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Teacher Professional Growth Plan

Ryan Barfuss

Name: Ryan Barfuss

Year: 2017

School: R.I. Baker Middle School

Goal # 1
Effectively increase and promote literacy within the Gr. 7 Social Studies


While on my journey through the faculty of Education and my practicum

placements I have begun to take a real interest in literacy within the Alberta
curriculum. It is my hope to integrate literacy activities throughout all
aspects of the Social Studies 7 curriculum that I will be teaching. It is my
hope to explore meaningful ways to develop and increase literacy in Social
Studies. I will incorporate at least 10 minutes of time per class to literacy
boosting strategies.


KSA A: contextual variables affect teaching and learning. They know how
to analyze many variables at one time, and how to respond by making
reasoned decisions about their teaching practice and students learning;

KSA D: the subject disciplines they teach. They have completed a structured
program of studies through which they acquired the knowledge, concepts,
methodologies and assumptions in one or more areas of specialization or
subject disciplines taught in Alberta schools;

KSA I: there are many approaches to teaching and learning. They know a
broad range of instructional strategies appropriate to their area of
specialization and the subject discipline they teach, and know which
strategies are appropriate to help different students achieve different

Strategies Timeline Resources Indicators of Success

Summarize/Note Taking: - Students will be able to take

I will create pre-made notes effective notes as I lecture.
for large topics/events and Sept-Dec
instruct the students to pull - Notes will have the most
out important aspects of the topic

Read-Aloud: - Students will be active and

Beginning of every class, engaged in the discussions and
50 Literacy
read out loud to the students anxious to continue reading
Strategies Step by
and have class/small group Sept-Dec
Step Gail E.
discussion on what we are

Word Wall: -Students will understand the

Have various vocabulary vocabulary words that have been
words throughout the unit 50 Literacy set out on the wall and those words
posted on the wall and Strategies Step by will help them connect their
refer to them often, so Sept-Dec Step Gail E. understanding.
students can grasp the Tompkins
concept. -Students will incorporate new
words into their own vocabulary.
Concept Sort: -Students will develop a deeper
Students will be split into understanding and connection to
small groups and presented Curriculum and the concept
with numerous pictures. Instruction-
They have to find common University of -Students can reflect upon the
themes or ideas among the Lethbridge concept with understanding.
pictures and try and decide
what that it
KWL Charts: -Activates students background
Used to help organize knowledge and is proof of student
information and thoughts in 50 Literacy learning
an organizer. Sept-Oct Strategies Step by -Students use this method on their
Step Gail E. own terms
Tompkins -Thoughts are organized and they
can determine relationships
between their learning.

Overall Indicators of Success

*An Anecdotal record of their successes and comprehension
*An upward trend in students grade reading level.
*Memorization and understanding of the words on the word wall.
*Keeping track of time spent on literacy boosting activities each class period