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Fatima Ali
Setting goals play a crucial role to enhance teacher to think critically about the
strategies that are sufficient to create a flexible atmosphere for students. Based on my
teaching practice and MCTs and MSTs comments I establish three goals I need to
Goal 1: Address students problem during activities
During activities; students are easily distracted, and this will give them chances to
exhibit bad behaviors including bothering their friends, and playing with the resources
instead of doing the activity. Manage the behavior will provide students great learning
and improve both academic and behavioral skills. I will apply several strategies to deal
with misbehaviors.
Strategy one: maintain and establish clear classroom rules
I will give the students opportunity to choose their own rules by talking, discussing
with them and listening to their suggestion. Giving students a chance to establish their
own rules; will make them appreciated valued toward their rules. Also, I will design a
classroom poster and posted on the wall; the rules will be clear and positive.
Displaying the rules will support students to be aware of the rules and remember them
Strategy two: Using signs and non-verbal communication
I will use eye contact and different signs such as a happy and sad face. For example,
when some student will talk with each other while am talking. I will stop talking and
raise the sad face. Using signs and non-verbal communication is more effective than
shouting and being angry because the students will copy this negative behavior.
According to Bundoora, who mentioned that children learn new knowledge and
behaviors by observing, copying, imitating other peoples actions.
Strategy three: Provide students with ongoing feedbacks:
I will praise students who do excellent behavior like listening to the teacher and
collaborate with their friends to finish the task and I will be clear and to the point, e.g.
I like how you wrote those sentences. Parsing students on positive behavior or
significant works will show them that I care about them and appreciate their efforts.
Also, students will repeat the positive behavior because they will link it with the
To achieve my goals; I need four to five weeks; manage students behavior dur ing
activities takes a lot of time because I need to practice strategies, see the
consequences of applying them. I need support from my MST to evaluate my strategies
and give alternative ideas if I need. Getting help from my MST is a powerful tool for
providing me the right knowledge and skills. To know if I achieve my goal; I will video
the session. Videoing the classroom session will give me a better idea of each student
behavior and are using these strategies influenced on students during the activities ?
Evidence after implantation
1. Feedback from My MST
Feedbacks from my MST gave a sufficient knowledge about the effectiveness of these
strategies. Also, noticed the areas that I need improvement. The comments showed
that I was capable to manage the students behavior during activities.

2. Observe students behavior by taking pictures.

The pictures indicated that students were engaged towards the lesson and there were
no chances of exhibiting negative behaviors.

3. MCTs observation
The comments indicated that I was able to
manage students behaviors without any
Goal 2: Use clear instructions to explain the activity
In my previous TP, students faced problem to do the activity because the instruction
was not clear which contribute to time-consuming without achieving the purpose of
the activity. I will apply various techniques to achieve my goal.
Strategy one: provide simple instructions and model them for students
I will use simple and precise words to introduce the instruction because it will support
students to do the task easily and without facing problems. Also; I will model it for
them; this will give students an enough demonstration to know what they expect to
Strategy 2: use visual cues and written instruction
Both visual cues and written instructions will enhance students learning and skills. For
example, visual cues will help students to visualize the idea in their mind. Written
instruction will support their literacy skills; they will learn new words and the correct
spelling of them.
I need about two to three weeks because it is the simple goal to achieve with this
period. I will ask my MST to check my instructions beforehand; she has a good
expertise, and that support me to know the best ways to provide clear and simple
instruction. To make sure my goal will accomplish; I will observe students work; if
students can do the activity as the way I told them; this will give me a clear
information about the effectiveness of my instruction.
Evidence after implantation
1. Ask the MST to give me feedback about my instruction (do I say clear and simple
Ongoing feedback from an expert person supported to notice my strengths and
weakness about the way I say the instruction. Also, providing me areas that I need to
focus that I never thought about it. The feedback showed that I was able to provide a
clear instruction to students.
2. Comments from peer observation
I asked my friends to come and observed me while teaching; this observation
supported me to notice my strengths and weakness. The comments showed that I wa s
able to use clear instruction.
Observed Strengths: Suggestions for further development:

Beginning of lesson, she was started with

reminding them the rules of the class
Use appropriate and differentiation questions to
Engaging students by watching a video about check students understanding.
weather and she sings with the song, also the
students were interested in the song.
Different strategies to manage the class during
the activity time. She used the traffic sign and
whistle to stop or to start the activity.
She gives them the clear instructions as well as
model the activity for students.

Goal 3: Enhance students participation

Classroom participation is an important aspect of getting students engaged and foster
their learning because they will get opportunities to speak up in the class, express
their ideas, ask questions and obtain new knowledge. I will perform several ways to
promote participation.
Strategy 1: asking open questions
An open question will give students opportunities to investigate, solve problems and
justify their opinion with a teacher. So, their thinking and learning become deeper,
richer and more complex.
Strategy 2: pair activity
Pair activity is a useful technique to motivate students participation, develop a higher
level of thinking, encourage active learner, and improve communication, and decision
making and leadership skills.
I need 3 to 4 week to achieve my goal; promote students participation cant happen in
one day, it needs practices, evaluates the techniques, improves and exchange them
when it needs. I will ask my friends to provide me ideas about inspiring students to
participate; sharing with others will help me to find out ideas and alternative
strategies. To know if my goal achieved I will track students participation by using
checklist; put a check next to the name of students who participate. Monitoring will
help me to determine who is and who is not participating, and learn whether a
particular student is improving.
Evidence after implantation
1. Comments from my MST. These comments supported me to realize what
strategies worked well and what I need to improve later. The feedback indicated that I
was able to encourage students to participate by using different approaches.

2. Taking photographs were powerful tools to evaluate the effectiveness of the

strategies by observing students respondents.
The pictures showed that students were motivated to participate since they are
different activities that seeking their interests such as drawing activity. Also, they were
enthusiastic towards the learning because I used various strategies such as paired a nd
individual activity.