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Name: Nina Mandile

Kyle ODay
Lesson Title: Colors, Line, and Mood Grade Level: Kindergarten

S & S Statements: Students will continue practicing visual analysis and be introduced to the
meaningful use of color and line using tempera paint. Students will connect to visual culture through an
example video from the Disneys animated film Inside Out, as well as example images of works of art.

Concepts and Skills: Students will practice visual analysis when looking at images of works of art and
identify qualities of line and color that imply a mood. Students will also use this knowledge to convey a
mood while painting by utilizing a combination of color and line.

Vocabulary: Color, Line, Mood (Joy/Happiness, Disgust, Fear, Anger, and Sadness), Abstract

Purpose of Lesson (Overall Lesson Objective): Given five different moods from Disneys Inside
Out,, students will identify the different characteristics that make up each mood and apply them to
abstract paintings using tempera paint that will be inspired by five songs representing their respective

1. Given a video clip from Disneys animated film, Inside Out, students will be able to accurately
identify the characteristics that convey the five moods.
2. Given examples of different works of art, students will clearly be able to identify what mood different
combinations of lines and colors imply.
3. Given tempera paint and five different songs, students will imaginatively create five different abstract
paintings utilizing line and color to convey a mood they believe the song represents.

Assessment Criteria:
1. Students will accurately list characteristics about each of the five moods (Joy, Disgust, Fear, Anger,
and Sadness).
2. Students will appropriately discuss the effects of color and line in a work of art and provide support
for what mood each painting represents.
3. Students will use the appropriate combination of color and line in each painting to reflect which mood
they believe the song represents.

Teaching Resources Needed to Support the Lesson:

Smartboard or projector
Youtube clip from Disneys animated film Inside Out
PowerPoint with picture examples of abstract works of art
1 song representing each mood (5 songs total)
Painted examples created by the teachers

Art Materials Necessary for the Lesson:

8.5 x 11 Paper
Tempera Paint
Paint brushes
Cups of water
Paper towels

Teacher Directed Activities Student Activities

Introduction (15 minutes) Introduction (15 minutes)

-Gather students on rug -Sit on the rug

-Present PowerPoint about moods, line, and color -Engage in a class discussion about the video
and introduce vocabulary words and images displayed in the PowerPoint

-Gather students for a demonstration -View demonstration

-Show students how to make brush strokes, what -Repeat steps back to teacher to ensure
amount of paint to use, and how to clean brush understanding
between different paint colors

-Ask a volunteer to demonstrate painting and a -2 volunteers demonstrate to ensure

volunteer to demonstrate switching colors understanding

-Dismiss to desks -Go to desks

*While one teacher is demonstrating, the other

teacher will pass out paint, brushes, cups of water,
and paper*

Development (20 minutes) Development (20 minutes)

-Instruct students to use line and color to show what -Paint for song number one
mood they think song number one represents

-Repeat for songs number two through five -Repeat for songs number two through five

-Walk around and help kids develop and execute

their ideas

Conclusion (5 minutes) Conclusion (5 minutes)

-Instruct students to clean up -Clean up

-Ask students to repeat what mood different colors -Accurately review information
and lines represent (Blue = sadness, Red = anger,
organic/flowy lines = joy, Sharp/jagged lines =
anger or fear, etc.)

Critical Comments and Reflections:

(Problems, successes, differentiated learners, and what to think about for next lesson)