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New Zealand's Leading Hypnotherapy Trainer

Training Course

Certificate in Hypnotherapy
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis New Zealand

134 Heads Road
Wanganui 4501

Principal: Grant Boddington

Phone: 06 345 2000 or 021 447 481
Websites: &
(Details, terms, conditions, prices, etc., in this prospectus
are subject to change without prior notice.)
Contents of this Prospectus
Welcome from Grant Boddington 3

Overview: Training Courses, Support, Qualifications & Proficiency Standards 4

Hypnosis New Zealand Certificate in Hypnotherapy 7

Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy 8

Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy 9

Hypnosis New Zealand Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist 10

The Examination & Qualification Process 11

Hypnotherapy Course Dates, Fees, Discounts & Payments 12

Payment Methods Available to You 13

About Hypnosis New Zealand 14

About Grant Boddington 15

Frequently Asked Questions 16-17

Hypnotherapy Course Contents 18

Grant's Top Tips For Choosing a Hypnotherapy Course 19-21

Footnote from Grant 22

PROSPECTUS: Hypnosis New Zealand 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Courses
Welcome to Hypnosis New Zealand Hypnotherapy Training
Hello, I'm Grant Boddington, the founder, principal and training course tutor of Hypnosis
New Zealand. Thanks for reading our Hypnotherapy Training Course Prospectus.

We are proud to be NZ's most chosen Hypnotherapy Trainer.

Here are the 5 top reasons for our tremendous success.
1. Our Hypnotherapy Training meets the most stringent of professional requirements.
2. Our Code of Ethics is the strongest and most respected in its field.
3. We offer comprehensive lifetime membership, support & mentoring.
4. We produce more practising Hypnotherapists than any other national trainer.
5. Our HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapists are the highest qualified in NZ.

We want our success to become your success! And we're here to help you become the best
Hypnotherapist you can be!

Hypnosis New Zealand has become NZ's largest and most supportive group of
Hypnotherapists and is the only NZ Hypnotherapy Training establishment to focus purely
on Hypnotherapy.

It's now easier than you ever imagined to study and learn Hypnotherapy with Hypnosis New
Zealand. I can assist almost any intelligent, confident and caring person to learn
Hypnotherapy. The courses offer a great range of theoretical and practical tuition, designed
to maximise your learning within the most reasonable of time and cost parameters. I
personally support and assist you from day one, right through your learning and practice
building years.

I invite you to contact me any time to inquire about our comprehensive training and
complimentary lifetime membership.

Positive regards

Grant Boddington
Registered Hypnotherapist
Principal of Hypnosis New Zealand

PROSPECTUS: Hypnosis New Zealand 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Courses
Overview: Hypnotherapy Training Courses, Support,
Qualifications & Proficiency Standards
Hypnosis New Zealand has three Hypnotherapy courses available for you to study. Each of
our Hypnotherapy courses has its own separate qualification, with which you can
competently, legally and ethically set up your very own Hypnotherapy Practice in NZ.

Certificate in Hypnotherapy Home Study Course

This course is suitable for beginners wanting to "test" the waters and see how they like
Hypnotherapy. And yes, it is a supported and examined course that can actually start you
into Hypnotherapy practice.

Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy - Five Day Practical Course

This course is also suitable for beginners, or those with a little prior training or experience.
If you're serious about embarking on a career in Clinical Hypnotherapy then this is the best
course to facilitate this - and it's certainly our most popular.

Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Five Day Practical Course

This is for the serious, committed and experienced Hypnotherapist who wants more! It
teaches a vast range of advanced techniques to assist in the more persistent client issues.

We also offer:
Focused Training
The number of successfully practising Hypnosis New Zealand trained Hypnotherapists is a
reflection on the focused nature of our courses. We teach only Hypnotherapy! While there
are several other modalities (including NLP, EFT, etc.) that may fit with Hypnotherapy; it is
our opinion, that they should be learned separately from someone who specialises in that
modality, after first learning and perfecting your Hypnotherapy skills from a trainer who
specialises in Hypnotherapy as a complementary health modality.

Personal Support
We also boast the very best of support possible. As a Hypnosis New Zealand student, you
have the clear advantage of Grant's personal mentoring and assistance while you study -
and once you have completed any Hypnosis New Zealand Hypnotherapy course, you have
that support for life!

Grant expects that you and he will become collaborative colleagues and probably firm
friends. Grant personally fronts all Hypnosis New Zealand practical courses; so it's Grant
that you build your professional relationship with.

Hypnosis New Zealand Membership

After training in Hypnotherapy, many new Hypnotherapists like to join a professional group,
whereas others simply go into practice as an individual. At Hypnosis New Zealand, we
combine the best of both choices.

PROSPECTUS: Hypnosis New Zealand 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Courses
We offer training and we offer group membership. We offer more advantages than any
volunteer-based non-profit group could ever offer - and the big difference is that we mostly
do it for free! There are no annual membership charges for those who have trained with us
- and we also offer free internet directory advertising and a monthly newsletter for free too.
Here is a list of our Hypnosis New Zealand membership advantages:
Personal Mentoring by Grant Boddington at any time of the day and any day of the
Peer Support Facebook Group where many other Hypnosis New Zealand members,
students and supporters are just as willing to share.
HYPNOTES Newsletter is free to you every month. You are invited to submit articles
and news in return for free advertising.
Lending Library, at only the cost of return courier. We have a range of popular new
and old books on Hypnotherapy for your use.
Directory Listing is free for all members and supporters of Hypnosis New Zealand.
Be a part of one of the most viewed Hypnotherapy lists in NZ.
Hypnotherapy Brochures at cost price, couriered to your door. A great way to boost
your advertising appeal and professionalism.

Hypnosis New Zealand Hypnotherapist Gold Star Proficiency Standards

We are proud to announce that we have implemented the very first system of
Hypnotherapist practicing standards in NZ. They are the Hypnosis New Zealand
Hypnotherapist Gold Star Proficiency Standards.

There are Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 Proficiency Standards; which respectively equate to
achievements equal to the HNZ Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, the HNZ Diploma in
Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and the ultimate, which is being accepted as an HNZ
Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Another clear indication that our top Hypnotherapists are more than simply competent -
they are proficient!

Our Top Qualification:

Hypnosis New Zealand Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist
Our requirements are amongst NZ's most stringent Hypnotherapist Registration processes -
and have taken each Registered Hypnotherapist several years to complete and become
registered as one of our most highly qualified, experienced and accredited Hypnotherapists.

The minimum requirements include:

3 to 5 years of theoretical and practical Hypnotherapy training and experience.
Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy (or similar).
Associate or Senior Professional Membership of Hypnosis New Zealand.
Full compliance with the Hypnosis New Zealand Code of Ethics.

Then, once these stringent, but very achievable standards are met, you can then apply to
become a Hypnosis New Zealand Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist. Our "Best of the Best"!
Read more on page 10

PROSPECTUS: Hypnosis New Zealand 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Courses
Contact Grant or Karen for a Chat about Becoming a Hypnotherapist
Please allow us to show you how simply and swiftly you can begin an amazing career as a
Professional Clinical Hypnotherapist and then continue on to become a highly trained and
competent practitioner of one of the most popular and highly respected of all natural

Contact Details
Hypnosis New Zealand
134 Heads Road
Wanganui 4501

Phone: 06 345 2000 or 021 447 481


PROSPECTUS: Hypnosis New Zealand 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Courses
Hypnosis New Zealand Certificate in Hypnotherapy

This amazing Home Study Course is the most effective,

swift and cost effective way to begin learning about
Hypnotherapy from a Registered Hypnotherapist! It's
simple enough to learn the basics of Hypnotherapy for
helping yourself, your family and friends - yet very
definitely comprehensive enough to begin professional
practice! (Many others are already doing so!)

Study at Home
Using the Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy Course manual, you study at home and practice
the techniques on your friends and family while you learn. If you require support or
assistance at any time, Grant is usually just an email or free phone-call away - offering the
absolute best of support and assistance as and when you might require it. This wonderfully
friendly support has become almost legendary in the Hypnotherapy profession.

Start Training Today!

Wherever you are in New Zealand, or the whole world; this home study Modern Suggestive
Hypnotherapy training course is fast, simple and affordable. From the time your registration
is confirmed and processed, it'll probably only be a matter of a few hours (or maybe only
minutes) before you receive the first module of the course by email from Grant and begin
your education and training to become a Hypnotherapist. Then, the Modern Suggestive
Hypnotherapy manual will be couriered to you. (Overseas students will receive it by
international airmail.)

Completing the Course

Each of the two course modules in the manual has its own open book examination - and
once you have passed the 2nd, you will receive the Hypnosis New Zealand Certificate in
Hypnotherapy (HNZCH) and qualify for free lifetime mentoring from Grant Boddington and
free lifetime membership of Hypnosis New Zealand.

The course is completed by most students in around 12 weeks and offers New Zealand's
most comprehensive support package for new Hypnotherapists. Grant is the most
supportive tutor you'll find anywhere! Plus, if for any reason you require a time extension
to complete the course, just ask Grant and hell gladly give you up to a year of extra time.

"Dear Grant, Thank you for my certificate, I got it today. As for your course, it was great. It was both
interesting and fun and certainly value for money. I found myself eager to learn more by reading your
book and doing the modules I am now convinced that hypnotherapy is for me and appreciate the fact
that you are prepared to mentor me over the next few months as I pursue my journey. Even though
we only had contact via phone and email I felt at ease with you and encouraged by you. I felt a sense
of achievement on completing the course and very proud of my certificate. I look forward to meeting
you one day. Thank you Grant."

PROSPECTUS: Hypnosis New Zealand 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Courses
Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
This course is aimed at those interested in learning
Hypnotherapy for personal or professional purposes. It's
ideal for beginners through to intermediate level and is
suitable for natural therapists, life coaches, counsellors,
etc., wishing to add the trusted modality of
Hypnotherapy to their skill-set.

Our Most Popular Course

Time and time again, students have marvelled at how much more informational, interesting
and interactive the course is, in comparison to others they'd been on. Every one of the five
days is an exciting experience, designed to maximise the effectiveness of the course and
help you become an effective Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy in the 21st Century

People's attitudes and expectations have changed immensely over the last few years. So to
keep pace with these changes, you will learn the most effective modern methods of
conducting a full and effective Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy session.

Absorbing & Interactive Content

This course is focused purely on Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy. It's a very well balanced
blend of theory, practice, discussion and interactivity. You will be experiencing hypnosis on
the very 1st day of the course. You will learn the professional and business skills required to
begin a practice as a competent Hypnotherapist, or add Hypnotherapy to your existing list of
life skills. There are a huge number of informational and supportive handouts and unique
tools to accompany the course manual. You will learn and practice most of what you need
to qualify as a professional Clinical Hypnotherapist during the actual class time!

Real Clients!
The ultimate advantage that this course offers over any other course, is the afternoon of
working with REAL clients - with REAL issues! Grant arranges several volunteer clients (via
his Directory of NZ Hypnotherapists) for the students of each course to practice their new
skills with (under his supervision). Previous students have applauded this initiative as the
confidence-boosting climax of the course. It really cements your ability to begin a
professional Hypnotherapy practice.

Examination and Qualification

The open book examination is completed post-course in your own time. Grant is always
available should you require any assistance and on completion and passing you will receive
the highly regarded Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. (HNZDCH)

"Course was very empowering; I felt very safe and supported by Grant and other trainees. Grant is
an excellent trainer with the perfect mix of humour and serious training content. Would love to do
the next course and so pleased I was able to attend this one. It has changed my whole perspective on
how I can move forward in my life and as a Hypnotherapist. Thank you Grant."

PROSPECTUS: Hypnosis New Zealand 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Courses
Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy
This very advanced course is suitable for anyone
demonstrating a history of sound basic Hypnotherapy
training and experience; and more especially those who
have previously completed a Hypnosis New Zealand
Certificate or Diploma course. We also warmly welcome
you if you have trained elsewhere.

The Serious Hypnotherapist

When you've been practicing Hypnotherapy a while and it's time to add some more
advanced techniques to your kit, then this is definitely the course for you. This course
begins with a refresher section on Grant Boddington's Modern Suggestive Hypnotherapy
techniques and then looks at the areas where we can fine-tune every Hypnotherapy session
and make it more client-centered and effective.

It then progresses to strongly feature the Analytical Clinical Hypnotherapy technique of Age
Regression Therapy, as well as covering everyone's favourite technique of Parts Therapy.
These two huge techniques are supported and complemented by many other effective
treatments that effectively address a wide range of mental, emotional and behavioural

We also have a several expert guest presenters (all past graduates of our courses) who
cover topics such as Rapid Inductions, Fertility & Childbirth.

The contents of this course make it an essential professional development opportunity for
any Hypnotherapist.

The Qualification
On completion of this practical course and the associated written examination plus the
examination relating to the Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy; you
will receive the Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

You may then also apply to become a Hypnosis New Zealand Registered Clinical
Hypnotherapist. HNZRCH

"Excellent course. (Five Day Advanced) I would highly recommend it to enhance your Hypnotherapy
work and allow you to deal with more complex issues. Thank you Grant. All the other participants
were friendly and committed to Hypnotherapy."

"Grant I was so impressed with the professional way in which you delivered the lessons. Your wit and
patience made the week thoroughly enjoyable and as a result a real sense of comradeship was
formed amongst all the students. Not only did I learn how to be a great hypnotherapist, but a more
positive person with clear direction and focus with regards to my own future. I sincerely thank you
from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful gift you have given me."

PROSPECTUS: Hypnosis New Zealand 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Courses
Hypnosis New Zealand Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist
In NZ, because Hypnotherapy is an independent natural
therapy, with no specific governmental control, there are
several independent Hypnotherapy "registration"

Our very own Hypnosis New Zealand HNZRCH

requirements are among NZ's most stringent
Hypnotherapist Registration processes; yet they are also
the most achievable, as the assessment is totally "in-
house". It will have taken each Hypnotherapist several years to progress to becoming
registered as one of our "Best of the Best" Hypnotherapists: An HNZRCH!

We provide registration for those who have trained with us as well as for those who've
trained elsewhere.

Registration Requirements for Hypnotherapists Who Have Trained With HNZ

Applicants should:
Have a Hypnosis New Zealand Certificate and/or Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.
Have a Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy.
Be a Senior Professional Member of Hypnosis New Zealand.
Agree to full compliance with the Hypnosis New Zealand Code of Ethics.
Have a minimum of 3 years practice experience.
Have submitted a free Application Form.
On acceptance, agree to pay an annual fee to remain as an HNZRCH.

Registration Requirements for Hypnotherapists Who Have Trained Elsewhere

Applicants should:
Have been an Associate Member of Hypnosis New Zealand for at least 1 year.
Have training & certification equal to the HNZDACH.
Have submitted a completed/paid application form.
Have completed an assessment examination.
Have provided a required number of positive client testimonials.
Have attended an interview with HNZ Principal and Advisory Board.
Agree to full compliance with the Hypnosis New Zealand Code of Ethics.
Have a minimum of 5 years Hypnotherapy experience.
On acceptance, agree to pay an annual fee to remain as an HNZRCH.

Once you have met the required standards, you may then
apply to become a Hypnosis New Zealand Registered
Clinical Hypnotherapist. Please contact Grant Boddington
for an application form.

Clinic Window/Door Label

PROSPECTUS: Hypnosis New Zealand 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Courses
The Examination and Qualification Process

Specialised Training
Hypnosis New Zealand is the only specialised Hypnotherapy training establishment in New
Zealand! Our practical courses are focused on Hypnotherapy and therefore do not include
snippets from other modalities to bulk up the course content, potentially adding confusion
to the examination process. Hypnotherapy is all we teach - and all we examine!

Locally Based & Assessed

Grant is your tutor and (especially in the practical courses) has seen you learning and
mastering your new Hypnotherapy skills in class, so has a first-hand experience on your
capabilities and strengths. Unlike some other courses, where your tutor may only be an
employee or franchisee of a training establishment (which may even be based overseas) all
Hypnosis New Zealand course examinations are personally assessed by Grant Boddington -
right here in New Zealand.

Relevant Content
The content of each examination is directly connected with the actual content of each
respective course. If you do require any support at any point, then Grant, or one of his
previous students from the HNZ Peer Support Network, is there to help. Since Grant himself
fronts all Hypnosis New Zealand courses, we don't require you to create a video of a
Hypnotherapy session with one of your clients, as some other courses do.

Rapid and Efficient Processing

All of these unique advantages contribute towards an extremely efficient and rapid
assessment time for your Hypnosis New Zealand examination. Usually Grant will contact
you within 48 hours of receipt of your examination papers to discuss any points with you
and offer suggestions on the fine tuning of your techniques. Plus, on passing, you will
usually receive your Certificate or Diploma in Hypnotherapy within another few days. The
entire process from receipt of your examination papers by Hypnosis New Zealand, right
through to your own receipt of the relevant qualification, is usually completed within a

Legal Obligations
On receipt of any Hypnosis New Zealand Certificate or Diploma in Hypnotherapy, you can
legally practise in New Zealand as a professional Hypnotherapist; providing of course that
you abide by all local and national laws aimed at any other natural therapy business and
within the Code of Ethics of Hypnosis New Zealand.

PROSPECTUS: Hypnosis New Zealand 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Courses
Hypnotherapy Course Fees & Discounts
(Please see or call Grant on 0800 TRANCE for dates.)
Hypnosis New Zealand Certificate in Hypnotherapy
o Anywhere you like!
From Just
o $299.00
o If you're keen, you can probably start today as the course is available
electronically as a downloadable pdf. Or you can choose the printed option
and receive your manual by courier (within NZ) or International Post (outside

Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy

o Green Lane West, Auckland.
Full Fee
o $1495.00
Generous Discounts
o Either Earlybird: New Students - save $200.00 if you register and pay 6 weeks
or more before the course start date.
o Or Loyalty: Previous Students - save $300.00 if you've done (or are doing) our
Certificate in Hypnotherapy Home Study course and register 6 weeks or more
before the Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course start date.
o Please see or call Grant on 06 345 2000 or 021 447
481 for date of next course

Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

o Green Lane West, Auckland.
o $1495.00
o Either Earlybird: New Students - save $200.00 if you register and pay 6
weeks or more before the course start date.
o Or Loyalty: Previous Students - save $300.00 if you're a Hypnosis New
Zealand Certificate or Diploma student and register 6 weeks or more before
the Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy course start date.
o Please see or call Grant on 06 345 2000 or 021 447
481 for date of next course

PROSPECTUS: Hypnosis New Zealand 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Courses
Payment Methods Available to You

Internet Banking
Credit Card
Money Order
Time Payments

Flexible Time Payment Plans

We have the most flexible payment plans. Please call Grant if you'd like to pay your course
fee off over several weeks/months. Please note that; any fee discounts are only claimable
for the Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses if the full course fee is paid 6 weeks or more
before course commencement.

Refund Policy
Yes, we do have a very fair refund policy! And should you be unable to begin your course at
the scheduled date for a legitimate reason, we will work with you to provide a fair solution
for us both. We understand that circumstances can change and providing we have
sufficient notice we're generally quite happy to provide a refund, less any expenses or
materials supplied.

Or, if you'd like to transfer your payment to another course, you're most welcome to do so.
There is no penalty or extra charge for doing this. We're happy to have you train with us. All
we ask is that you contact us at your earliest convenience should you need to do this.

Bank Account Details for Internet Banking

Hypnosis New Zealand
BNZ Wanganui Branch
Account number: 02 0792 0356645 00
(Be sure to use your name as the reference)

Postal Address for Mail Orders

Hypnosis New Zealand
134 Heads Road
Wanganui 4501
(Be sure to provide address and phone number)

Credit Card payments

These can be made via the website

All quoted Hypnosis New Zealand fees include GST.

PROSPECTUS: Hypnosis New Zealand 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Courses
About Hypnosis New Zealand

Hypnosis New Zealand (like all other NZ Hypnotherapy training establishments) is a privately
owned and independent business. It is headed by Grant & Karen Boddington and
supported by an annually appointed Advisory Board.

Most of our training courses are conducted in central Auckland - as that's one of the easiest
and most affordable destinations for local, national and international students to travel to.
All courses are presented by Grant Boddington himself.

With several hundred members, we are now NZ's largest group of Hypnotherapists. In fact
we have more members than all the other groups combined. We are proud to have trained
and supported many of NZ's top Hypnotherapists and give generously of our time and

Anyone who passes any Hypnosis New Zealand course, is granted membership at either
Member, Professional Member, or Senior Professional Member level. There is no annual
membership fee for these members - as it's more about people sharing, than money. That
philosophy is also demonstrated in our course pricing structure, that we consider to be the
fairest available.

We have a huge range of additional membership benefits (most open to students as well)
that include:

Free Peer Support Network

Free Directory Listing
Hypnotherapy Brochures (at cost)
Plus, after qualifying with us, you can apply for an International qualification via the
IHF (International Hypnosis Federation).

Hypnosis New Zealand is one of only 8 Member Organisations of the NZ Hypnotherapy

Federation and is the only NZ Hypnotherapy training establishment that is a "Recognized
School" by the International Hypnosis Federation, based in the USA.

It's more about you than us. We want you to succeed and we invite you to join our
community of sharing and caring professional Hypnotherapists. After all, the more of us
there are, then the more popular Hypnotherapy becomes.

You can almost always reach either Grant or Karen on the phone for a chat about the
advantages of training with Hypnosis New Zealand. You'll find us to be friendly and
professional. Our phones are always on for your calls, messages or texts; we check and
respond to all emails within a few hours (usually minutes) and our door is always open for a
friendly support chat and of course light refreshments should you be passing our Wanganui

PROSPECTUS: Hypnosis New Zealand 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Courses
About Grant Boddington

When you train with Grant, you can be certain of learning from a highly respected, trusted
and ethical professional. Over more than 20 years as a professional Hypnotherapist, Grant
Boddington has trained, assisted and inspired literally thousands of others from all around
the world - many of them right here in New Zealand.

So, when YOU train as a Clinical Hypnotherapist with Grant, you have the advantage of
learning from one of NZ's most highly experienced and trusted exponents of the art of

Grant wrote the book that shares the name of his 21st
century makeover of traditional Hypnotherapy: Modern
Suggestive Hypnotherapy for Professionals. In this eye-
opening publication, he explains the advantages gained
for both therapist and client, of conducting a
Hypnotherapy session utilising a more modern
"permissive" rather than old fashioned "authoritarian"
style of therapy. The use of his "Client Personality
Types" model greatly assists the 21st century
Hypnotherapist to work with more clients, more

It's also relevant that Grant has been one of NZ's top performing Stage Hypnotists. And
while it's rare for him to perform on stage nowadays, he often states that being a Stage
Hypnotist gave him a more rounded view of the powerful capabilities of Hypnosis for
Hypnotherapy purposes.

His expertise in the understanding and use of the language pertaining to the power of
suggestion is also demonstrated in his corporate motivational presentation: Mind
Mechanics. So please take the time to visit to see how popular
Grant has become in the business world.

Whatever way you look at it, it's plain to see that he has a dedication to Hypnosis - and to
motivating and guiding people to be the best they can be. In fact one of his most popular
Hypnotherapy recordings is entitled: "Be The Person You Want To Be". So, if the person
that you want to be, is a Hypnotherapist; then Grant Boddington is your obvious choice of
trainer, colleague and friend.

PROSPECTUS: Hypnosis New Zealand 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Courses
Frequently Asked Questions

Which course should I start with?

We have three main courses, which can take someone from beginner, through intermediate
- and right up to advanced level. They are:
Certificate in Hypnotherapy. Home Study. Beginners
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy. Auckland 5 days. Beginners or intermediate
Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy. Auckland 5 days. Experienced Hypnotherapists

The best practical option is definitely the 5 day Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course,
which is held several times a year in Auckland. It will give you a very full and interactive
start into Hypnotherapy with plenty of practicing of learned techniques on classmates and
volunteer clients.

However, if the next 5 day Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course is too far away and
you're keen to get started immediately, then the Home Study Certificate in Hypnotherapy
course will provide you with plenty of information and support. This basic training is
sufficient to start a Hypnotherapy practice, or to simply use for your own interest in

Then, when you find out how wonderful Hypnotherapy really is and would like to attend a 5
day course to boost your confidence and hone your skills, the entire cost of the home study
Certificate in Hypnotherapy course could be credited against the full fee of the 5 day
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course!

NB: Even if you have started, but not yet completed the home study course, you're welcome
to enrol in the 5 day Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course and the generous credit still

Will I learn enough to begin to practice as a Hypnotherapist?

Absolutely! And many others are already doing it. Either of the two Modern Suggestive
Hypnotherapy courses can launch you into practice - especially the more intensive and
interactive 5 day Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy course. That's because, concentrating on
learning Suggestive Hypnotherapy first, is like learning to walk properly before you try to
run! To see many other past students who are already working as professional
Hypnotherapists, please see the Hypnosis New Zealand Directory of NZ Hypnotherapists on
the website.

What sort of people study Hypnotherapy with HNZ?

Well, the common denominator is that they are very definitely all good people, of all ages.
We've had people from their early 20s right through to their 80s - and all experience levels.
Many with no prior experience in Hypnotherapy - and many others who are already
practicing as natural therapists and are ready to bring the efficacy and credibility of
Hypnotherapy into their range of techniques. EG: Life coaches, drug & alcohol counsellors,
youth workers, psychologists and even several medical doctors! Hypnotherapy can be easily
learned and practiced by almost any caring and communicative person.

PROSPECTUS: Hypnosis New Zealand 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Courses
When should I move on to the Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy Course?
The choice is totally yours, but we suggest you find your feet with Suggestive Hypnotherapy
first. You will certainly have been taught enough to begin practicing competently as a
Hypnotherapist. Then, when you are comfortable and competent, we suggest you attend
the Hypnosis New Zealand Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy training course -
where you will learn about the very specialised techniques of Age Regression and Parts
Therapy; as well as many more child and adult issues and areas where you can practice as a
professional Hypnotherapist.

Why do you believe HNZ Hypnotherapy courses are the best in New Zealand?
Grant Boddington personally fronts all of our courses and delivers the very best of focused
Hypnotherapy training and information and the ultimate in positive communications and
support! All this comes from more than 20 years experience in Hypnosis. But of course, the
most qualified people to answer this question are our many previous students. They will
vouch for the fact that we always deliver over and above what we promise! (Please read
their testimonials on the website.)

We expect that you'll become a friend and colleague for life and Grant himself is pleased to
be your permanent mentor in Hypnotherapy. You're welcome to email, call, text, or even
visit him; pretty much any time! He can always find the time for a chat about

What are the regulations for practicing Hypnotherapy in NZ?

There are none! (Well, none that are specific to Hypnotherapy anyway.) Providing you are
practicing ethically and safely and in accordance with the Hypnosis New Zealand Code of
Ethics - and you are meeting all local and national requirements for your premises and
general business practices (such as OSH, IRD, HDC, etc.) then you can legally practice as a
Hypnotherapist in NZ! Every Hypnotherapist will tell you that Hypnotherapy is perfectly
safe - and the NZ government agrees, so has left it to be self-regulating.

Can I become a Hypnosis New Zealand Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist?

Yes, you probably can! Once you have completed our Diploma of Advanced Clinical
Hypnotherapy course and examination, you will then automatically become a Senior
Professional Member of Hypnosis New Zealand (SPMHNZ). Any SPMHNZ can then apply to
become a Hypnosis New Zealand Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist (HNZRCH)

PROSPECTUS: Hypnosis New Zealand 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Courses
Hypnotherapy Course Contents
We are proud to provide the most comprehensive Hypnotherapy Training. This is only a
small sample of the topics covered at our 3 courses. Read more about our course content on
our website at or call Grant on 06 345 2000 or 021 447 481.

Certificate Diploma Advanced Diploma

(12 Week Home Study) (5 Day Interactive/Practical) (5 Day Interactive/Practical)
Basics of Hypnosis Basics of Hypnosis Recap of Diploma Content
Styles of Hypnotherapy Styles of Hypnotherapy Age Regression
Self Hypnosis Self Hypnosis Affect Bridge
Rapport Building Rapport Building Hypno-Analysis
Suggestibility Testing Suggestibility Testing Sensitising Events
Effective Interviewing Effective Interviewing Anchoring
Script Writing Script Writing Learning Styles
Sample Scripts Ego Strengthening Metaphor Use
Ego Strengthening Breathing & Relaxation Reframing
Breathing & Relaxation Information Consent Forms Dissociation
Trance Inductions Trance Inductions Parts Therapy
Information Consent Forms Trance Deepeners Next Chair Dialogue
Trance Deepeners Trance Termination Anaesthesia and Analgesia
Trance Termination Sequences of a Session Autonomic Nervous System
Potential Problems Clinic setup Anxiety Panic Stress
Sequences of a Session Potential Problems Sleep Disorders
Clinic setup Ethics and Safety Abnormal Psychology
Ethics and Safety Advertising & Promotions Conditioned Responses
Advertising & Promotions Children's Techniques Abreactions
Phobia Techniques Depression
Sleep Techniques OCDs
Personality Types Sexual Dysfunctions
Rapid Inductions Rapid Inductions
Rules of the Mind Fertility & Childbirth
Laws of Suggestion Body Language
Making your own Recordings Gastric Band Hypnotherapy
Authoritarian Styles Genograms
Permissive Styles Guest Presenters
Guest Speaker Many Extra Handouts
Many Extra Handouts Plus MUCH MORE!

PROSPECTUS: Hypnosis New Zealand 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Courses
Grant's TOP TIPS for Choosing a Hypnotherapy Course.
There are many factors that may influence your decision of which Hypnotherapy course and
tutor is right for you. You'll probably already have some idea as to why you want to learn
Hypnotherapy and to what level. Maybe it's as a personal life-skill; to complement an
existing natural therapy business; or to practice solely as a professional Hypnotherapist.
Whatever your reason, there is probably a course to suit your needs.

With some training establishments you can start with a gentle home-study course to test
the waters - and you can even begin a career in Hypnotherapy with the better ones that
have an examination as part of them. Or, a classroom course may be more your style and is
certainly a popular option - especially if you're already certain about learning Hypnotherapy.
Whatever your thoughts, I trust that my following personal views and opinions may assist
you in your choice of course and tutor.

I wrote this guide mainly to highlight the open, friendly supportive way that I personally like
to work with my students. You're always welcome to email me on or
call me on 0800 TRANCE to discuss the advantages of my Hypnosis New Zealand
Hypnotherapy courses. Or you can text me on 021 447481 and I'll call you back.

Rapport Between You and Your Tutor

Firstly and most importantly, I suggest very strongly that you talk in person with your
potential tutor to make sure he/she is experienced, knowledgeable and personable.

Make certain also that this is the person who will be fronting the class! You'll be
potentially working with, and be associated with, this tutor for many years after your
course, so choose one with a genuine passion for openly sharing and passing on his/her
knowledge and support - and guiding you into becoming an integral part of the mainstream
Hypnotherapy profession in NZ.

Your tutor should be prepared to become your mentor, your colleague (and probably your
friend) for life, so it makes good sense to be of similar mindset, motivation and personality.

Information, Communications & Support

Two-way communications pre and post course are vitally important, so make absolutely
certain that you can contact the tutor at any reasonable time - by a variety of methods. If
you have a question, or require support, you need to know your tutor is readily available
and willing to assist. They should provide you with their business, free-phone and mobile
phone numbers; their constantly monitored email address and their physical and postal

Was all of the detailed information about the course easy to find and understand; or did you
have to go hunting high and low for prices, dates, course content, etc? If a trainer is
secretive about what is taught, when, where, and for what price; then he/she may be
equally as reluctant to fully and openly teach and support you later.

PROSPECTUS: Hypnosis New Zealand 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Courses
Also, I advise you to check the standard time taken to assess your post course examination,
contact you to discuss it and forward your qualification certificate or diploma to you. This
should only take a few days! I suggest that you test the communications capability of your
prospective tutor by calling them and emailing them before committing to their training.

Reputation of your Tutor/Course

Popular, well established training courses will have plenty of recent testimonials, comments
& reviews readily available, so please read them! Remember that a good number of recent
positive testimonials probably mean many happy students. Capitalise on the experiences
and reports of those recent past students.

Ask your potential tutor how many years he/she has been both practicing and teaching
Hypnotherapy - and more importantly, how many students they have trained - and how
many of those are now practicing as professional Hypnotherapists in New Zealand. Make
certain that your trainer is also a HNZ Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Course Content
There are two common and effective styles of Hypnotherapy: Suggestive and Analytical.
Ideally, I believe that the Suggestive Hypnotherapy techniques should be learned,
experienced and mastered separately - before progressing on to the more complicated
Analytical Hypnotherapy styles. Make certain your tutor can provide training and support
for both of these styles. If you have an effective tutor who teaches you well and you apply
those lessons with your clients, then Hypnotherapy may well be the only natural therapy
modality you need!

Sure, there are many other natural health modalities that combine very well with
Hypnotherapy; but in my opinion, a Hypnotherapy course should concentrate on teaching
you to become a competent Hypnotherapist. The inclusion of other natural therapies in a
course curriculum may make some Hypnotherapy courses appear more comprehensive than
they really are and blur the lines as to what does and does not constitute Hypnotherapy.

So ask your potential tutor for a full list of course contents - and maybe even a course
timetable to check each topic's relevance. If, later on, you choose to also learn other
natural health modalities, then you should do so from a master of each modality, rather
than a dabbler in many.

Also, it's worth checking how much of the time taken for the Hypnotherapy course is in
practical interaction with tutor and classmates - compared to study in your own time. In
other words, find out whether you're paying to be taught in a classroom/practical situation,
or to mostly do your own reading and research and then write up screeds of reports and

Financial Considerations
Make certain you pay a fair price for your Hypnotherapy education. After all, it's a safe
natural therapy and should be easily within the reach of anyone who chooses to learn it.

PROSPECTUS: Hypnosis New Zealand 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Courses
The course pricing (including GST) should be clearly advertised by the trainer and be
realistically structured for a natural therapy. Some courses may require an application fee
or deposit - and may even insist on you buying certain publications in order to complete the
course. So ask about any hidden extras that you may have to pay for in order to begin,
participate in, or complete the course or its associated examinations.

I strongly urge you to check out the refund policy of the training establishment; very, very,
carefully! Personal circumstances can change - and in the event that you are unable to
attend a course for legitimate reasons, will there be a refund available? So find out under
what circumstances any money paid by you is refundable, or transferable to another course.
Also, it pays to check which city the alternative course will be held in, because you may have
to meet extra travel and accommodation costs if it's held in a different location from that
which you originally signed up for.

Legal Considerations
Every Hypnotherapist is quick to tell their clients how safe Hypnotherapy is - and the NZ
government agrees. So Hypnotherapy in NZ is relatively free and unregulated; reflecting its
fine safety and effectiveness record as a natural therapy. You must of course run your
Hypnotherapy practice in conjunction with the general laws of the land, including:
Occupational Safety & Health; Inland Revenue; The Fair Trading Act; The Commerce
Commission; The Health & Disability Commissioner; etc.

When you enrol for a course, be extremely careful about signing away any future rights to
practice as a Hypnotherapist. Some trainers may require you to do this! You might have to
complete a certain part of, or even all of, their course and pass their examination processes
before practicing professionally - or even before you hypnotise anyone at all, for any

Qualifications Offered
Each individual trainer in NZ awards either their own independent qualification, or maybe as
an agent/franchisee/member of an overseas organisation. This should be awarded
immediately on completion and passing of the course examination process, (which in our
case usually takes less than a week). Remember to ask what the standard time for assessing
your examination might be and how soon afterwards, you'll receive your qualification
certificate or diploma to display proudly on your wall.

Please also be aware that there is no NZQA qualification for Hypnotherapy in New
Zealand. And while an NZQA qualification for Hypnotherapy was indeed proposed and
worked towards a few years back, it was dropped in its final stages by the NZQA before
instigation. So no trainer can offer an NZQA Qualification in Hypnotherapy - because there
quite simply is not one available!

PROSPECTUS: Hypnosis New Zealand 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Courses
Footnote from Grant
Thanks again for reading our Hypnosis New Zealand course information prospectus. I trust
that you are now more informed about how to get the best Hypnotherapy training from the
best courses, with the friendliest support.

After reading this prospectus, you have any questions about our Hypnotherapy training, I
welcome your call; any time of the day and on any day of the week.

I'm always pleased to chat about Hypnotherapy and make myself accessible and responsive
to any questions you may have regarding your study and practice.

I want you to succeed!

Positive Regards

Grant Boddington
Home Phone: 06 345 2000
Mobile Phone: 021 447 481
(Or, if you send me a text message, then I will call you back.)

PROSPECTUS: Hypnosis New Zealand 2017 Hypnotherapy Training Courses