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W e will talk about Kevin Durant net worth. Kevin Durant is a skilled American
basketball player who presently plays for the Golden State combatant of the
regional Basketball alliance. The conqueror of an NBA Most Valuable Player
Prize, he has also triumph two Olympic gold awards. Durant was passionate
about basketball from his early life. Throughout his adolescent years, he used to
travel approximately the State for basketball competition along with his priest. He
was also quite vigorous in basketball in the schools he studied.

Full Name Kevin Wayne Durant

Birth Date September 21, 1989

Nationality United State America

Parents Wayne Pratt(Father); Wanda Durant (Mother)

Height 69

Net Worth $150 million

Source of Income Basketball Player

Annual Salary Unknown

Sibling Pratt, Brianna Pratt, Tony Pratt

Children N/A

Religion Non-muslim
Ethnicity Black

Marital Status Un-married

Later than he entered the University of Texas, his bright skills in the sports
income him the Oscar Robertson prize and the Adolph F Rupp prize, making him
the primary person to earn mutually honors as a freshman. Because of his
incredible aptitude, he became suitable for the NBA draft following just one year
of playing in college. As an expert basketball player, Durants most significant
accomplishment came at the 2012 Olympics where he not only set the proof for
total points to attain in an Olympic basketball contest but also helped the national
group earn a gold medal. He responds the team for the 2016 Olympics, where the
team achieves a gold medal once again.

Date of Birth and Place

His full name was Kevin W ayne Durant. And he was instinctive on September 29,
1988, in the federal State of America.

Early Life

Kevin Durant was instinctive on September 29, 1988, in W ashington, D.C. He is

of African-American ethnicity and has an American population. However, Durant
is the son of W anda Durant and W ayne Pratt who were separated. He was born
up by his grandmother, Barbara A. Davis in Prince Georges region, Maryland, on
the fringes of W ashington, D.C. Kevin has two brothers, Tony & Rayvonne and
one sister, Brianna.

Furthermore, Kevin joined the Nationwide Christian Academy in Maryland and

Oak Hill Academy in Virginia. Afterward, he moved to Montrose Christian School
for his older year and attended the University of Texas. In the era of 10, Durant
resolute to go for a basketball player. His priest said she would help him and kept
on him his entire profession concerning working extra hard and staying in a

Kevin went to the Academy of Texas where he cooperates for the Texas
Longhorns for one year earlier than going to the NBA. He triumphs a lot of the
Player of the Year prize as well as the wooden award and prestigious Naismith.


Kevin began his inconvenient profession by playing Amateur Athletic Union

basketball for numerous teams in the Maryland Area. Throughout this time, he
was set up to future NBA Players Michael Beasley, Greivis Vasquez, an d Ty

He studied at the state Christian Academy and the Oak Hill Academy. In regular
schools, he was quite energetic in basketball. He afterward moved to Montrose
Christian School, for his older year. By this occasion, he had grown to a height of
six feet and seven inches.

Afterward, for further education, he connected the University of Texas, where

throughout the primary year itself, he triumphs the Oscar Robertson and the Adolf
F Rupp prize for his luminous performance mutually. Because of his bril liant
basketball skills, he was carefully suitable for the NBA draft following just one
year of playing at college.

He got chosen in the 2007 NBA draft by the Seattle Supersonics and started his
professional career. He recorded 18 points, five rebounds and three steals in his
primary game, against the Denver Nuggets. Furthermore, the first match -winning
shot of his profession was complete in a match against the Atlanta Hawks, which
took place on 16 November. His luminous performance income him the name of
the NBA Rookie of the Year.

Oklahoma City Thunder

In the following season, his group relocated from Seattle to Oklahoma and
became the Oklahoma City Thunders. By the end of the year, Kevin had hoisted
his scoring regular by five points as the contrast to the previous period. He was
also careful with the Most Improved Player Prize though he finally came third.

He was chosen for the 2010 FIBA earth Championship. Kevin played luminously
at the competition, leading the USA to the W orld Championship cup.

Later than a pair of years, Kevin was chosen for the 2012 Olympics, where he not
only set the evidence for total points covered in an Olympic basketball
competition but also helped his group earn a gold Prize. He rejoins played for the
Nationwide Team in the 2016 Olympics, where he helped the organization win a
gold medal once more. He was also forename the 2016 co-USA Basketball Male
competitor of the Year, alongside with Carmelo Anthony.

In July 2016, Kevin signed with the Golden State Combatant. Even though the
fact that his film was received unenthusiastically by mutually the public and the
NBA analysts, the symbol a $54 million contract with them for two years.


All through his collegiate profession in 2007, Kevin triumph the titles of Naismith
College Player of the Year, Big 12 Contestant of the Year, USBW A Nationwide
Freshman of the Year, and NABC Division I Player of the Year. Furthermore, He
earned the FIBA W orld Championship gold medal, alongside with the FIBA
globe Championship Most Valuable Player in 2010.

Playing for the US Nationwide Team, he achieves gold medals at the 2012 and
2016 Olympics. At the NBA, Durant triumph the NBA Rookie Challenge MVP
(2009), NBA All-Star Game MVP, (2012), and NBA Most Valuable Player (2014),
amongst other admiration.

Rumor and Controversy

Excluding for his operate gossip, he hasnt been to another story, but he suffered
an argument when Durant said his bond with Russell W estbrook wont be ever
similar again.
Personal Life

Kevin Durant is single, but presently, he is in an association with Jasmine Shine

since September 2014. Formerly, he dated Letoya Luckett in 2011, but their
correlation couldnt last long and got at odds in 2012.

Durant also got engaged with American Basketball, Monica W right to get
matrimonial but he called off their engagement and parted later that sometimes.
He also had a meet with American Model Glamour Joie Chavis in the year of

Kevin Durant net worth

Kevin Durant has income an enormous quantity of net worth from his victorious
profession, as a professional basketball player. His present net value calculated
to be approximately $150 million.

Interesting and Fun Facts:

Kevins parents separated when he was eight months old, but 13 years afterward
returned to her ancestors and attended all the basketball sports event of his son.

Kevin is 2.06 meters high.

He started to grow very fast at the age of 12 and was 1, 83 meter tall at the age of

Playing for the College, he administers to receive nine prizes in 2007, as well as
one of the best freshman.

House and Car

Kevin Durant owns a manor in Oklahoma $ 1.8 million value, with a swimming
pool, a gymnasium and a big parking. His much-loved car is red Chevrolet
Camaro SS that costs 40 thousand dollars.
How much money does Steph Curry net worth?

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2014-2015 periods, he led the side to an NBA championship.

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Kevin Durant ($60.6 million)
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Kevin Durant (basketball) $60.6 million.
Andrew Luck (football) $50 million.

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Which sport pays the most money?

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Business Insider: NBA players are the highest-paid contestant on the planet with
the regular player making $4.6 million in the 2014-15 seasons, according to data
present by Sporting Intelligence. Of course, the NBA has a
massive improvement with its little rosters.

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