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CATEGORY 4 3 2 1

Required The presentation All required All but 1 of the Several required
Elements includes all required elements are required elements elements were
elements as well as included on the are included on the missing.
additional presentation. presentation.

Knowledge Student can Student can Student can Student appears to

Gained accurately answer all accurately answer accurately answer have insufficient
questions related to most questions about 75% of knowledge about the
facts in the related to facts in the questions related to facts or processes
presentation and presentation and facts in the used in the
processes used to processes used to presentation and presentation.
create the create the processes used to
presentation. presentation. create the
Grammar There are no There is 1 There are 2 There are more than
grammatical grammatical mistake grammatical 2 grammatical
mistakes in the in the presentation. mistakes in the mistakes in the
presentation. presentation. presentation.

Attractiveness The presentation is The presentation is The presentation is The presentation is

exceptionally attractive in terms of acceptably attractive distractingly messy
attractive in terms of design, layout and though it may be a or very poorly
design, layout, and neatness. bit messy. designed. It is not
neatness. attractive.

Use of Class Used time well Used time well Used some of the Did not use class
Time during each class during each class time well during time to focus on the
period. Focused on period. Usually each class period. project OR often
getting the project focused on getting There was some distracted others.
done. Never the project done and focus on getting the
distracted others. never distracted project done but
others. occasionally
distracted others.
Budget All elements are All elements are Some parts of the No budget was
included in the included in the budget are missing. included in the
budget. budget but not presentation.