Sie sind auf Seite 1von 1 otal Novof Questions :S) (oval No. of Printed Pages :2 Roll No... MCA -501 MCA. V Semester ‘Examination, December 2015 Data Warehousing and Mining Time Three Hours Maximum Marks 70 ‘Note: i) Answer five questions. In each question part A,B, Cis ‘compulsory and D part has intemal choice. {i) All pars of ach question are tobe attempted a one place, {if Alqustions cary equal mars, outof which part and Bs (Max, 50 words) cary 2 mars, part C (Max. 100 words) ‘carry 3 marks, part D (Max. 400 words) camry 7 marks. jv) Except numericals, Derivation, Design and Drawing ete 1.) Mention some ofthe data mining techniques, b) Define cluster analysis. ©) How isa data warehouse different from a database? 4) What is data mining functionalities? Explain diferent ‘ypes of data mining functionality with example, OR Discuss the issues in data mining in detail, 2. 8) Write down the OLAP operations b) Waite the advantages of data warehouse ©) Write down the application of data warehousing. 4) Distinguish the difference between OLAP and OLTP? OR Draw the diagram and explain the architecture of data mining system, cast »10 a) » ° a) » ° 4 . a) » 9 % MCA-sO1 a Define data mining primitives. Define data reduction. Write advantage of data preprocessing. Discuss issues to be considered during data integration. oR, ‘Explain in detail data preprocessing. Define support and confidence, ‘What are the various mining association rules? ‘What isthe purpose of pris: Algom? Explain Apror A geithm in detail with suitable example. oR “Explain constraint based association mining. List any four data mining applications. Compare classification and predict ‘What are the fields in which clustering techniques are used? ‘Explain different classification methods. oR, Woite a short notes 4) sue regarding prediction ii) Clustering method