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Grade: 1

Subject: Literacy
Unit: 1, Healthy Me:

Week: 5th-9th November, 2017

Term : 1

Literacy Weekly Lesson Plan

Standards Usually spell CVC words correctly.
Say what my writing says and means.
Write simple texts such as lists, stories, reports, recounts.
Produce my own ideas for writing.

Questions What are Bossy Verbs? Why are lists and instructions important.

Vocabulary Verbs, Lists, Insstructions

Prior Learning
Listening, writing, phonic knowledge
PYP Profile Thinker principled open minded knowledgeable inquirer risk-taker reflective balanced caring and communicator

Four tier differentiation

I can
Opening Core Closing/
Remedial Below On Above Assessment
level Level Level
I can listen to What is an https://www. Look at some Teacher to TA to support MA HA must have at
instruction? example lists: support LA least 8 items on
I can Write simple
Why do we Shopping lists their list.
texts such as lists, watch?v=aS3
stories, reports, need Birthday party lists
recounts. instructions?
nLa6-VpE Things to do lists
I can write captions, Could we
Play this clip but
Lesson 1 and 2

labels and attempts

other simple forms of
make Notice how they
something STOP when are set out. One
writing, (lists, stories,
retell etc). new if we they show underneath the
I can talk about didnt have ingredients, other.
likes/dislikes in an
instructions? steps.
informational text
Discuss in Have a go at
talking Was this a good writing a list of
partners set of your choice.
then as a instructions?
class. Make a
list together .
of all the
things we
can think of
that need
Hold up a
game with
inside. Could
we play this
new game if
we didnt
have the
Bossy verbs. Should we walk LA- Colour the ML- Fill in the MH- With teacher. HA- Chose 5 bossy
around giving bossy verbs that missing letters for Think of a bossy verbs from the list.
https://www. everyone you can find in the the bossy verbs verb. Discuss it and Copy them into
instruction like stars. and then try to write a sentence your Literacy book
Little Miss Bossy?
/watch?v=Y Why? Why not?
write the words for it as a group. and write a
wIm03BvCW yourself on the sentence for each.
A template. Pick 1
What is a verb? word and try to
Was the lady Discuss verbs and write a sentence
speaking write a huge list of for it.
nicely? What verbs as a class.
When do we need
was she
to use bossy
doing? Why verbs?
was she not
using please Practise saying the
or thank verbs to your
you? Can we partner in a sturn
speak to voice like Little
people like Miss Bossy.
that in
Lesson 3and 4

If we spoke
to everybody Students make fruit
like this we salad, make list of
would be
Students step by step
called bring in instructions, take
BOSSY. photo evidence on
Write bossy
Fruit by ipads, make fruit
on the board Thursday to salad
and discuss make fruit
the meaning
and then
salad on
watch: Thurs.


Handwriting: V, y, w, th, Playdoh Shaving cream White boards Writing book

Guided Reading/Handwriting/Journal Writing

z, ch, qu
Journal Narrate, draw Draw, label Draw, label, Draw, label,
Writing Weekend caption caption, write
News sentences

Guided I can use phonic I can read some Silent Reading: Read with
Reading: H: knowledge to of the YR high Read home Teacher:
M: attempt frequency word readers I can distinguish
L: unknown words: list (golden word between a word,
CVC words game). a letter and a
caption: TA Independent finger space. I
leads each child and test each can point to a
to match CVC other full stop.
words to

Technology Integration
Review and forward plan Sequencing, creating lists