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How will mediation or arbitration do?

Natives father in law wants to venture into mediation or arbitration. He wants to see how it fares.

Day/night time chart

This is a night chart because sun is in 5th house.

Lordships: Moon = 2/3 L = Co-Significator of querent, Merc = 1/4 L

Planet A Planet B Aspect Effect

Moon (8 deg Sat (1 deg Opposition Separating.
41) 14)
Moon (8 deg Ven (6 deg Trine Separating.
41) 10)
Moon (8 deg Jup (12 deg Trine Applying.
41) 5)
Moon (8 deg Mars (15 Square Applying.
41) deg 59)
Moon (8 deg Sun (21 deg Trine Applying.
41) 22)

Planet Sign Sign Triplicity Term Face Dignity Almuten Comments

Lord Posited
Moon Gemini Merc Moon Jup Sat Jup detri 1
Mars Virgo Merc Moon Jup Ven Mer 4 Mutual
exal, Jup reception by
detri, mercury.
ven debil Peregrine.
Saturn Saggi Jup Jup Jup Merc Merc 6 Customers
debil money.
Merc Sco Mars Mars Jup Mars Venus 6 Mutual
detri, reception by
Moon mars.
debil Peregrine.

Planet/Sign AntiScion Contrantiscion Comments

Moon (8 deg Moon (8 deg 41) Moon (21 deg 19)
41) Gem Tau Sco
Mars (15 deg Mars (15 deg 59) Mars (14 deg 1)
59) Vir Aries Libra
Merc (8 deg 37) Merc (8 deg 37) Saturn (21 deg 23)
Sco Aqu Cancer
Jup (12 deg 5) Jup (12 deg 5) Jup (17 deg 55) Vir
Libra Pisces

Void Of Course Moon: No

Cazimi: No planet

Combust: No Planet

Sun Beams: Jupiter and Venus is sun burnt. Cant act on its own.

Critical degrees:

Transition degrees: Mars is on critical degrees.

Nodal degrees: No planet

Via Combusta (15 Libra to 15 Scorpio): Sun (no Lordship), Merc (1/4 L)

Fixed stars:

Planets in Joy: Venus

Retrograde planets: No planet

Fast/Slow or in station planets:

On one of the nodes: No planet

Besieged by rays: No planet

Moon increasing/decreasing by light: Decreasing

Opposition to sun: No planet

Mutual reception: Mars (6/11 L), Mercury (1/4 L) are in mutual reception