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Vault-Tec Team Leaders in the Metropolitan Area The Central Office November 9, 2017

Subject: Post-Storm Power Considerations

The purpose of this memorandum is to outline company procedures while the city’s power grid is down.


Due to the recent thunderstorms in the area, Vault-Tec’s offices in the greater metropolitan area will be operating on the company’s internal power grid. According to state reports, this was the most powerful storm cell on record. During the storm, the citys power station took a direct hit from a strike, and while the station is designed to withstand surges up to 200,000 amps, the bolt was

exceptionally powerful and exceeded this limit. As the city’s power grid has been totally disabled, there is no way to predict how long this situation will last, and by extension how long that we will be running on backup power. As a result, the central office is requesting that all operations be optimized to keep power consumption to a minimum.


This optimization will consist of a reduction employees’ workloads across the board. Access to terminals will be limited to those workers who are performing the following critical tasks such as:

Team leaders periodically checking for situation updates from the central office

The communications office for the use of internal and external correspondence

The select individuals in resources charged with tracking incoming shipments

Note that this does not include the various time clock terminals in the buildings. Team leaders will be accountable for clocking their hourly employees in and out each morning and for meals in the spreadsheet provided earlier this morning.

Any team leader found using a terminal for any use other than the ones prescribed above will be subject to disciplinary actions.

Employee Dismissal

Because of the need for energy conservation, somecertain employees may not be usefulwon’t be able to work during this time. All employees who aren’t on salary that require the use of a terminal to work and aren’t performing any of the critical tasks listed above should be dismissed until

further notice. Those who are on salary however, are required to stay.

The central office is maintaining contact with city officials and will relay all pertinent information to all other offices as soon as it comes in. If you have any questions, direct them to your section leader, who will then forward all relevant issues to the central office.

Thank you for your cooperation.