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[10 marks]

Write a sentence for each picture below. You may use the words given to help you.
Tulis satu ayat untuk setiap gambar di bawah. Kamu boleh menggunakan perkataan-
perkataan yang diberikan.


playing- field
The boy is playing hula-hoop at the field.

taking part singing contest - school

1. ___________________________________________________________________________


saving buy- toy robots

2. ___________________________________________________________________________


m.llyn May 2015


Captain Malaysia strong- brave- superhero

3. ___________________________________________________________________________


enjoys reading- storybooks

4. ___________________________________________________________________________


surfing internet information- computer

5. ___________________________________________________________________________


m.llyn May 2015


[20 marks]

Study the pictures and the information given below. Then answer the questions that follow.
Teliti gambar-gambar dan maklumat yang diberikan di bawah. Kemudian jawab soalan-
soalan berikutnya.

tablet smartphone
surf the internet and type and print documents make calls and surf the
download data can store large amount of internet
can be connected to data can take photographs and
keyboard light and portable record videos
light and thin free bagpack and pendrive light and small
free casing and screen RM2288 free power bank and
proctector screen protector
RM1988 RM2080

(a) Complete the table with the correct answers.

Lengkapkan jadual dengan jawapan yang betul.

tablet laptop smartphone

1. _____________________ 2. _____________________
make calls and surf the
Function _______________________ _______________________
_______________________ _______________________

Special 3. _____________________ 4. _____________________

light and portable
features _______________________ _______________________

5. ____________________ 6. ____________________
Benefits can be connected to keyboard ______________________ ______________________
_______________________ ______________________

7. _____________________ power bank and screen

8. ____________________
Free gift
_______________________ ______________________ protector

Price 9. ____________________ RM2288 10.____________________

[10 marks]

m.llyn May 2015


(b) You want to buy a laptop for your sister who is going to further her studies. Based on
the information given, fill in the blanks with suitable answers.
Anda ingin membelikan komputer riba untuk kakak anda yang akan melanjutkan
pelajarannya. Berdasarkan maklumat yang diberikan, isikan tempat kosong dengan
jawapan yang sesuai.

a large amount of
useful bring it anywhere

love laptop type and print

can use internet to

value for money a bagpack and a pendrive


I would choose __________________ because it is very useful and my sister

____________________________________________ with us. This is the best way to
communicate and can see each other face to face. My sister also can use it to
___________________________ her assignment and thesis during the duration of her study.
This laptop can keep ___________________________________________ so it will not run
out of memory for all her data. Furthermore, it is ______________________ and portable so
it is easy to _______________________________________. This laptop comes with free
gift, ____________________________________________ which is very
________________ and practical. The price is RM2288 which is very reasonable and
______________________________. I believe my sister going to _________ this laptop so

[10 marks]

m.llyn May 2015


[10 marks]

Read and study the poster below and answer the questions that follow.
Baca dan teliti poster di bawah dan kemudian jawab soalan yang berikut.

1. Tigger went missing on ______________________________ from

2. Those who have information of the cat, can call __________________________ at
__________________________ or send an email to
3. A ________________________ will be given to anyone who found the cat.
4. Describe the physical appearance of the cat.
5. Jason Lee probably is the owner of the cat. True or False? _________________
[10 marks]

m.llyn May 2015



m.llyn May 2015