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Lesson Plan

Grade/Subject: K-2 Music Unit: Christmas Songs Lesson Duration: 35 minutes


Overview of lesson: The students will pick-up from last class with an overview
of Im a Little Snowflake. The teacher will check-in to see how well the
students remember the words and actions. After this is practiced a couple of
times, the students will learn a new song called Jingly.

General Learning Outcomes:

-Harmony, Form, and Melody
The development and application of musical skills, knowledge, and perceptions
Specific Learning Outcomes:
Element: Harmony
2. Melodies may be accompanied by harmony
11. Voices with different pitch ranges can be combined to create harmony
12. The notes of a chord may be performed to accompany a melody
Element: Form
1. Music can be organized into sectionsalike or different
2. A section may be repeated (verse, chorus).
3. Music is organized into phrases.
Element: Expression
6. Music reflects our feelings about holidays, seasons, our country and cultural heritage
8. Music may be fast or slow and may change from one to the other suddenly or gradually
(tempo). 9. Music dynamics may change suddenly (accent <) or gradually [ crescendo;
decrescendo (diminuendo)]
Element: Melody
1. Sounds may be high or low.
2. Sounds are also in the middle.
3. A sequence of sounds may move from low to high, high to low, or stay the same
Students will:
1. Demonstrate what was remembered from last class- memorization skills
2. Practice develop a sense of harmony with the class
3. Work on developing rhythm skills for the new song Jingly

Inquiry Question: How can I remember a song?

Guiding Questions: How can actions help me remember the words? How does listening to music help me remember
the words?

Resource #1: The link to the
song Jingly by Teresa Jennings
Resource #2:

Resource #3:
* Music
* Computer
Introduction (2 min.):
Hook/Attention Grabber: Start off the class asking, Who remembers the song we learned last class about the
Let the students know well be practicing it again today
Assess behavior: whos enthusiastic and who is not paying attention?

Body (25 min.):

Learning Activity #1:
Stand at the front of the class ad lead the song, Im a Little Snowflake.
Make sure the students are singing along AND doing the actions
o This may need to be done more than once for a refresher
Observe that all students are singing and that they know the words
Are all students facing forward?
Are the students hands by their side
Are they moving around or standing still?
Remind the students to follow these guidelines
Learning Activity #2:
After the first song is practiced, introduce to the students the new song Jingly
o Work in steps to introduce the lyrics
o Use repetition to help the students remember
o Develop a sense of rhythm and harmony
Sing the song for the students so they can hear it first

Closure (3 min.):
Consolidation/Assessment of Learning: How well were the students at following instructions? Did the students
understand based on their body language?
Transition To Next Lesson: Continuation of practicing the songs
Students lineup to leave the classroom

Reflection: Today we did a recap of Im a Little Snowflake. It went much better than last class. The
students have the actions down, and they are very close to getting the words right, compared to last
class. A good percentage of the class were remembering to smile and face forward at all times. Later on
in the lesson, I went back to this song and had the students close their eyes so that they werent
watching me. Most of the students were able to do it, with an exception of a few.
Next class: Have them do the song, Im a Little Snowflake without a guide so they can develop the
lyrics and actions on their own.

For the song, Jingly, I found that I introduced too many beats for the students to remember. Next
time I will break up the song even more. The students seem to only be able to handle ten beats or less,
so that is what I will work towards.
Continue to work on classroom management. Not all students were following directions and had
trouble staying focused.
Next class: Regress after each song so that students are able to take a break in between each song.
Continue to use attention anecdotes more often to settle and refocus the students so their full attention
is on learning and developing their skills.