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Secondary Research

BBC radio 4 do a show that focuses on upcoming films and films in general. They do
reviews of films, interviews with directors and actors and do small lessons on how to
make films and conventions of certain genres. In terms of conventions that exist within
the BBC Radio 4, firstly music this can create a mood, tone and setting of the scene,
this becomes more essential for this station as for the audience/consumer due to the
lack visual cues. Secondly the speech used within the radio station, this help identify to
the audience.

Well differ from this by instead looking at giving news on upcoming entertainment is
coming and not overly relying on reviewing it. They play music from the sound track or
relevant to the films for example in their show where they focus on the Morrissey bio pic
England is Mine they play smiths however, when they look at old school thrillers they
play more Jazz.

What is the presenter style

In terms of Presenter Style that is intended to be incorporated within our Entertainment
Empire Radio Broadcast, Firstly dialect/voice due to our locality of broadcast and
restriction to have a variety of external national broadcasters (Presenters) the narration
or guidance of voice will be Lincolnshire (South Humberside) region. Secoundaly, pitch
of voice due to the pitching either being to high or loud its impeccable that we have
survey different radio stations with similar elements as then we can identify what
pitch/tone would best suit to our audiences target pitch.

What features does the show have?

The content of what we plan having in our station is a variety of audience participation
and also having sudden news flashes about the latest film/music/TV news as this would
keep the audience actively and passively involved.

Also we could have a variety of gender split for audience therefore our station is not
gender segregating any given audience member to be involved within our be part of our
program (extract), also the intention of using content such as competitions may help to
interpolate, as the target demographic are competitive and are within the age range
16-30 this helps to establish what type of competition our could revolve around.
So anything from tickets to see and artist live, signed new albums, to an evening with a
favorite pop star of the given audience member.
The features I intended to to use would be E.g Jingles, Idents, Call-Ins and
competitions, so Jingles, I would likely use this as a placeholder for a transition between
presenter to the beginning of the news. Secondly, Idents this will help identify to my
consumer who they are listening to and I can use this periodically throughout the show
to give the audience notice to the the station they are listening to, and finally Call-Ins
and Competitions this keeps the audience actively involved within the show but also
keeps a variety of elements that spread equal distribution to features that attract
different participants to the show. My competitions would focus around predominantly
winning cinema tickets, signed posters, as this is what I would expect my audience to
want to be involved with.

How will you use this research to help with your work?
Entertainment Empire, this will be hosted on BBC Radio 1, the presenter for our radio
station Lewis Martin, Similar Products that already exist within the Radio Universe are
Metro Radio, The Bridge and Smooth, the content of our show will circulate around the
latest films released in cinemas, The latest album release, and new TV Drama (Spoiler
Plot Lines). The Jingle will be formatted by a number of celebrity guest stars. Youre
listening to Entertainment Empire, for example Mark Hamill saying This is Mark Hamill,
and your listing to the force of the Entertainment Empire. The locality of where the show
will be broadcast from is the NE (North East) of the United Kingdom.

Due to constraint, Lewis will you his natural accent, The show will be broadcast Mon-Fri
6:00am-10:00am, this is due to the demographic that our station is targeting will be
listening or be using the device which our station will be streamed on, The station will
follow all the current trades of the entertainment culture of the UK, Many Interviews that
we have with individual stars will then be streamed on to our social media page, etc.
Due to their being a wide interest for the elements we intend to incorporate into our
station. Research was gathered by our group creating a list of questions to ask our
fellow peers externally. This allowed for us to gather who are likely gender wise who are
likely to listen to our station and orientate our station.

What content (conventions) will you include in your show?

In terms conventions that are planned to exist within our radio station are as follows
speech used within the radio station, this help identify to the audience where the locality
of the broadcast is coming from and how it can identify to its audience, also the music
we play is focused to the individual subject that is being broadcast so the music is a
filler between but is a spacer between to help progress through our station.

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