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Effects of Use use

What is L.S.D.?

Although it may come as an instant pleasure L.S.D. is an abbreviation

to the person taking the drug at the time,
L.S.D., like many other illegal drugs, is for lysergic acid
harmful to one's health and mental diethylamide, a
stability. It usually results in a variety of semisynthetic drug of
long and short term consequences, the
latter of which streetwise is frequently Swiss origin widely classified as a psychedelic
referred to as a “bad trip”. A few examples hallucinogen. In other words, it is a recreational
are listed below. drug which triggers unusual psychological
defects, such as:
● images of colored patterns and
• Terrifying thoughts and feelings
(despair, fear of insanity, death, etc.) crawling geometric patterns behind
the eyes in the mind
• Systematic changes in behavior and
mood; the person may sit or recline ● mental time distortion
in a trance-like state
• Chills, irregular breathing, sweating, ● hallucinations of bugs crawling on
trembling hands
skin, walls moving, etc.
• Changes in sense of light, hearing,
touch, smell, and time ● psychological trauma (fear of losing
• Nausea, especially in the first two
hours sanity, anticipation of death, etc.)
• Increase in blood pressure, heart
rate and blood sugar L.S.D. is lysergic acid derived from a grain
• Fatigue fungus called ergot. Among several other
psychedelic long and short term effects, physical
consequences such as hypothermia, fever,
goose bumps, decrease in heart rate, jaw
• Rapidly changing feelings,
immediately and long after use clenching, perspiration, sleeplessness,
• Persistent problems, depression, hyperreflexia and tremors are evident as well.
violent behavior, anxiety or a
distorted perception of time as a
result of chronic use
For the full list, see panel 3, entitled “effects of use”.
• Convulsions, coma, heart/lung failure
or ruptured blood vessels in the brain
• "Flashbacks" may occur long after


The basics of substance

abuse, including information
and origins of the drug, long
and short term effects,
references to external
sources, and advice on how to
handle it.
Gallery With this point in mind, I would like to establish
several other choices that one could take in order not to succumb
to such acts.

Although many would agree L.S.D. looks

bad on paper, on blotter paper it can look
pretty good to the average addict.
A Message

To all teenagers,

Often, we are faced with an option to pursue our

greatest desires or continue with our lives as normal. As time
progresses, some of these desires will prove to be more than
they're worth, and could change the course of life, perhaps even
end it forever.

As I'm sure any teen would know, drugs are no

L.S.D. is exception. Certified research, along with popular knowledge, has
sometimes shown that prohibited drugs are harmful to one's physical and
injected with a mental well-being. Due to their addictive nature, they can also
needle, which prove to be a legitimate source of financial outcome.
can lead to
HIV/AIDS if used Why, then, is it that so many people suffer this self-
by someone else inflicted act of stupidity, when common belief begs to differ?
in the past. Some may argue that it is not their fault. Peer pressure is the first
and foremost reason for teens to do things that they wouldn't
usually be allowed to do. “The influence of one's friends, maybe
The effects of L.S.D over the brain's ability to even their family, is too strong for most people to yield to.”
perceive reality have led to many road accidents,
as well as incidents of people falling from I am contrite to inform that this is not the case. The
windows or buildings. decision to take drugs is never an easy one, and almost nobody
would begin their lives with this arbitrary decision set in their
mind. Some, if not most of you reading this are probably by far
convinced that you will spend your lives drug-free no matter
what. Unfortunately, however, it is a lot easier said than done.

Many of today's addicts started in their teenage

years, having first tried it at a party, or their high school
washroom, after being pushed into it by their friends. What they
did not realize was the true beneficial value of that friendship.
Would a true “homie” try desperately to convince you to do
something you didn't want to do, something that could tear your
life apart?
Implementation in Today's

Before it was made illegal in 1971 by the

U.N. Convention on Psychotropic
Substances, L.S.D. was popular among
various psychiatric and
medical professionals, and
was considered highly
effective in illicit
psychedelic therapy. Today, it is instead
frequently used by college students, high
school students, and artists. They are more
likely to recognize the drug based on the
following names:

Acid Bartman

Bart Simpson Microdots

Gelatin Chips


L.S.D. is usually consumed orally, along with

a substrate such as blotter paper, sugar
cubes, or gelatin. It is also sometimes
delivered as a liquid
and injected in the