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Week 1: Reflection

My teaching practice took a place in Ajman Academy. Ajman Academy is an international school
that has a well experienced teacher come from different countries. During the first week, I
observed my MST and I learned various techniques from her. In fact, I was anxious if I could
teach in fabulous ways like the teacher in Ajman Academy .So, I asked my MST to practice
teaching on Wednesday.
I was confused at the beginning but once I got into the lesson, I felt more comfortable and
motivated to teach. From this experience, I acquired many knowledge and skills. Teaching the
lesson without intervention from the teacher, helped me understand how the students learn
best and how I needed to present the subject material to support their development. For
example, releasing that students learn and obtain more information by doing rather than
listening. Also, each student has a different level; so, plan differentiation activities into the
lesson will be important. Within this lesson I design games for students such as domino cards;
these games play a significant part to enhance students interaction since they are playing it as
a group. Furthermore, students were enthusiastic towards the learning and they understood
the lesson easily.
On the other hand, while I was monitoring and checking students understanding I asked them
oral questions. I felt that some questions were easy for some students and hard for some
As consequence, next time I will plan differentiation questions according to the level of
students. Also, open-ended questions that require students to answer well-thought-out
questions such as "why" and "how." Because these questions will engage learners for deeper
Week 2: Reflection

In this particular week, I taught different lessons. Overall most of the lessons went really well,
but one of my best lessons was the science lesson. In this specific lesson, I designed an
experiment for students. The experiment was about sink and float.
The classroom was flexible, and learning was productive because it based on students center
rather the teacher center, I talked just 2 minutes. I gave students opportunity to construct their
understanding by allowing them to explore and discover. Furthermore, students encouraged to
ask questions, make an observation, test ideas and make discoveries on their own through
experiment. Also, they were actively giving the opportunity to explore possible solutions and
reasons behind making object either sink or float. I was walking around to check their works,
and asking them different questions to help them to understand the sink and float concept as
well as assess their understanding. From this experiment, I noticed that students understood
the lesson efficiently and better. Also, the students who never participated with the teacher,
they became more active and joined in.
The only part I would like to change in the next lesson is giving the resources quickly because
students were waiting more time to get the resources. It could achieve by choosing a teacher's
Week 3: reflection

In this particular week, most of the activities that I designed were collaboration activities.
Overall, most of the lesson went very well. The most collaboration activity that I enjoyed the
most was a poster activity. In this activity, I choose the groups to avoid best friend being
together. I tried to pair lower achieving students with a higher achieving students. At the
beginning, I believed it will not work. On the other hand, I surprised that the lower level
students and the high students were cooperative and try their best to design their posters.
Also, they got great opportunities to discuss and share ideas with each other. Once students
finished their posters I encouraged them to present their work to their classmates. Students
were enthusiastic showing what they had done on their posters.
Everything went well except that the time was not enough; I did the poster within one day and
it was very difficult because some students were not able to present their posters. As a
consequence, next time I would like to give students at least two days for completing their
poster and two days for presenting. Two days would have been enough for presentation with a
class of 23.
Week 4: Reflection

In this particular week, I taught a different lesson and most of them went well. In this week, I
had a duty; it was a great experience since I practice the teacher role inside and outside the
classroom. Also, I got fabulous opportunities to experience the teachers life. From the
experience, I learnt different skills and strategies.
I learned that the interaction between teacher and students play a significant role to maintain
students motivation towards the learning and to create a positive atmosphere both inside and
outside the classroom. Furthermore, as teachers, we have to provide students rules before. For
example, before eating our lunch we have to wash our hands, tidy up when we finish eating.
Also, play nicely with our friends. Besides, teachers have to inspire students to be responsible,
this means that they have to take care of their lunchboxes and tidy up the playground when
they finish playing. This will boost students confidence, collaboration and prepared them for
the future.
Within this duty, I was able to interact with other students, not just my classroom. Also, I was
able to deal with students problems. For example, there were two boys pushing each other. I
talked to them about this negative behavior and the negative consequence of it. They listened
carefully and apologized.
Week 5: reflection

Within this week, I taught a different lesson and I was working on my assessment strategies. I
used different formative assessment strategies such as observing and questioning strategies.
As the students doing the activity, I observed them and asked them different questions to
discover what students know and can do about specific outcomes from the lesson. I made a
note of each student.
Using my techniques to teach students the concept and assess the learner by using questioning
have a crucial role to provide precise information about whether students able to understand
the lesson .Furthermore, during the assessment, I was able to recognize the students who
struggle to understand the concept, then reinforcing and supporting them by sitting with them
individually and teach them the concept again.
The only part I would like to change in the next lesson is using more assessment strategies tools
such as reflection Journals, self-Assessments, and graphic organizers rather than relying on a
questioning. Reflection Journals, self-Assessments, and Graphic Organizers are fabulous tools to
enable educators to perform in-depth assessments. Furthermore, these assessments will
enable the learner to be involved in the assessing part because they are required to explain
their thinking and share what they learned.
Week 6: reflection

In this particular week, I taught different lessons and they were great. But in one lesson I did
something new that I never did it before. My MST told me to incorporate the IPADs in my
lessons since the Apple Company will visit the school.
The lesson was based on students center and I allow students to explore by themselves. It was
a literacy lesson, where students used their IPADs to read a story about transportation and then
design a poster about what they have learned.
I had trouble finding enough IPADs for each student to work individually so, it was solved by
having students to work with their partner. I encouraged students to cooperate with their
partner and share their ideas with each other. Once students finished reading the story they
start creating their posters. Students were enthusiastic to create the posters and well behaved.
When students finished creating their posters they sat together on the carpet and share their
posters. Then I allowed students to express their opinion about this activity. Students expressed
to me that they were excited and enjoyed to have the chance to work on their IPADs. Also, they
were motivated to work with their partner. I realized the students were responsible and proud
of what they did.
I asked students to take a photo of their work and upload it in the Seesaw to show their parents
what they did. It was a great way for letting parents to be involved in the learning process and
help them to review their student progress.
On the other hand, not all of the students were able to upload their work in the Seesaw since I
didnt have enough time to help all the students. As a consequence, I have to teach them how
to use the seesaw to upload their work beforehand because this will help them to do it
independently. Also, I could choose a students leader to help me.
Week 7: reflection

It was the last week in my school. Words fail to describe how I was enjoyed in this teaching
practice. I am very grateful for getting a chance to train in Ajman Academy; I learnt several
skills, knowledge and strategies.
I learnt that teachers have to build strong relationships with their students because it is the key
to create a positive environment for students. It plays a significant part to motivate students
toward learning and help them to be an effective member of the society. To achieve that
teachers have to be aware of student needs and emotion. She/he has to smile to a student and
make students feel valued and appreciated.
I was able to maintain strong relationships with students. I was always there for them when
they need. Also, I tried my best to designed activity that seeking students interest. Also, I
encouraged students to participate in different activities and I provided them ongoing
feedbacks. Furthermore, I was able to manage students behavior during the activity phase
because I used different strategies such as reminding them about classroom rules regularly and
praised students who did the excellent behavior.