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A Performance Luminaire
to Complement Curvilinear Form
lnnovative Design: Sealed Optical Chamber
with Air Cooled Components.
S mp y stated, the CCL is
revo utofary Ten years of
successlu y produc ng
sea ed opt cal chambers has
been ref ned to the ult mate.
The most met cu ous y sealed
optica chamber we have ever
produced ls now a owed to
housing that induces an
inlernal air tlow. Sens tive
e ectrica components are
interral y coo ed substantial y
llelow alowab e evels
promot ng maximum iongev ty
As a r f ows nalura ly aroufd
the flxture, a ow pressure area
ls created on the eading edge
Th s draws heat from the
housing nterior and starts an
alr c rcu at on thal cont nuoLrs y
coo s the e ectr cal
components The opt ca
chamber s kept airt ght
because the one-p ece
hydroformed rel ector s tota y
sealed around every surface

A round shape is an
aerodynamic shape, and
resu ts n two major beneftsi
t promotes the natural cooling
effect. and allows smaler
po es to be used while
satisfy ng w nd load
requ rements. Extensive
test ng at Kim has shown that
a mere 5 rn.p.h. breeze
produces temperature drops
on cr tical electrica
components of 40"E to 50"E
Even ln absolutely sti alr
interna temperatures on a I
components are be ow the r
manulacturers Tecommen
dat ons and U L standards
The cyl ndrica housing has a
coeffcient of drag that s 70%
ess than a square housing
Th s has enab ed K nl
eng neers to reduce pole sizes
whi e sti I satislying wind load
requlrements Al of lhese
eng neer ng factors po nt to the
CCL as the rnost advanced
high performance umina re
lmproved Optics:
Up to 79% Efficiency with Sharp Cutoff
S::rrt ral \'rr lir r)trr f),oie r

oft.cir sl:tle r! Kll] ra:

ll a(]e :r !lr:3illL:rt'rrcrt: 'l
ii- Lr rej --.1.r ef :r !eo| i:ttl\,
:hni lrii:i !r!b:l.rrl .t !
Icreasear !art ef'c --fa!' iJf'l e
.ri rla ir rll cL| d !c p 'rc of
sh:rp cLrtril .],JSrl
'irp1t!erfe rl:i r !lltl oLr1.tL.t
ar-- ill tl.e tr !tf es r"''r-!re
Lley,, 11gr".,t" po e :rltac fal
.lttl tlcrr f:lir :iior'
rif c efc:! ii rd eaono ii I
th ! h.,! l-itc:r ]c..ifir :ilreal
!!tfrolt:i]a'f .r,ll cLrtall .i: r

:r [ ]ril perfcr'-i:t-ce
.rlr ra. re: tlc CliL nrii rla r:
.r lr llr icc ree 01 it a'e ao tt il
,!l] alr lr,l r:i:lle: f:o !roLl
! S l) 1! :ee,r!l Calr|falrj
!,,o at I al :t bli a]l]: ,ife
;lrit itLt at fo' ri::.\ iT[- tt
iipp ai]l ! 1 e.r ll t r'

Asymmetric Distribution- Square Distribution.

AS it rril -. lrlL]Uro.rrl :lt s
at Beco-mefdcd as a dua or
tl :tr !L-l orr :i oLrtstitnd rru tor rnoulll llr s lglt patiern
:tritcti or !,--:r .r ral ctihriit!/s adds f cx bi ty to tl-e CCL s
At lhe l).illlertJ, re .l l-oLSe of n park ng ots or
ai)p cat
s ire :lrc d opl or' :t :!d :lll e io area ght fg W th so rra|l
.oflrc b.rc{ .lht ftO re !lhbo I :a: :: d ltererl ayoL:s used lor
it!i p operiy A:.1 dLrii .'iltriril ::.:t: park ng ots. the :rctLrare
moLrnt. ll_:r ijlrl il s r lrrlo r :l d str b!l or :r oiten a better
ifc r,,orkho'!-- il)r l)ark r!l cts cho oe llran tfe asyrarmetr c
,rr--a !ilrl nar. or (ra(l\,/11r- ':.: Tlre rottom ine s po e
(ll11 fil lrcm a med:ru r,i D spac f0 and ghl t]rr lcl.m ty'
,I l. P.'..1 ?, lnta 24A U S Paieri 4 il4l 306
Parking Lot Applications

Asymmetric or Square.
t\pfr oill (]f f ex b iV s tfe key
to prcvid r!l ellergV cffrc cnt
Light Trespass.
lvlany co.n.fercia nst tul ona
or co rporatlon deve oDrrenlll
cost eflect ve park fr!l r)l arc ocated feit to res Cerrt a
ljlrt nll !V th a cho ce ol property or r c tes that have
asynrmetr c or sq,rare iqht ght trespass a\/s llre CCL
rl :rlr b!i ons ancl six moLrnL Iq s ilva aD c w th an opt cna
ai'rilf o--llr--r]ts thc CCL cilI ho!:res c-- sh -- d io restrict
adapt to afy park r(l 01 lilhi lrom fe rlhllo.f(] ttropertv
{leorfct y lf yoL, are !fs!re of \,r'hen f xtures mLrstlre ocateil
ihe Iest cho ce. 3sk tlr,o K ilr irt tlre properly fe
Acp cat o'rs Erg. neer fq
Depirtrrent lor a des !ln
sclrerre ilfo cor_f pLriet pt ILoLtt
!{e ca.r qLr ck _v oel--nn re the Wall Mount.
|]est comc irat or ol glt Whel]ever poss b e the CCL
(l s r ll!1 or : r)trr1 rtq shou d be w;. -oLrrled 1or
3t:]lrqemef t or etiait ot atf p ghl fq areas n c ose
afrl waltage. po e he.ght anc prox - t_v to the bui .l f !l
po e sp3c fla io !l ve loLr the tco rom c aalvartitges itre
|]est pcss ! e so !t orl obv oLrs as poie co:i is
He-embe. Llre L, I ma:e test : -o im f It--d .irl d ulldc.groLlid
,,^/hetfre'the umlf a res can wlr tg expe|s,o :i rerl!ceii
r're f tii I lf -- r fl'rt --\,'-- ! :ifl--r Fo' {ra l'Jouft,r!l the OLlL
years arl cDe'at o r Pa!es 6 s p'o! ded v! th il casi rl
nnd 7 ie wh! thc CCL s rlr oLrni r! l]lackei as slror,r'f
L-]lrequa cr I tl': ab i! cr paqes l0 I l

/ fr-', a
lfir \
,i'lj .]1,,.

\1 4
Roadway Applications

From the Curb.

The asymmetric ght d stribu
t on was carefully des gned to
prov de !niform coverage from
near curb to opposlte curb
wh le a so prov ding good side
walk ilumlnation. The I ght
throw is w de enough to light
most roadways from one side
on V nsta lino flxtures on both
s des s only requ red for very
w de streets or where h gher
ght evels are desired.
From ihe Median. Light Trespass.
For this s tuation. a dua mount As res dent a lots get sma ler
with asymmetric light d stribLrtion houses ard condominiums are
is the ogica cho ce.The cost of located c oser to the street.
undergrourd w rng s reduced Streetl ghtifg caf become an
because on y a sing e run s nvas on of pr vacy ard soLrrce
requ red down the rned an of annoyance. With our
Fewer po es are requ red optiona hoLrseside sh eldlnq.
because two fixtures are being this prob ern has been virtua y
he d by one po e CCL e mlnated whie st retaining
photometr cs p roduce enouoh oht for s dewalks See
exce ent po e spac ngs with cata oo Ag for photometr cs
un form I ght coverage

lmportant Features

Aswthal K m hiqh
perlormance products, simp e
and rap d irstal atiof !\/as i]
major des gn parameter. S nce
a I CCL components are
modu ar, the hous nq s eas y
attached to tlre po e w th the
ba ast and reflector modu e
reraroveii fter or draw bo ts
ate !sed to preserve c eail
exter or detai fq F eld w res
are pu ed through the po e,
ard the ba ast and ref ector
modules are srapped into
p ace Ou ck d sconnecl pluqs
connected at the po e top ard
lhe fixture s operatona Th s
entlle proced!re s tast
s mp e ard res! ts n
cons derable abor savings to
the contractor

S nce po e moLfted f xtures
requ re ilt unlts for serv c rg
t me s cr tica W th thc CCL,
rap d insta at on leatures a so
becorne rap d seTV ce features
For relamping, the ef s lrame
s opefed qu ckly w th capt ve
quarter tLrn atches Fo.
lla ast access. the rellector
a so h rges open !s ng
quarter turf atches A tho!qfr
the ref ector rnod! e can be
sfapped oLrt, lt is no1
necessary as adequate roonr
is providecl lor ba ast femova
A spare bal ast snaps fto
p ace 10r rar n mLrm llt trLrck
t rne whlle the o d modLr e s
returned to the shop for repaii
and future usc Th s systerr
has been extreme y successlu
in olher K m lLrffi na r-os oveT
the past ten years

I Superior Optics.
KmoDtcii s\i:rl-. "rr ci.lf lie liL,nrn_a ztal !r!,\l ir'a-ratl v l'r{:r!
o!t pit lcrnr ;r_,,r !T ra-'r :!':tllr"r: l!:1 :llr a-. Thc'lr i'a '.,,,r1
d:t fcl reii:trtf.j,"^,,1r!'tl ! -r ir.ra F r:t K - rtf calt !: ii at at'
gLrper o alc: qI lrrark-!il ll! i1 r ll rl rlr,,r t', acrLro prr(lr:til I
rriiflf:rc LI fral []f !'r) r-r |] lljri o'o nrea rel ector! i c L,::!al
h glr y,,prc::lrecl itral !rrtecteil frorltir!rlirarei:leier'atal:otlt,r't_e
e:ic LIi re A ziti' Lr'oae5: Seaorla-l :h-o,i alle m-.t cir o!!i i, sea eal
iircLr al t'rert:1|li:rae Lar rts.rte;1 I lli e,.'e o'ir:r r.:r rcd !tlrt
cltp-rt o- t rc atr-r ', ir -- ollr-rf !f)l .ir :r1",:rl-. -!r r:tp aJ ! atcaLri_Ll aic

rral llti] | fq ar lr atlr fre[]ertalte ol irt;.1 ltl 1o.rtl)Lrt

Adaptability to Future Technology.

Encrltv cefs--rlal o I s i,. nat ofa cotr'Ill:tfett afd icreas ng
ef,arlly costs ciral enlle trc dc'.,c opn'el]t o: !e'"r a lp a|! lla asi
ieclrfo ogy Fecog r z ng lhat am! m:r-rf ;r.rt!|crs are constanl y
d--re oir f rl !llrl :ro!rces tlrat are more etetlly elf c ef i thc CCL
hil!r beer ef! reered to accept th-ose soLIce: as ihc! c''o r-o
The ke! to th s adartao :r- res | -rod.r ar lxtLrre tles gn, ',!he'e
a corarf,ionents t'at ma_V rcq! rc flr!f-a frro/l lcat cf or
TeD acement arc cas r ilcces:t--rl ,r o! c.i !:roLrps corseqLlent y
the CCL has bceir d rleal flo ' !,e '-otlLr es hoLrs rg ens lrame.
ref ector sockei ani:l ba ast No CaL need -o\"er flecorlte
oosoeleo: neif cofl I:r frVir l--l rlr-a f!'e:irlent lackedby'
the marufaclLr !q arrl i filrc a sl'--frallf ol K rrr L glrt nQ


t1 7
U ncom prom ised Photometric Testi ng
and Reporting
L ght ng designers. .espons b e lor ocal nll eq! pment to prov de
pred ctiib e evels of um nat oi must dep--rtal on acc!tate
app catiof data furn shed by rir.lllufilctrTers The more accurate
and depcndab e the data. Lhe better tfre opportLrn ty lor a
des gr]--r 1(] prov de the p,ofcss ona service reqLr red of his or he.
dlsc p lne i house photo netr c tests and data front
arithmet c or geotnetr c pfoportionlng glrlp l/ won t do Lamp
wattages afd modes w th n a rel --ctor sysiem petfol.m n
L.rnpred ctac e rc ationsh ps Cofsequent y Kim erarp oys an
ndepen(lent abofato.y to pe.forrar a tests uti ized 10. our
pub shed photometr c data I add lon. every amp mode
wattage fixture conrblnat on s fdlv dua y tesled so Lhat the
ult mate data can be emp oyed !\,ith corf p -ote cof lidef ce.

n( 70 HPS

trrr 100 HPS

Photometric test f!l ol the CCL ne Was -ortenslve and thoroug.h
Every f xture e17s t,20".25" and 29") was tested w th cvery
rel eclor amp and wattage oflered n th s cata oll There wele
no corarpromlses The resu Ls are pLrb shed n oLtf Ag cata og
[/f] ch conta fs corirp ete ndependent daia p !s po e spac rg

f --]\I
150 FIPS charts 10r area and stre-.l Lllht ng. Th s cata og deratorstrates
'n K m s comm trnellt to thoiough and honest t-ost n!1. so esse.t a
n 250 IPS 10 qfri.rg des !lners when ..ak nq ca c! at ons afd propos rl9
re ab e ayolts A of our ndependent abotatory test data s
fl 175 N4H ava ab e to Lhe spec f er JLrsl ask your Kim Rcpreseniat ve lor
cop es ol thc or qlf a docunrents W-- r'rv Le compal sons w th
compet tlve data derlved nasmi ar tatanfer
m 250 N4H

r l75 Ny'V

rrr 250 MV

r 400 NPS
i! trr:i:
' p..rri.-.s;:..

n I 400 l,/ll

n4oorv fl'FlM
2l )" r l000 fPS
trr 1000 lvFl

r 1000 lvlv

Evcry arnp ar(l waLtalle

cornb rl at orr \,!-or,o tested in
Ai three I xt!re sizes and rhe r the ' a!'a aal e f xtures. even
coffespond rg opi ca systcms lf dLrp cart on !\/as requ fed
\,!ere tcsted bel$/eef 1xurre s zes
Kim Computer Layout Service

The cor.rpuler has prov ded the ight rrg nd!stry w th an lligh y functronal equiprrert requ res a total comm trnent by lhe
opportLnity to make more exlens ve and meaninllfu use of r.ranufacturer to a d n ls app cat on. At K m we employ des gn
appicatondata n the past po nt by poinl calcu at or'rs were so personne fam iar w th al aspects ol outdoor ght ng app cation
aborious that, l)y defau t average i um naton eve s were the Whef ca led upon we can prov de design proless ona s w th
!niversa standard BLrt an average !m natlon eve n outdoor suggested ayouts and po nt by poinl computer printouts to
app cat on s rot enough when cons der ng secur ty afd ab iy. ass st you ln your lob requ rernents n addit on average to
At Kirn we uti ize the most soph st cated programs to provide m I murn, and max rnum-to-m nimum um nation rat os are easi y
mear ngfu and accLrrate app catlof nformat on Besponse lurn derlved to coff rrn corrp ance w th E S. recomn'rended pract ce
around t rare s control ed throLrgfr the use ol n hoLrse, high YoL[ oca Kim Representat ve can transm]t the pertlnenl
capac ty computer equ pment para..reters lor qu ck response to yoLrr project requlrements

One of the great lealures of our

cor.rputer prograrr s the abi ty
,,,.^".J ,",...., io prov de po nt by point ight
I eve pr rtoLrts TO SCALE, on
q transparent ve um. When th s
ovef ay is p aced on your p ot
pian yoLr can nslaft y see the
exact ght eve s over the
entire des gn lf problem areas
exist t is easy to visLralize
where adjustmefts can be
rnade I orde. to prod!ce the
,55 1,55 ,,rq r,t'l !..o desired results A of our
sca ed compuler pr ntouts are
n IVA NTA NED lum nation
wh ch accounts for estimated
ararp and lum naire
deprec at on bet[/een
raralntenance cyc es A K r.l
printo!ts are based on data
t ertered into our compLrter
:I d rect y frorn lndependeft
testing labo.atory reports lor
each lirtLrre, amp combinat on
Fixture and Mounting Details

Mounting Arrangements oEC@ a)

Catalog Number 1A 2B 2L 3T 4C 1W

As\' n-rmetr c -6)
L ght
D strlbut ons

Fixture Details Mounting Details

f. Standard mouniing for a uminum

Photoce Receptacle I or siee po es on y.

t mad-o here


::-"1 t
For rnounting arraf gements
-'-1 Opt onal Lexan Shie d GlAaa
ccL32o/ccLs2o 70 250 walt ln piace of glass. o-r-:o .5o oir,.
250 Watts Max.
OPt ona
Photoce Beceptac e Opt ona wood po e mount ng


For mountlng arrangements

Opt onal Lexan Shie d }]AH28
CCL325/ CCL525 150 400 watt 250 Watts Max.

29" Dia Opt ofa wa mount ng

for concrete wal s on y

For mountlng arrangement

a-f tW on y
Specif ications:
Standard Equipment Optional Equipment
Fixture sha be Underwr ter's Laborator es. lnc sted Houseside Shielding sha
Housing sha I be one-p ece heavy gauge a urn num sp fn ng of cons st of two cornponenls
permanently insta ed at the
aloy 6061, and sha have a m n mum thickness ol .125" allet
spinning Sides sha I be stra ght and smooth with a max rfur| Klm factory One comporent
l'of iaper. and shal be of cons stent thickness arourd the sha I reduce iight d rect y from
permeter.Topsha be peaked for efi cient water ruf off and the arnp and the other shal
have a sharp rad us trans lion nto the s de wa I A nterna reduce reflected I ght.
mouft ng brackets shal be extruded aluminum secttons and a For asymrnetric distributlon
heavy cast aluminum re nforcing plate sha beprovdedatthe on y. Not avai able for
arm connect on p us a casting for mount rg the door frafi]e phosphor-coated lamps or
hlnges. The entire housing sha be rotatiora y sanded as a base 1000 Watt lligh Pressure
for either pa nt or anodized fin shes Sodium.
Lens Frame Assembly sha consist of a one p ece permanent
mold a um num castlng and 3,re" th ck float tempered c ear glass Lexan Shield shal be one
lens enc osed by a one-p ece gasket that s extruded and heat piece vacuum formed clear
vulcanized into one piece Lens and gasket sha be retained n polycarllonate to replace the
the frame cast ng by z nc p ated stee clips spaced no greater standard glass iens as an
than every B" ol per meter. Lens frame assemb y sha i be ntegra and ful y gasketed part
attached to the hous ng us ng zinc-p ated cold rol ed steel hinges of the ens frame 250 Watt
with sta nless stee pins. A z nc p ated stee se f lock ng stop arm max Tnum n 20" al 25"
shal be provided to ho d the lens lrame r g d y open and prevent flxtures CAUTION: Use only
accidenta str k rg of the pole Lensframesha tghtlysea when vandallsm is ant cipated
aga nst the ref ector flange us ng lour se f retarned quarter tLrrn to be high Usefu ife s limited
atches afd provlde a m nlmum of r/s " a r gap for ntetna coo ing by dlsco oratlon caused by UV
of the e ectricai components. Lens lrame sha be fin shed n a frorn sunlight, mercury vapor
natura alumlnum baked ename to b end w th the ref ector f ange and meta ic ha de lamps.
Optical Chamber sha I cons st of a one p ece hydroformed Photocell Receptacle sha I be factory nsta led top center, and
ref ector produc ng e ther an asyrfmetr c or square ight pattern
sha accept NEI\,4A base photocells. When 2 3 or 4l xtures are
depending on um fa re ordered Rellector sha be h ghly
o po shed to a specu ar finish and prolected by the A zak'3)
process. A socket
s fu
sha be rnounted n a one p ece casting wh ch
y gasketed at the reflector surface. A lw res to the socket
mounted per po e only one lixture shal be furnished with an
lnsta led receptacle (p us a relay when requ red) to operate the
others Photoce s sha be lurnished by others.
sha be gasketed at point of entry nto the optlca chamber Wood Pole Mounting sha be lly a modlf ed arm conia ning an
Befectorshal be designed to keep ref ected energy to the amp access ho e to a low lie d sp ices w th n the arm A bearinq plate
below amp manufacturers mits lor max mum amp ife A I Mll sha be furflshed between arm and wood pole and al
amps, a HPS lamps 400 Watts and greater and a i N4V amps components sha be f I shed to match the fixt!re Ava ab e
400 Watts and greater shal [re prov ded w th a gasketed snubber lor 1A or 2B rnountlng ofiy
supporting the amptip.Al HPSlampssha be suppledwth the Wall Mounting shaj be by a modif ed arm containing an access
appropriate 4KV or SKV pu se rated socket Optica chamber ho e to al ow field spl ces w thln thearm A wa ernbedrfent
sha I be tota y sealed around al surfaces and shal be bracket shal be provided to accept fixture mountlng rods, and a
suspended w th I the housing to alow interna arflowbetween tr r.r p ate shal be prov ded to cover the wa embedded l!nct on
theoptcal chamber and hous ng nterior lor coo ing of eectrica box (Junct on box by others) A I exposed parts sha be f nished
components Rei ector sha snap nto and out of hous ng by to match the lixture. For concrete rl]ount ng on y
fo too spring h nges. and sha be secured n p ace by two
quarter turn atches. Anodized Finishes sha I be Duranod c@ b ack or dark brofze
app ed over a satin po sh accord ng to Arch tectural C ass 1

All Electrical Components sha be UL sted and mounted speclf cat ons
nside the lixt!re housing Ba last ald re ated components shal
be ntegrated onto a single mounting frame as a self contained
modu e. A I components shal be pre wlred w th q u ick-d isconn ect
p ugs and Lhe entire module sha I mount lo the hous ng with key
slots Bal asts sha be component type capab e of provid ng
amp start ng down to - 20'F. w th power factor of 90% or better
(H gh Power Faclor)
Fixture Arm sha I be a one-p ece rectangu ar aluminurn Lexan s a lrademark olGeneralEectrc
extrus on with nterna centering gu des Lum naire to po e Durano.l c is a lraclenrark ol A coa
assemb y shal be made through a mechan ca draw bo t Alzak s a lrademark oiAcoa

attachment ns de arm e lrninating a exposed fasteners and

welds. Arrn assemb y shal inc ude a po e re fforc ]lg p ate which
wll mount ns de the pole for added strength at the arm jo ft
Standard Finish on I xture afd arm sha be semi gioss b ack,
dark bronze or natuTa a um num baked ename app ied ovet a
sat n po sh and A odlne or lrrid te pr mer.
WARNING:Th s fixtLrre must be grounded n accordance w th
oca codes or the Natiofal E ectr c Code Fa ure to do so rray
result in serlous personal inlury

47 11
Ordering lnformation

Ordering Guide
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 iil,l?"liil""1l?'


.$J'- ( .'t"''
rxam pre : 2 B/C CL325/ 25OHP s.277/ BL-A / LS/ H S/A-25lP CC L- 25B,/ BL* A

P un Vie* (f c={ % .5C ore

N4oun t

Cata oq Nlmber 1A 28 2L 3T 4C 1W

Asy.rmerr c fiti'i
L ght
Distr butions

Catalog number nc Lrdes
complete fixture and opt cal 20" zs" i

syslem w th stardard mount fg

arm and baked enamel f nish Cat No CCL320 Cat. No CCL325 Cat. No. CCL329
Less Ba last lvodu e and amp 70 Watt to 250 Watt 150 Watt to 400 Watt 1000 Watt
Asymmetr c /iA\ A\!/mrf c Asymmetric
Distrlbulion l(:)J D rTr hLrt on D str but on

zs'' 29"

Cat No CCL520 car No ccl525 cat No ccL529

70 Watt to 250 Watt I50 Watt to 400 Watt 1000 Watt
Square Sq uare Square
Dlstr bLrtlon D str bution D str bution

See Catalog A9 for delermination of proper

fixture and mounting based on photometric results.
Ba ast N,4odu e Catalog

:::: ffi
Nur.rber and Avai alli ty per
Flxture S ze, NA : Not Avai allle

Lne Lne Operat ng Start ng

Vo ts zo,, 33i333 | zs" 33iZ3,Z I zs" 33i3!3 Amps Amps
120 70HPS120 88 084 075
70W Hlgh Pressure Sod uffr 208 70HPS208 BB 048 045
Ceat E 23Y2,5800 umens 244 70HP5240 NA NA 88 042 037
277 7oHPS2n 8B 0.37 035
480 70HP5480 BB 0.21 a.21
124 100HPS120 r30 I l5 r30
100W H gh Pressure Sodium 208 100HPS208 130 067 076
C ea( E 2312,9500 umens 244 100HPS240 NA NA r30 0.58 066
277 100HPS2r/ 130 050 060
480 100HPS480 130 029 033
12A 150HPS'120 150HPS120 ]BB 170 200
150W H gh Pressure Sod um 204 150HPS208 150HPS208 188 100 T 15
C eat E-23Y2, 16,000 lumens 240 150HPS240 150HP3240 NA 188 085 100
55 Volt 277 't50HPS277 150HPS277 lBB 075 085
480 150HPS480 150HPS480 lBB 045 050
124 250HPS120 250HPSt20 310 270 080
250W High Pressure Sodium 208 250HP5208 250HPS208 310 155 045
Cear E 1B 30.000 lumens 244 250HP5240 250HPS240 NA 310 1.35 040
277 250HPs277 250HPs277 3t0 r 16 0.35
480 250HP5480 250HPS480 3r0 0.68 a.2a
120 400HPS120 465 430 2.82
400W High Pressure Sodiunl 2AB 400HPS208 465 248 156
C ear E-]8, 50,000 lumens 244 NA 400HPS240 NA 465 215 136
217 400HPS277 465 186 118
480 400HPS480 465 147 0.75
124 1000HPs120 1090 r0 00 B 10
T000W H gh Pressure Sod um 208 't000HP5208 1090 580 410
C ear T18 l40,000lLrmens 244 NA NA 1000HPs240 1090 500 414
277 '1000HPS277 1090 430 3.50
480 1000HPS480 1090 2.50 204
124 175MH120 175MH 120 214 180 090
T75W Meta ic Halide. C ear 208 175MH208 175MH208 210 110 0.53
BT-28, 15,000 umens. Socket 244 175MH240 '175MH240 NA 210 092 046
provided for curved arc amp 277 175MH277 175MH277 214 080 040
480 175MH480 't75MH480 214 441 023
124 250MH120 250MH120 294 260 r40
250W c Ha de. C ear
N,4etall 204 250MH208 250MH208 294 150 081
BT-28, 23 000 Lumens Socket 244 250MH240 250MH240 NA 294 1.30 all
provided for curved arc lamp. 277 250MH277 250MH277 294 112 060
480 250MH480 250MHlao 294 065 035
120 400MH120 455 400 150
400W Melallc Ha de. C ear 208 400MH208 455 2.30 087
BT-37, 40,000 lumens Socket 244 NA 400MH240 NA 455 200 0.75
provided for curved arc lamp. 277 400MH277 175 065
4AO 400MH480 455 100 038
124 '1000MH120 1A7A 92A 4.00
1000W lvleta ic Ha de Clear 2AB 1000MH208 1070 530 24A
BT 56 107 800 umens 244 NA NA 1000MH240 1A7A 460 200
277 'toooMH277 1070 4.00 170
480 1000MH480 1070 230 100
124 175MV120 245 180 170
175W Mercury Vapor, De ux 208 175MV208 205 r00 0.98
Wh te E 28,8150 umens 244 175MV240 NA NA 205 090 085
217 175MV277 205 076 a.74
480 175MV480 205 045 444
124 250MVl20 250MVt20 290 264 244
250W lvlercury Vapor, De ux 208 250MV208 250MV208 290 160 140
Wh te E 28 11,500 lumens 244 250MV240 250MV240 NA 294 1.40 120
277 250MV277 250MV277 290 T T5 1 10
480 250MV480 250MV480 290 a.70 060
124 400Mvl20 454 390 324
400W Mercury Vapor Deiux 208 400Mv208 454 220 2.04
Whlte, E 37 21 750 uniens 244 NA 400Mv240 NA 454 r95 1.70
277 400Mv277 454 174 r.50
4AA 400MV480 454 098 095
120 '1000MV120 1075 950 4.30
T000W Mercury Vapor, De ux 2AB 1000MV208 r075 550 2.54
Wh te 8T56, 60 000 umens 244 NA NA 1000MV240 1075 480 220
277 1000MV277 T075 430 1.90
480 1000Mv480 r075 254 130

Fixture Finishes Standard baked ename Optiona Arch tectLrla C ass 1
4 fin shes: anodized f n shes at extra cost:
Standard baked enamel
fnrshes are app ed over a Cat. No. Cat. No.
Lrtifg satin po sh and A odine or BL-E Black baked ename BL-A B ack anodize over
rps lff d te pr mer Optional over satln pol sh sat n po ish
.75 anodize lin shes are app ied DB-E Dark Bronze baked DB-A Dark Bronze afod ze
.45 over a sat n po sh. enarne over satin over satin po sh.
.37 po sh. Resemllles
35 For ali fin shes ens lrarne s
Duranodic@ 313 in co or.
21 natuTa a Lrfr num llaked enarne
NA-E Natura A urninum baked
30 to b end w th ref ector llange
enatne over sat n po ish.
OOtional Lexan Shield Optional Houseside Shield
o(l $ 6
.15 Cat No. LS CaT No. HS
00 'pl o . iF o r'r ' -ci a---- - - ----'
-- -l Houseside Shie d consists of
oo.eol ",
.50 .t"oqarr.' I
"i1r0,,^/d ff two compofents permanent y
30 "l -o^rd,o I I ..-^ t<-> insta led at the Kim factory. For
.45 .^JrO\ U eor , ^l-r asymmetric distrlbut on on y
"1cl"l r d odtad ooa
.40 Not availabie for phosphor
hqh. Usefu rle s mted by coated amps or 1000 Watt
d sco oration caused by UV High Pressure Sodlum See
from sun ight, mercLrry vapor cata oq Ag for photomelr cs.
.36 and meta c ha lde amps
77, Optional
N/ountinq O- 1A @28 o-o 2B Relay supp ied O Re ay supp ed

.10 Receptacle c)* tw %21et % 2L n additlon O4O .rC in add t on
.00 OgO OnO 3T to receptac e. ( ) to receptac e

Factory installed
too oenter lor
t'tlv,q wattage 70 1000w 70 400w 70 250W 1000w 400 T 000w
.44 photocells (by Cat. No. A-2s A-25 a-25 A-25-1 120V A-25-1 120V
others). On-^ Good for Good for Good lor A-25-2 20BV A-25-2 208V.
n photocell 120 480V 120-480V 120-480V. A-25-3 240V. A-25-3 240V.
.81 receptacle per A-25-4 277V a-25-4 277V
.71 po e. See specs page 1 1. a-25-5 480V a-25-5 4BoV

.65 See spec f cat on sheets
.38 -Ava lable with
marked as avai able for
.00 CCL Ixtures on y.
40 exclus ve Kim
00 Hinged Base
70 n he ghts
00 12', Lrp to 14 feet. 14', 12'
7A to U.S. Patent lo to
9B 30' 4,079,559. 50' 35'

Po e type and Non tape red Ta pe red Tape red Non tapered
malerial Round Bound Rou nd Lam nated
A urninum A um num Stee Square Wood
Spec Sheet

A7 14

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