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Wake up.

In a way where you have at least 30 mins, ideally 2 hours before anything
important. (I used to wake up at 6:30 for 8:30 school.)
Meditate FIRST THING IN THE MORNING, 5 sec rule
Read my frames from my phone. With music and shit. While being present.
Go and drink/eat something.
Do the ONE thing.

- That's my morning ritual EVERY FUCKING DAY! Start the day well. Just have that fucking 5
secs of immense courage to break resistance, to take proactive action that will make everything
after that much easier. To access presence, pro-activity, summon higher consciousness and
relaxing peace first thing in the morning that will make EVERYTHING after that amazing and in a
great foundation.

- After that, look at my calendar and your to-do, if I have time. Then finish THE MOST
IMPORTANT and CRUCIAL tasks first. Not the most urgent. The most important. The least
urgent is often most important. ;)

- Discipline. Not motivation. Discipline. It creates motivation. Action > Emotion > Action.

- Live from a place and a frame of love. Love is infinite. Sharing, living, experiencing the world.
The greatness and wonders of it all. Never mistake duality with reality, you can easily break out
of it with action.

- I shall treat my home well and OWN IT. I shall love and live in any corner of it. Nowhere shall be
o limits or ineligible for my life.