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Reflective Cover Letter

Dear Professor Turgeon

I have always had a hate/love relationship with writing; I hated to write but loved to read

especially fiction and comedic pieces. When I realized I needed to take a writing class in my first

semester of my college career, I started to have ptsd about my eight grade all over again.

Thinking I am going to need to write papers without any inspiration, the long hours of just trying

to make it longer and interesting. Even though I had high school college application experiences

to write essays I was still lacking the confidence in my skills to write in a college program. But

as the semester progressed I felt more comfortable with the topics I was learning and it was a

combination of reiteration of topics from my previous experiences and new ideas that was not so

far from grasp. With my final portfolio for this class I am confident I have accomplished my

course goals to a point where I can move forward. I have included not only the major

assignments during this semester but also certain smaller credit ones that helped me understand

the topics easier and transition much smoother.

I want to first start with shitty first drafts because it put me at ease knowing it wasnt too hard to

handle and I was able to include rhetorical knowledge that we learned in class. Rhetorical

knowledge is the ability to analyze and act on understandings of audiences, purposes, and

contexts in creating and comprehending texts We first learned rhetorical knowledge with videos

and reading different articles and analyzing them. Thats when I first started to understand

rhetorical knowledge and incorporated into our topic of multilinguals. I say I included it in my

first shitty draft because I took the inspiration of my story from the multicultural America

discussion because lot of my story include my own culture and language. Since we are already

talking about rhetorical knowledge and multilingualism I decided to set up my tone and audience

accordingly. I voiced my opinions and told my story to an audience who would be completely
unaware of different backgrounds or languages. I included persuasion techniques and I tried not

to diverge too much from the expected format. I tend to personalize my writing making the

audience feel closer or relatable which makes formal papers much harder but I have learnt to

avoid my common mistakes when writing. I try to avoid certain words I normally use which

leads to me going off track and breaking structure format. I included my annotated bibliography

in the website also because we used rhetorical knowledge to analyze our documents also

summarize in two sentences. . The author makes an ethical argument for all medical

professionals in general. I also mentioned The Rhetorical Triangle, Rhetoric power point,

YouTube rhetorical video analysis; all of which we did in our class that played a huge role in

developing and understanding towards rhetorical knowledge.

We read lot of articles throughout the semester, some were easy to analyze and some were

extremely hard. But the most important thing we got out of it was critical reading knowledge.

For example, even when we started Multilingual America, we tried to find the tone, persuasive

techniques, intended audiences etc. we continued in the path of language and culture after

Multilingual America with swales-the concept-of-discourse-community, Peter Elbow Inviting

the Mother Tongue, Linda Christiansen Teaching Standard English Whose Standard. In these

following articles we tried to practice our critical reading skills such as recognizing an authors

purpose, understanding tone and persuasive elements and recognizing bias and also inferencing

for analysis purposes. I would like to use The Lady of Shalott and Linda Christiansen

Teaching Standard English Whose Standard as a prime example. The Lady of Shalott was

probably one of the hardest readings I have ever done since I learnt English, it was tough to read,

hard to interpret and its safe to say I got lost more than once while reading that piece. But at the

end of the day we went over it in the class reviewing the storys tone, intended audiences and I
dont believe there was any persuasion techniques considering it was a story poem. While in

Teaching Standard English Whose Standard the author intended purpose was to make known

bilingualism was good when learning/teaching English. It was an argumentative piece with a lot

of persuasive techniques towards getting rid of the standard English teaching techniques. It was

without a doubt biased towards multilingualism and the intended audience was mostly people

who supported standard English learning or monolinguals. This takes us to Literacy Narrative

and Discourse/Speech Community Analysis in which we put our learnings to the test and

incorporated our own ideas into our narrative draft. I also included my research paper in that tab

because we needed to read a lot of documents and analyze them in our paper. . But many

medical schools also award degrees such as Doctor of Philosophy, Masters Degree, a

physicians assistant program or other post-secondary education (Ferguson, Eammon, 2002,).

That is just one example of many from my research paper.

The main goals of composing process are to use multiple strategies with ease for drafting,

collaborating with others, rewriting, rereading, having social interactions and using source

materials to legitimize your argument. The first thing that springs to mind is our Research Paper

and Video where we researched our chosen topics through various academically approve sources

in which we analyzed and revised each source to finalize a strategy for our paper and video. For

the first part we read the documents and our source materials and summarized in our style

without any bias or persuasion techniques. The second part of it was to get a secondary source

who can confirm your research which was when we interviewed a professional from our research

topic and ask them questions and their opinions towards the subject to confirm or disprove our

research and gain insight towards the topic we are interested. . Even though college was very

easy for him after all his extracurricular and volunteering activities. I have included the studio
where we did a paper on what composing process means to us. Also, the 3 papers in the website

are the narrative draft on the advantages of being multilingual as it progressed from each draft to

the final submission.

A simple definition of knowledge of conventions would be following the given format for

structuring your paper. But there are more complexities involved as well, for example when

effective writers edit their work, they attend to the conventions that will help readers understand

their ideas. These include genre conventions, documentation, format, usage, grammar,

punctuation and mechanics. The first thing that would pop into anyones mind who took UWRT

1104 is our last studio where we wrote a letter to the person who we did our Recomposing

presentations on. It belongs in knowledge of conventions because we were writing to an

academic professional on their work and reflect on it, so we have to use proper format and

conventions to carry out our message. I also included annotated bibliography because we needed

to use certain type of citation and include a format structure for the summarization and analysis.

Critical Reflection is a reasoning process to make meaning of an experience. Critical reflection is

descriptive, analytical, critical and can be articulated in a number of ways such as in written

form, orally or as an artistic expression. I chose to include reflective portion and my narrative

draft in the critical reflection page. Both of those assignments show an individuals perspective

and artistic expression. It is based on the authors experience and reflection towards it. We try to

make the paper as formal as possible without personalizing it but the main thing to get out of the

paper is personalization realization of your goals throughout your college career and beyond to

achieve those dreams.. So, it is only fit to be in critical reflection. I also added multimodal

creation in that page because it is a creative and artistic process.

Research Paper, Vishal Vijayanand (November 29th, 2017)

Annotated Bibliography, Vishal Vijayanand (October 6th, 2017)

Multimodal Creations, Vishal Vijayanand (October 16th, 2017)

Litteracy Narative and Discourse/Speech community analysis Vishal Vijayanand

(September 20th, 2017)

Research Paper, Vishal Vijayanand (November 29th, 2017)

Video Docuentary, Vishal Vijayanand, Kayla, Alexus and Elizabeth (November 29th,