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An important decade for the world and great changes for fashion were the 60s. A time in
which sex, politics, fashion and society changed forever, thanks to the sexual revolution, the
liberation of women and the Against racial discrimination.

The decade of the 60 was a decade in which rock and roll became very popular, an era in which
rock and roll bands said "it's our time" and they took the opportunity, making a big impact in
addition to a great Influence on society and, of course, fashion. Through how they dressed,
combed, etc.

In the 60's fashion went through many different styles. Most people associate the 60s with
hippie fashion, but it was not just this fashion. Not only were the hipies,the which brought a
change in fashion at that time. As we have seen before, the rock bands also intervened in this
great change step in the 60s.

That is the why huge groups of subcultures were born based on the form or style they wore or
that people adopted into their lives.

At the beginning of this decade, the fashion was strongly influenced by the beach-themed
films of Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello. Promoting the popularity of bikinis and T-shirts.
Also thanks to this in the late 60's came the miniskirt which continues to have popularity to
this day.

Influences or types of fashion

It is incredible to think that before the 60's women wore no skirts above the knee. A garment
that definitely set a before and after for the woman thanks to mary quant, a dressmaker who
presented the miniskirt for the first time to the world on July 10, 1964 in a parade where she
presented her summer collection.

Another fashion that was adopted in the 60 was the Beatles.

One of the rock bands that formed part of this revolution in fashion, who imposed the fashion
of Nehru or leather jackets along with their buckled appearance.

The Hippies and their flower power, with their bell-bottoms pants or jeans, t-shirts tied or with
other prints. A movement that was born in California and spread rapidly throughout the world
and probably the most influential of all

The Rockers, movement that was born in the United Kingdom, with jackets, jackets and leather
pants or jeans

The Mods were also born in the UK but influenced the rest of the world with their semi formal