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providing services beyond expectation

January 2015
Gemagets Services providing services beyond expectation January 2015

1. Introduction
1.1 Company History
Gemagets Services (General Management and General Technological Services)
registered on the 04th November, 2010 under the laws of Malawi for the Business
names Registration Act. It is a company that has an exciting future and continues
to thrive in a rapidly changing industry by anticipating trends, evolving and
expanding its service offerings to meet client needs.

Gemagets provides specialized infrastructure servicing primarily the

telecommunications industry. Gemagets focuses on the planning, building and
support of innovative ICT infrastructure. We have a broad range of end to end
solutions for a wider market in Malawi.

We are distinguished by our functional and technical expertise combined with

hands-on experience, thus ensuring that our clients receive the most cost effective
and professional services.

Innovative thinking and best practices lie behind everything that we do; the
structures we build the technology we provide and the way we support and manage
it for our clients. This is what leading companies and departments of the Malawi
government have come to expect of us- and we deliver.

1.2 Contact and Bank Details

1.2.1 Registrar general and MRA Registration

Reg. Number: 132185
VAT Number: 30955689

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Gemagets Services providing services beyond expectation January 2015

1.2.2 Contact Details

Physical address: Area47, Bwandilo
Postal Address: P.O. Box 40384, Kanengo, Lilongwe 4, Malawi
Cell: +265 888 205 051/ +265999172180 / +265999304641

1.2.3 Banking details:

Bank: New Building Society
Branch: Lilongwe Crossroads
Account number: 0050764745016
Account Name: Gemagets

2. Operations and Management

Gemagets Services has a record of accomplishments spanning four years and is
continually evolving to be a leader in providing innovative infrastructure solutions.

We recognize that the key to exceeding our clients expectations is employing and
deploying the best skilled and experienced people in our industry. As a company
that is committed to innovation, we seek and employee high caliber candidates
with the right credentials, attributes and those who and strive in challenging

We care for our people by providing them with the necessary tools, training and
support to be successful in their positions.

Gemagets currently employs nine individuals. There are two women on our
structure. All the members of the management team are shareholders of the

2.1. Management Team

i. Managing Director Mr. Stephen Chisati
ii. Deputy Managing Director/Operations Manager- Mr. Patrick Guba
iii. Business Development Manager-Mr. Tiyanjane Whayo

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Gemagets Services providing services beyond expectation January 2015

2.2. Office and administrative personnel

iv. Office Administrator l- Miss Neema Banda
2.3. Operations team
v. Senior Technician Mr. Daniel Maganga
vi. Software Engineer- Mr. Alufeyo Mgungwe.
vii. Power Engineer- Judas Mboma
viii. Rigging technician- Thom Galu
ix. Rigging technician - Mr. Ronnex Mphalapala

3. Accomplishments and History

Gemagets is offers a broad range of end to end integrated telecommunications

solutions. We have experience in communication cabling, site build ups, wireless
services, fiber and optical networks, energy management and integrated security

We offer services that include, but are not limited to the following: installation of
local area networks (wired and wireless), installation and commissioning of
microwave links; installation of GSM and CDMA equipment, installation of BSCs,
RNCs, NE40s, optical fiber networks and add drop multiplexers.

Gemagets is responsible for all IT related services at the office of Arts and Crafts
of Lilongwe (ministry of Tourism), Lilongwe Antiquities office Network
Management, GWAN Network support, and network management for the office of
Irrigation, Lilongwe.

Recently we installed a microwave link for Access limited. The link, Aviate, was
installed between Access Lilongwe office tower and Area 43.

In the past we have worked for Huawei, the Malawi government (various
departments), Malawi Telecommunications limited and ZTE communications.

The following are some of our notable projects:

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Gemagets Services providing services beyond expectation January 2015

i. Constructed two transmission towers for MTL under a ZTE subcontract at

Chilumba and Songwe
ii. Subcontracted by Huawei to install 3G(nodeBs) for Airtel Malawi limited in
2012 and 2013
iii. Subcontracted by Huawei to install optical fiber cables for AIRTEL Malawi
in Blantyre in 2014.
iv. Subcontracted by Huawei Limited to install 3G(nodeBs), microwave links
2G GSM equipment and RNCs for TNM in the years 2012, 2013 and 2014.
v. Subcontracted by ZTE communications to install microwave links for M TL
vi. Installed for Access communications limited a microwave link between
Access Lilongwe Office and Area 43 tower
vii. Installed links (fiber and microwave) to 105 government buildings under the
GWAN project in 2011 to 2012. We still carry out routine maintenance for
the same
viii. Power Systems: Have installed rectifiers, three phase power and UPSs in
several government offices such as Administrator generals office in Mzuzu,
Distms office Lilongwe and Government complex building in Blantyre.

4. Competitiveness and Pricing

Gemagets is a Malawian company offering ICT infrastructure services to the
Malawian market. We understand the Malawian market. We pride ourselves as
being servants of the nation.

All our services are charged in Malawian kwacha. We offer discounts depending
On the scale of a contract.
Level of business; for established business partners there are a lot of
agreements whereby some services are even offered free of charge.

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Gemagets Services providing services beyond expectation January 2015

We understand the importance of cost effective pricing. On top of that we never

compromise quality of our work.
We give guarantees depending on the type of service being offered and offer free
follow up services to ensure that our clients are satisfied with their investment.

We offer our client services that are competitive and economical.

5. References
5.1. Molton Mdumuka
Projects Manager
ZTE cooperation
+265 999 218 243

5.2. Mr Nyankhombo Kamba

Deputy Projects Manager
HUAWEI communications Limited
+265 881 074 432

5.3. Mr Sitiopa Kadongola

GWAN Manager
Department of E government
Capitol Hill
+265 999 804 120

6. Attachments and Supporting Documentation ;

available upon request
1. Copy of detailed curriculum vitae or resume of partners, owners &
management and employees profile.
2. Copy of identity documents of directors and shareholders.
3. Company documents-registration certificate
4. Tax Identification letter issued by Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA).

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