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TLED 430

TPACK Template Mobile Applications Assignment

Mobile Application for Creating Mobile Application for Collaborating

Subject English (Reading/Writing) English (Reading/Writing)

Grade Level 3rd 3rd

Learning Objective 3.4 The student will expand vocabulary when 3.5 The student will read and demonstrate
reading. comprehension of fictional text and poetry.
1. a) Use knowledge of homophones.
2. b) Use knowledge of roots, affixes, 1. a) Set a purpose for reading.
synonyms, and antonyms. 2. b) Make connections between
previous experiences and reading
3. c) Make, confirm, or revise
4. d) Compare and contrast settings,
characters, and events.
5. e) Identify the authors purpose.
6. f) Ask and answer questions about
what is read.
7. g) Draw conclusions about text.
8. h) Identify the problem and solution.
9. i) Identify the main idea.
10. j) Identify supporting details.
11. k) Use reading strategies to monitor
comprehension throughout the
reading process.
12. l) Differentiate between fiction and

TLED 430

Activity The Puppet Pals App allows students to create a During the fiction unit, the teacher will post a
story or scene using characters and scenery. They number of questions during the week on the
can move the characters around, and using the Edmodo app. Each student will respond to the
microphone, can speak into it and create dialogue questions posted through the app. Each student will
for the characters. For the activity, each student will also be required to respond and/or ask a question
create a 1-2 minute animation in the app. Each on 3 other students posts. The questions will
student will be assigned a vocabulary word from the include predictions, compare and contrast, main
unit. In the dialogue, they must; idea, and anything else in the objective. The
1) Include the word and definition students responses on their classmates posts may
2) Identify 2 synonyms and 2 antonyms for the not be simple yes or no questions, and must involve
word a part of the objectives. They will have question
3) Use the word in a sentence templates they can choose from, such as:
What predictions did you make about (blank) and
They will also have templates for answering
questions, such as:
I predicted that (blank) would happen because
The students will be answering the questions in class
during specific time period dedicated to the

assignment, and they may also complete them

during free time in class, and if they have access to
the app/technology at home.
Technology Puppet Pals (or Puppet Pals 2) App Edmodo App/Website

IPad Laptops/Tablets
Headphones including a microphone Selected Reading
Question Templates