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Creating a Pixar Short

Your assignment is to write your own pixar short, like the

ones we watched in class. You will need to utilize the material

youve learned in class about grammar and formatting including:

proper punctuation, avoiding run-on sentences, and following

proper paragraph structure. Using planning sheets you will plan an

entire short and plot out the events on a plot diagram explaining

the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and

denouement. You will have at least one person in the class edit your

assignment using the peer editing sheet provided.

After youve planned your short you will write and animate

one detailed scene. In 3-5 well structured paragraphs you will write

the scene of your short and animate it using one of these two

Once it is animated you will print your animation and hand in all

components of the assignment. This will include:

1. A detailed plot diagram modelled after the example provided, outlining

your entire story.
2. A small story map, similar to the example above.
3. A working-draft and final copy of 3-5 detailed paragraphs telling one
scene of your story.
4. A storyboard animation of your one scene
5. Two completed editing and Proofreading checklist with your first draft.
One done by a peer and one done yourself.
Pixar Short RUBRIC
Score ______/20

Total: _________/8 4 3 2 1

Content Your storys content was very Your storys content was Your storys content was at times Your storys content was not
engaging, using specific engaging, using some specific engaging, using few specific engaging, using very few
details to connect with your details to connect with your details to connect with your specific details that would
X2 reader. reader. reader. have helped connect with
your reader.

Total: _________/4 4 3 2 1

Organization: Your ideas were effectively Your ideas were appropriately Your ideas were sequenced. Your ideas were not
sequenced. sequenced. sequenced in a clear order.
How well you organize your ideas

Total: _________/4 4 3 2 1

The student turned The student turned assignment The student turned assignment in The student turned
Student met deadlines assignment in on time in one day late two days late assignment in three days late
or more

Total: _________/4 4 3 2 1

Grammar and Conventions My assignment is error-free. My assignment has a few (3-5) My assignment has several errors. My assignment has a lot of
Nothing distracts my reader errors but they dont mess up Some of them confuse the reader. errors- did I forget to check it
from the content! the reader. over? The reader is distracted
by the number of errors.