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MEPL OM N EMhon 51 Final No, of Printed Pages :2 RollNo.. MCA - 503 MCA. V Semester Exaiinaton, December 2015 Cloud Computing Time: Three Hours Maximum Marks: 70 [Notesi) Answer five questions, Ineach question part A, B, Cis 1 2, MCA-S03 ‘compulsory and D part has internal choice. ii) Allpars of ach question are tobe attempted atone place ii) ll questions carry equal marks, out of which part and B (Max.50 words) carry 2 marks, part C (Max. 100 words) carry 3 marks, part D (Max.400 words) carry 7 marks, iv) Except numerical, Derivation, Design and Drawing te. 8) Define Cloud Computing b) List the characteristics of cloud computing. ©) Explain the various reasons for adopting the cloud ting. 4). Give a bri deseription of cloud computing reference mode! oR ‘Why organizations are adopting the cloud for business and UT perspective? Explain. 8) Differentiate between private and public clouds. b) Explain Cloud Eeosystem, ¢) Define cloud application architecture. Explain the objectives of Cloud lifecycles OR PTO » °) ® » 2 6 » 2 ® McAsa3 a Explain the following terms: ') Virtual desktop infrastructure ii) Cloud tnteroperabity and Standards Define Virualization ‘What is management vitwalization. Explain the concept of Map reduce. Explain the various kindof server virtualization oR ‘plain the following terms: Cloud Governance ‘VLANand VSAN Define Cloud security. Explain cloud security services, Define terms confidentiality, integrity and availability in cloud Explain Cloud computing seeurity Architecture. oR Explain the following terms: i) Policy implementation ii), Virwalization security management Define Federated cloud, Explain Inter Cloud. Briefly discuss any one ofthe third-party cloud servie. Explain Market based management of Clouds oR Discuss about the fol i) Microsoft Azure case studies: fi) Hadoop