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15th 20th JANUARY 2013

1. Organizer: Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM)

Stadium Juara, Kompleks Sukan Bukit Kiara
Jalan 1/70D, Bukit Kiara
60000 Kuala Lumpur, MALAYSIA
Phone : ++603-2093 9220 / 2093 9280 / 2093 9297
Facsimile : ++603-2094 5855
Website :

2. Sanctioned by: Badminton World Federation (BWF)

3. Venue: Putra Stadium

National Sports Complex
Bukit Jalil, 50714 Kuala Lumpur

4. Events:
Main Draw Qualifiers
Mens Singles 32 4
Womens Singles 32 4
Mens Doubles 32 4
Womens Doubles 32 4
Mixed Doubles 32 4

5. Total Prize Money: US$ 400,000.00

5.1 Please find below the prize money distribution in table format.

5.2 Medals for all winners and runners-up

Event Champion Runner-up Semi-finals Quarter-finals Last 16

* Menssingle
USD$30,000 USD$15,200 USD$5,800 USD$2,400 USD$1,400
* Womens Single

** Mens Doubles
** Womens Doubles USD$31,600 USD$15,200 USD$5,600 USD$2,900 USD$1,500
** Mixed Doubles
* Per players ** Per Pair

MOSS2013 1/5
6. Closing Date for ENTRY: 11 December 2012

Member Associations are advised to log on to Maybank Malaysia Open Superseries

2013 part of the OSIM BWF World Superseries at:
and submit the entries online.

You will require a username and password to submit your entries and this can be
obtained from BWF. Please contact M. Venugopal at:

The online entry page will close immediately on the entries closing date at 23:59 hours
BWF Headquarters time (+08:00h GMT) and you are required to submit the entries on
time. Late entries will not be accepted.

No entry forms are required by Member Associations.

All entries must be submitted online only.

After the closing date, the BWF Online Entry System will send notification to all
participating Member Associations confirming receipt of final entries. Receipt of this
notification is the conclusive evidence of receipt of entries before the deadline. The
Member Association should contact BWF immediately if such notice is not received by
the Wednesday (next day of the entries closing date) by noon BWF Headquarters time
(+08:00h GMT) following close of entries. If no objection is received by BWF by
Thursday (second day after the entries closing day) 23:59 hours BWF Headquarters
time (+08:00h GME) following the close of entries, the entries shall be deemed to be
correct. No complaints/objections shall be entertained after this point.

7. Championship Dates:
Tuesday 15 Jan. 2013 From 0900hrs Qualifying Rounds
Wednesday 16 Jan. 2013 From 0900hrs Championship Events
Thursday 17 Jan. 2013 From 0900hrs Championship Events
Friday 18 Jan. 2013 From 1500hrs Quarter-final Matches
Saturday 19 Jan. 2013 From 1400hrs Semi-final Matches
Sunday 20 Jan. 2013 From 1400hrs All Final Matches
(The above times and schedule may be changed at the discretion of the Referee and BAM)

8. Shuttlecocks: Yonex

9. Competition Rules & Regulations:

The Championships will be run in accordance with the BWF Superseries Regulations.

9.1 MQ , SEEDINGS and DRAW will be conducted by BWF.

World Ranking Date for M&Q : 13 December 2012

Publish MQ Report : 14 December 2012
World Ranking Date for Seeding : 27 December 2012
Draw Date : 2 January 2012
(Due to Public Holiday on 1 Jan 2013 the draw will be conducted on Wednesday)
Last Date of Withdrawal (without penalty) : 30 December 2012
MOSS2013 2/5
9.2 Clothing / Advertising
The Referee will strictly apply in accordance with the prevailing regulation of BWF.

9.3. Doping control

Dope testing will be conducted at random throughout the tournament by NADO

10. Referee :Ms. Jane Wheatley (AUS) -

Deputy Referees :Mr. Anthony C Linggian (MAS) -

Local Deputy Referee:Vincent Lim Woon Chen (MAS) -

11. Official Hotel: BERJAYA Times Square HOTEL

No 1, Jalan Imbi
55100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-2117 8000
Fax: +603-2148 0813

Room Rates: Studio/Superior Room

(RM380.00 per room/night)

(RM430.00 per room/night)

Brooklyn 2 bedrooms suite

(4 person staying) RM760.00)

All inclusive breakfast

Reservations: Reservation should be made by completing the hotel

reservation form and email to, not later than 18 December

Payment: Payment should be settled with hotel directly. Please refer to

the Hotel Reservation Form for Booking and Payment
No guarantee can be given with respect to late booking.

12. Transportation: Airport transfer will be provided from Kuala Lumpur International
Airport (KLIA) and Kuala Lumpur Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT) to the official
hotel upon request. The flight details must be filled up in the prescribed form and must
be sent to or fax at ++603 2094 5855 not later than 23
December 2012 for pick-up arrangement.

Any request after the above dateline will not be entertained. Request for refund of taxi
charges will not be entertained.

Ground transportation to and from the venue will ONLY be provided to participants
staying at the official hotel.

MOSS2013 3/5
13. Practice Sessions:
Practice in the Competition hall will only be available Monday 14 January 2013 between
09.00 21.00 hrs

Practice in the practice hall will be available from Sunday 13 January 2012
Request for practice sessions in the Practice Hall can be made at the liaison Centre in
the official hotel upon arrival

14. Team Accreditation: Please submit your players and officials passport size
PHOTOGRAPHS in soft copy to Ms. Azie at before 23
December 2012. Your team officials names must be listed out in the prescribed form
and also sent to or fax at ++603 2094 5855 not later than 23
December 2012.

Complimentary ID passes will be issued to nominated team officials on the following


Teams with up to 10 players 3 ID passes

between 11-15 players 4 ID passes
between 16-20 players 5 ID passes
over 20 players 6 ID passes

Limited additional officials ID passes will be issued at a fee of RM200.00 each and
should be requested in advance from Ms. Azie.

15. Visa Application: All players and officials who require visa to enter Malaysia should
submit full passport details (Full name, Passport No., and Date of Issue & Date of Expiry,
contact no.) to email or fax ++603 2094 5855 by 13
December 2012.

Please complete all required information, otherwise we will not able to issue the official
invitation letter (for visa application).

16. Insurance: Please ensure that your players & team officials are covered with the
necessary insurance policy to meet the current requirements.

17. Team Managers Meeting will be held on Monday, 14th January 2013 at 14.00 hrs at
the official hotel.

18. Technical Briefing will be held on Monday, 14th January 2013 at 2000 hrs at Pearl
International Hotel

These tournament circular and related forms will be established in BAM website. Please refer
to for updated information.

MOSS2013 4/5

Important Datelines and Email Contacts

Entry Dateline : 11 December 2012

- Online entry -

Visa Letter Dateline : 13 December 2012

Hotel Reservation Dateline : 18 December 2012

Flight Details Dateline : 23 December 2012

Accreditation Dateline : 23 December 2012

MOSS2013 5/5