Sie sind auf Seite 1von 2 Taal No.of Owstions 51 Real No, of Printed Pages :3 MCA - 502 MCA. V Semester Examination, December 2015 Unix and Shell Programming Time: Three Hours ‘Maximum Marks: 70 Note: i) Answer five questions. In each question partA, B, Cis compulsory and D parthas internal choice ) Allpars ofeach questionare tobe ater atone place. )All questions cary equal marks, out of which partA and B (Max. 50 words) carry 2 marks, part C (Max. 100 words) ‘carry 3 marks, partD (Max. 400 words) carry 7 marks. iv) Except numerical, Derivation, Design and Drawinget. Unit-1 1. @) What are the features of UNIX operating system? 'b) What are interrupts and exceptions? ¢) What are the various fields of buffer header? Expl 4) Explain various scenarios for retrieval ofbufferby aking suitable examples. oR Explain Architecture ofthe unix operating system. Draw block diagram of system kernel Unit 2, a) Whatare disk inodes? casa 90 » ° o a » ° ® a » 2 4 a ‘What is mounting of filesystem? ‘What information does super block conti How inode is assigned to new fle? Explain. Also write itsalgorithm, oR What are filesystem calls? What i ther relation to other algorithms. Also waite algorithm for opening «file, Unie- 111 Explain the layout of system memory. ‘What is system call interface? ‘What are the three mechanisms of UNIX system V IPC package? Explain sleep proces creation by taking suitable example. OR Explain manipulation of process address space. What are regions? And how locking, unlocking and allocating a region is done?” Unit-1V How is shell sript executed? Write steps. Explain the use of following commands i) Set ii) Shitt ‘What is sed? Compare sed with grep, \Weitea shell script that receives any numberof fle names asarguments, checks ifevery argument supplied is file ‘or a directory and reports accordingly. Whenever the argumentisa file the mimber oflines on ts also reported. tca-soa con. a » 2 4 1 oR Explain the use of following commands. Also write their syntax. ) cw ii) Date it) Who iv) Head Tal Unit-V Explain the structure of pet script. ‘What are associative arrays? How will you obtain only keys of an associative arrays in Perl ‘What are builtin variables in wk. Weite built in variable ‘and their meaning. ‘Write an awkescript that reads ile which bs thre fields NAME, DESIGNATION and BASIC-SALARY and calculates GROSS-SALARY according tothe folowing ‘ule: Ifbasic-salary is greater then 10000; the DAs 45% of basic and HRA is 15% of basic otherwise DA is 50% of basic and HRA is 20% of basic. The gross-selary is. suum of basie-salary DA and HRA. oR Discuss the features of LINUX. Its structure and various flavours of LINUX, casa