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‘otal No of Questions :$] | Total No of Peinted Pages: 3 RGPVONLINE.COM, MCA-505-A (N) M. C. A. (Fifth Semester) EXAMINATION, Nox-Dec., 2007 (Neo Scheme) DISTRIBUTED SYSTEMS (lective) [MCA=S05-4 (N)] Time : Thrve Howes Maximum Marts: 100 Miniraan Pass Marks: 40 Note Attempt any wo parts from each question. Attempt all questions, 1 (@) What doyou understand by tranparengy of dstcbuted sytem 9 Wit wr the ferent fama tances ‘that are applied to distributed systems ? = Discuss the scalability problems sed techaiques to handle them. 10 () Discuss the parameter passing mechanisms used in RPC, Brey discuss message oriented commanication, 0 (©) Discus the foltowing 0 © Dats Stream (i) Specising QOS (li) Token bucket algorithm @ cy) ° @ © © ® ) © tar McA-505-8 00 Diferentae berween the following 10 (@) Mutethronded clients and Muttreaded servers (Gi) Processes and Light weight process Discuss the ced, advantages and disdvantages of cede migation. Dilleretate between weak and song mobiliy. 10 What isthe concept of lope clocks ? Discuss the Lampor's sppreach fr logical cock syachronizaton. 10 Explain the following ype of consistency with suitable example 10 (Strict consistency )_ Casal conssency (Gi) Weak consistency ‘ite bret notes om the following: 0 (©) Bvental consiteney (i) Process resience Define the following terms 0 Public key, Privaze key, Session key, Symmetric key and explain with the help of a block digram bow tuthentiaton takes place in KERBEROS. Discuss the object model of CORBA and deus the service provided vy CORBA sytem. ” rity present the evolution stages of DCOM. How ommuniction takes place in DCOM ? Dias in ‘et. 10 ‘Whats the diference berveen stateless and staf Discs the filesystem mode, prootses and naming in Sun nework fle stem. 0 5. (@) What ae DSM rovers? Wit ir adantges od lata 0 (@) ics in eal bow woh dase pen? © ips the notion of co-ordination in dirbats spent alpen an ono of JN 0