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Kevin Tod Smith

We will talk about Kevin Tod Smith. Kevin Smith is a New Zealand executive,
manufacturer, scriptwriter. As a humor book author, he authored Silent Bob
Speaks, Chasing Dogma and Spider-Man / Black Cat: The Evil that Men Do. As a
performer, he represents the role of Silent Bob in the movie like Clerks and Jay
and Silent Bob Strike Back. The television succession Degrassi: The Next
Generation bear out his temporary facility to represent his possess fictionalized
description. This multi-talented persons first movie Clerks current his outlook on
Americas purchaser cultures that he knew while working as a clerk at expediency
Full Name Kevin Tod Smith

Birth Date August 2, 1970

Nationality New Zealand

Parents Geoff Smith (Father); Yvonne Smith (Mother)

Height 1.89m

Net Worth $25 million

Source of Income Acting

Annual Salary Unknown

Sibling Unknown
Children Three

Religion Non-muslim

Ethnicity White

Marital Status Married

As well being the director of this movie, he was also the manufacturer,
screenwriter and one of its actors. Although his second film Mallrats failed at the
box office, the triumph of his third movie Chasing Army compensated his
monetary loss he faced later than the free of Mallrats. He conventional death
threats for his subsequent movie Dogma that transaction with issues of Christian
Church and Catholic belief. However, the continuation of his popular film Clerks
was forename Clerks II, and it receives him critical approval. He has also absent
his mark on TV.

Date of Birth and Place

His full name was Kevin Tod Smith. And he was born on August 2, 1970, in New

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated $ 25 million.

Early Life

Kevin Tod Smith was instinctive in Auckland in 1963. His mother was of Tongan,
and German origin and his priest hailed from New Zealand. Smiths ancestors
moved to the South Island town of Timaru when he was eleven. He concentrates
Timaru Boys High School from 1976 to 1979. He was concerned in the drama
club at his high school. However, Smith played in astounds and roll bands
throughout high school, working out every morning at the gym and watching TV in
the daylight. He enjoyed painting and loved rugby an d hoped to become an
associate of New Zealands world-famous rugby lineup, the All Blacks.

At the era of 17, Smith shifted to Christchurch, where he lived in a flat over a fruit
shop, employment at various jobs, and considered joining the law enforcement t o
help offspring, before register in Canterbury University at the era of 20. In 1986
he matrimonial his high school sweetheart, Suzanne with whom he had three
sons: Oscar, Tyrone, and Willard.


While working as a clerk at a stock up, he watched Slacker, a low-budget

victorious humor film by Richard Link later. This movie played a critical character
to inspire him concerning low-budget filmmaking. Later than his interaction with
Scott Mosier, one of his generation in movie school, he resolute to write the script
for his primary movie Clerks. As well working as its scriptwriter, he also
produced this movie along with Scott Mosier.

In 1995, his movie Mallrats was free. Distributer Gramercy spends $5.8 million
for this movie. Unluckily, the movie failed at the box office. His subsequent movie
Chasing Army come into view in 1997 and it got the huge achievement at the
box office. In 1999, his movie Dogma was free it discusses the spiritual issues
of Catholic belief. As a result of its contentious theme, the film saw massive
protest and him even current death threats.

In 2001, his movie Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back come into view. He inscribed
the script and directed Jersey Girl, a funny side movie free in 2004. Despite
being a big budget movie, it did not obtain expected success at box office.
Furthermore, in July 2006, his movie Clerks II came into view, and it earned him
deep gratitude in the movie fraternity. In the subsequent year, he directed the
pilot incident of Reaper, a TV succession for which he also served as a
managerial producer.
Major Works

Released in 1994, the movie Clerks commence him as a manager, screenwriter,

and manufacturer besides one of its actors. However, this movie tells the story of
two store clerks. The entire movie was shot in black and white. Throughout
Clerks, he commences the famous characters like Jay, and Silent Bob who also
features in most of his movies and this typescript had a crucial role in the
achievement of those films.

His next movie Mallrats was free in 1995. This is an idealistic humor he
directed and wrote the script himself. This film is concerning two lazy persons and
it current the typeset of Jay and Silent Bob once again later than Clerks.
Furthermore, the movie Chasing Army was free in 1997. This film reproduces his
mature skills in commerce with the concern for love and loss. However, His movie
Dogma was free in 1999. Premiered at the Cannes worldwide Film Fiesta, this
movie created much uproar owed to its religious theme.

In 2005, his original book Silent Bob spoke comes into view. This book holds
some essays during which he examines pop civilization, a movie as dealing and
his individual life. His humor movie Clerks II was free in July 2006. This movie
depicts the story of Dante and Randal, the two slackers and their ridiculous
behavior as clerks of a fast food eating place. However, the movie received
achievement at the box office. Free on October 31, 2008, his movie Zack and Miri
Make a Porno is an idealistic comedy movie that depicts the story of two
roommates and their endeavor to make an adult movie. This film failed at box


His movie Clerks bagged the Filmmakers Trophy at the Sundance Movie
Festival in 1994. In the similar year, this film earned him prizes like the Prix de la
Jeunesse and the Worldwide Critics Week Prize at the Cannes International Film
Personal Life & Legacy

He matrimonial Jennifer Schwalbach Smith, a former reporter, and a performer, in

1999. They have a daughter, Harley Quinn. Kevin lives with his ancestors in the
Hollywood Hills, California.


This renowned film director confessed regarding his usage of marijuana while
working on the set. He avowed that smoking marijuana helps him to be above
creative and productive.

Who played the god of war in Xena?

Kevin Tod Smith was a New Zealand performer and performer, best known for
starring as the Greek god of battle, Ares, in the TV series Hercules: The famous
Journeys and in its two spin-offs Xena: Combatant Princess and Young

Is Kevin Smith from Canada?

Its the next movie in Smiths proposed True North Trilogy American manager
Kevin Smith constant to express his attraction with all things Canadian by
premiering Yoga Hosers the subsequent episode of the True North Trilogy at the
Sundance Film fiesta this week.

How did Kevin Smith lose so much weight?

Smith chirps to his 2.81 million followers that he has lately lost a whopping 85
pounds. And he falls the weight by changing two main things, as Smith told Mens
Health in February: 1. He stopped up drinking sugar -filled drinks and begins


Early in 2002, Smith went to China to fire the US-Chinese martial arts movie
Warriors of Virtue 2. On 6 February 2002, Smith finished his task on the set in
Shijiazhuang, 270 km south-west of Beijing. Later than observe with staff from
Beijing Film Studio, and although waiting for travel back to the hotel, he resolute
to walk approximately the Central China Television film studio grounds, and
climbed a prop tower on the set of one more movie. Furthermore, He mislaid his
footing and fell three stories, distress severe head injuries. Staff hurried Smith to
a local infirmary and then transferred to Beijing.

He lapsed into a coma and was kept on life hold up for ten days awaiting life
support was terminated. He died on 15 February without retrieval awareness.
However, Smith was hidden later than a private funeral on 28 February 2002. The
launch of the Smith Trust for Smiths offspring was proclaimed then that day at a
memorial service attended by former friends, New Zealands acting area, and
above a thousand mourners at the Aotea Centre, Auckland. A television
documentary celebrating Smiths life and profession, Remembering Kev: A Tribute
to Kevin aired on TV2 on the first anniversary of his affliction.

Interesting Fact

His full name was Kevin Tod Smith.

He was instinctive on August 2, 1970, in the federal State of America.
Kevin paternal grandfather was of Irish, English, and distant German, descent. Kevin
three other grandparents were all of Greman lineage.
He is an Edmonton Oilers ice hockey fan.
Son of Donald E. Smith and Grace Smith.
Kevin establishes the podcast network, The Smodcast Podcast Network on January 1 st,
Shares the same anniversary with his brother, Donald Smith.
At one tip was sought after later than to direct Ghosts of Girlfriends Past with Ben Affleck
in the lead.
Is an enormous fan of Road House 1989.
Graduated from Henry Hudson Regional High School in 1988.
Is an AMPAS associate.
Directed Reaper: Pilot just to prove to himself that he could straight a script that he did not
Wrote his entire dialog for the five-part of Degrassi: The Next Generation that he comes
into view on kevin tod smith/

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