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epi Total No.of Questions :S] [Total No. of Print Pages :2 api/ pelemerrepvenlity Unit-m Roll No... 3. a) What is Process? z MCA-502 z >) Write the mechanism of process creation. 2 MCA. V Semester £9) Faphn any ou comments reed proes in Un i Examination, December 2016 i é 2 : 3 2) What is parent child relationship? With the help of a i ‘Unixand Shell Programming i diagram explain the Unix file sysem, ° = Time Three Hours = oR i Maximum Marks: 70 & ‘Writ the solution with master and lane process. 2 ‘Note: i) Answer ive questions. Ineach question partA,B,Cis A ompulsoryandD parthas intemal choice. i Unit-1v {i Allpers ofeach questonareto be atemped atone place. 4. 8) Whatdo youmeanby “exporting shel variables"? questions cay equal maks,curof which pat tod )Listand explain various special parameters used by shell ‘(Ma 0 words) camy/2 marks, parC (Max. 100 words) script. ‘cary 3 marks prt D (Max. 400 words) cary 7 mak. ¢) Write a shor notes on “Gnep family” iv) Except numerical, Derivation, Design and Drawing ec 4) Write a shell script to create a menu, which displays the listo files, current date process satus and cument users nit ofthe system. 1. a) Define Kemet in Unix. oe b) Whatis Buffer Headers? What is Shell Script? Write a script that accepts file ©) Explainimle user capability of Unix. name as argument and display the las modification time 4 Dsus he sero for eval fhe bu. ifthe fle exist and a suitable message ft doesnot. z Discusadvanageand disadvantage ofbufercache, nee = Unie = het op fom J 2 2) Expinsholuepsthnaneandcatve patna. 3 Explain the list nd array usein Perl : 1b) What are diffeent pes of files fm an Unix operating 3 Expl rogamming fee suport by 20K" for 3 ©) Wrtethesymax of STAT and FSTAT Fo Explainifsemen fran while op statement wid 2 {© Explain systems andinodes. z respect to awk with suitable example. ? OR 7 OR a siiisins oa 2 Discus the features of Linux “Mounting and Unmourting i) Linker Unik cote casa Pro caso bttp:/ mos uuondssnsw/elyy ———____________asamyunsdiewsnaidyy