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Georganna Pizanowski

EDU 220-1001

Dr. Hooks

April 23, 2017

Direct Instruction Lesson Plan

I. Describe the class:

22 students, second grade, 2 learning disabled children

II. Subject/Skill:

Writing skill: writing short stories in journal

III. Objectives:

After watching a video on apple orchards children will be able to write a short story in

their journals about what they learned and what they would do if they had an apple tree.

IV. Procedures:

1. Let students know that we will be watching a video on an apple orchards. This

video will show them a process on how to care for apples and the different kinds

of apples that there are. Then tell students that to take out their journals. Let them

know at the end of the video we will be writing about what we learned and what

we would do if we had our own apple tree.

2. Students know how to write in their journals because we write in journals every

morning. This will enhance their writing to bring it to a different level.

3. Show children your short story in your journal and explain to them that this is

their own personal story. Let them know that for their story the only 2 things their
story must have is what they learned from the video and what type of apple tree

they would have and what they would do to take care of it.

4. Walk around room and check journal entries to make sure children understand

what they are writing about. Make sure they have including the two things I want

them to have in their story and then make sure to answer any questions they might

have for me.

5. Have students go over their stories at the end so that they can make sure the two

requirements are in their stories and let them know to leave there journals open

because I will go around to each student and give them a sticker if they included

the correct things in their stories.

V. Material:

Video of apple orchard, journals, pencils, and smiley stickers.

VI. Grouping structures:

This will be done individually in the classroom.

VII. Modifications:

I would help the learning disabled by asking them questions about what they seen in the

video and then by asking them to write down what they think a tree would need to grow.

What kind of apples they like to eat and what kind of apple they would want as a tree and

have them write it down. Let them take their time to write down their answers and answer

all questions they have.

VIII. Assessment:

6. Have children leave their journals open and let them know I am coming around to

check their entries and if they get a smiley sticker then they wrote about the two
things they were supposed to. If they dont get a smiley I will see what it is they

need help with to get their smiley sticker.

7. Assign homework of apple tasting. Have children go home and tatse different

apples so that when they come in the next day they can write in their journals

about what their favorite apples are.