctantly gives the formula to him.]
Gospodin Kraba: Izvoli, Planktonu! Mr. Krabs: Here you go, Plankton.
[All of a sudden, SpongeBob bursts in
the classroom.]
Suner Bob: Gosn Krabo, vaa diploma! SpongeBob: Mr. Krabs, your diploma!
[SpongeBob throws the diploma and
Mr. Krabs catches it, preventing him
from giving the formula to Plankton.]
Gospodin Kraba: Zahvlajujui ovoj diplomi Mr. Krabs: Thanks to this here
odjednom sam dovoljno pametan da ti nikad diploma, I'm suddenly smart enough to
ne dam tajni recept. never give you me secret formula!
Plankton: ta, da sam znao da obrazovanje Plankton: What?! If I knew education
ovako radi, kupio bih diplomu pre sto godina. worked like that, I would have bought a
diploma years ago!
Gospodin Kraba: Naravno da to tako ne ide, Mr. Krabs: Of course it doesn't work
tupane mikroskopski! Iao sam na dopisne like that, you microscopic meathead! I
kurseve, diplomirao mesecima ranije. Ova took accelerated classes and
diploma je samo formalnost! graduated months ago! This diploma is
just a formality!
Plankton: Ali, ali, samo to mi nisi predao Plankton: But... but you were just
recept za pljeskavicu! Plaio si me se! about to give me the formula! Y..You
were scared of me!
[Sandy turns on a light from behind the
Sendi: Odlino, gosn Krabo! Konana ocena Sandy: Excellent, Mr. Krabs! [writes a
iz predmeta gluma, ista desetka! Stvarno grade for Mr. Krabs] Here's your final
sam vam poverovala.
grade for acting class. A+. [gives Mr.
Krabs his grade] I've really felt the fear.
Plankton: ta, ta ovo je gluma? Ne, ne! Plankton: Wait, what?! Acting
class?! [Mr. Krabs picks up
Plankton] No!!
Gospodin Kraba: To ti je lekcija, i leti iz Mr. Krabs: You've finally been
kole! schooled, drop-out!
[Mr. Krabs stuffs Plankton in his
diploma and blows him out the window.
Plankton was sent flying onto Karen's
computer screen where she turns on
the laugh track.]
Karen: Doi zli genije, vreme ti je za Karen: Come on, evil genius. Time to
doktorat! start your post-college years.
[The episode ends with Plankton
groaning in defeat as Karen carries him

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