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created it? was it published? is it called? can it be found? to aim for

Place of publication & Ridley, D., 2012. The literature review: a step-by-step guide for
Printed items

Title of the book

Books Author(s) Year of publication
(in italics) Name of publisher students. 2nd ed. London: SAGE.
Volume & issue
Journal Article title. Journal Keitsch, M., 2012. Sustainable architecture: design and housing.
Author(s) Year of publication numbers, page
articles title (in italics) Sustainable Development, 20(3), pp.141-145.

Place of publication, Parboteeah, K.P. and Cullen, J.B., 2013. Business ethics. [e-book]
Title of the book
name of publisher, the
(in italics) Hoboken: Taylor & Francis. Available through: Anglia Ruskin
E-books Author(s) Year of publication full web address (URL)
followed University Library website <> [Accessed 8
of the webpage used
by [e-book] August 2016].
and the date accessed

Volume & issue Zorach, R., 2012. Regarding art and art history. The Art Bulletin,
Article title. Journal
numbers and page
E-journal title (in italics) [e-journal] 94(4), pp.23-28. Available through: Anglia Ruskin
Author(s) Year of publication numbers, website name
articles followed by
& address, University Library website <> [Accessed 8
[e-journal] August 2016].
and the date accessed
Electronic items

E-journal Article title. Journal Volume and issue Goodall, A.H., 2006. Should top universities be led by top
articles title (in italics) number of journal and researchers and are they?: A citations analysis. Journal of
Author(s) Year of publication
followed by page numbers, followed Documentation, [e-journal] 62(3), pp.388 - 411.
DOIs [e-journal] by DOI

Author(s) Year of publication The full web address

Title of the webpage V&A Museum, 2015. Introduction to English embroidery. [online]
- this could - when was the (URL) of the webpage
be an information
(in italics)
used and the date
Available at: <
followed by [online] embroidery-introduction/> [Accessed 8 August 2016].
organisation uploaded/updated? accessed

Nursing & Midwifery Council (NMC), 2015. The code: professional

Author(s) The full web address
Title of the document standards of practice and behaviour for nurses and midwives. [pdf]
- this could (URL) of the webpage
be an
Year of publication (in italics)
used and the date
Available at: <
followed by [pdf] publications/revised-new-nmc-code.pdf> [Accessed 8 August
organisation accessed

The full Guide to Harvard Referencing (Version 6.1) is available via the University Library website: September 2017